taken by Thomas on my camera. I really like it.

January 19, 2012

Counselours from Plano Senior talked to us today during English. I’m debating whether or not I want to take french… I WANT to but I feel like I have learned literally nothing in Gould’s class, and I feel very ill-prepared. My sister made it seem easy but she was a genius so… I don’t know. and I also don’t know if I should do AP english or not.. because it is deffinitely not my strong point. but. merp. Everyone is gpawhorin. other than that I am taking photojournalism, and ap art history :D both of which I am excited about, but something about photojournalism kind of scares me, I don’t know why… :o

I think I saw that kid in the hallway that stole my book, but I wasn’t sure so Matthew suggested to follow him tomorrow too. LOL.

Photo club was fun ~ so was partying with Thomas afterwards looool. TRACI AMY INDIGA. my dad says I can do the run! :D as long as someone else does the registering for me and I just pay them back or something..

February 9, 2012

Humanities was nice :D I turned in my project and I think I did well~ and people ended up finishing most of my yams. I hurt myself again. at the end of class I randombly found my thumb all bloody. English was … boring as always. French. ew. everyone wearing the shirts today was just a little blinding. Yearbook was pretty good? I don’t think I did much but I felt productive. Pe. Chem. I didn’t screw up the quiz from yesterday so I am super glad she’s choosing best-of-two :D and I think I did okay on the quiz. Algebra quiz was okay too but I feel like I messed up a couple.

Afterschool Qing rode the bus home with me but Janmarie cockblocked him and sat by me and wouldn’t move so he sat in the back byhimself and was kinda mad.. lol. we stopped by my house so I could put some of my stuff away and my mom had made us cookies :3 and then I went to the library with him so he could teach me chemistry - that part didn’t really work but at least I got the problem bank done :D have I mentioned how much I enjoy being with him and how nice it is having his arms around me?

January 30, 2012

do you ever have those sporadic moments when so many random old memories all fill your mind at the same time and you get an incredible nostalgic feeling?

this is one of our old clocks that we don’t use that I’ve always been fascinated by.

today was allright. RANKS CAME OUT OH MY GOSH. I went up one person. still two places away from top ten percent. GPA went down like .005 from last year though.

got 100 on TFA quiz :D and chem wasn’t too bad :D

in english I read Robert’s essay thing and it was so sad and believable I was about to cry. omg it was talking about how his dad died from cancer and I was like WAIT BUT ROBERT HAS A DAD…. and after he turned it in he waslike … yea I have a dad… dwbi. loooooool.

I don’t remember nor care about what else.