Would you like to be my pen pal? :)

My name is Sophia, I am 23 and from England. 

I am looking for a regular pen pal, as I love meeting new people and keeping in touch via the traditional way, such as post.

My interests;

  • Body modification; I have a lot of tattoos, some piercings and have a general interest in body modification.
  • Tea; It is the answer to everything.
  • Reading; I love reading and read every day.
  • Music; I love going to live gigs and festivals and have a pretty broad taste in music. My preferred genre is metal.
  • Food; I’m Cypriot - We like our food :)
  • True Crime; I am fascinated by the way people work and the things some of us can be capable of.
  • Psychology; I study Psychology at University, I am in my second year and it is a huge part of my life.

If you would like to send me something, please send me an ask :)


Modified. Craft-lover. Straight Edge. 24. Queer. Radical. Cat lady.

I’m basically just looking for one or two pen pals to trade letters and possibly rad little crafts back and forth. I am open to whatever letter exchange frequency you are looking for, as well as open to pen pals from any country. 

I’m going to keep this brief so that we actually have things to talk about when we begin writing. Check out my blog if you’re looking for a taste of my personality. Like what you see? Then shoot me a message. 

I’m pretty sweet and kind, despite the unfortunate stereotypes modified people seem to live with. <3

This is exciting!

Hello there, I’m  Jess, Jessica or Jessie. 

22 year old, college senior from Illinois (Suburbs of Chicago- not so glamorous)

I’m an English major with no idea of what I’m doing after college. I thoroughly enjoy insightful conversations about ANYTHING and everything. I’m one of the most un-filtered people I know, I can talk about pretty much anything and won’t take offense. Extremely sarcastic, anxious, inquisitive, curious, loud person.

Ideal penpal: Male or Female, no preference. Any location. Preferably college age or older. Non-judgmental. Understands that I cannot handwrite every letter (I type way faster and I’m left handed and ink smears :( ) Is willing to be vulnerable, hey it sounds lame but apart of making friends is having the ability to open up and discuss whatever.

TV: I watch A LOT but my favorites- Breaking Bad, Californication, The Office, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Shameless, Dexter, Community, One Tree Hill (haha don’t judge me), How I Met Your Mother
Movies: Moulin Rouge, Saved!, Pay it Forward, American Beauty
Music: Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack, The Beatles, Anything Motown actually, Regina Spektor, Emery, New Found Glory, John Mayer, Childish Gambino (A list that could go on)

I ask A LOT of questions.

I’d be okay with sending two letters if not more a month! 


I’m Iris. I’m 22 years old. I’m from Mexico.

I’m looking for a penpal who’ll write back, hopefully have the same interests as me (and if not, then that he/she doesn’t get offended by it). I’m happy as long as I get a response!

I’m interested in reading, writing, drawing, growing my own plants (& collecting seeds), alternative(indie) music, movies, photography, crafting, animals, etc. 

I’ll write as often as I get a letter and sometimes even when I feel like it, or holidays that I think deserve a card.

Hi, I'm Mesha and I glow in the dark c:

Hey there! Well, I’m Mesha and I’m twenty. I live in Mexico and I’m looking for a penpal or two - I haven’t exchanged letters in little over a year and I seriously miss it! I’d love to meet someone from Japan, Korea, Philippines or Asia in general; actually, just anyone from anywhere will do as long as we have similar interests. If you have a pen, paper and want to write, I’m down! I’d be willing to exchange letters as often as I receive them, whether it’s once a week or however long the post takes. And… that’s it, I guess. Hope to hear from anyone soon! Link to my Tumblr~

Kiss kiss.

Looking for some pen pals! :)

My name is Sophia, I am 23 and I am from Nottingham, UK. 

I would like a pen pal that I could keep in touch with quite regularly. A pen pal whom I have shared interests with, or someone who can introduce me to new things! I don’t mind where in the World the pen pal is from and I am always happy to get to know new people!

I study Psychology at University, in my second year. I like true crime as I hope to work with high security prisoners. I adore reading and read every day. I also love live music and festivals and my music preference is metal. I also adore tea, body modification and crafting as well as having an interest in Buddhism. 

I like to make my letters reative as possible, whether that be a nice writing set or, stickers, etc!

Hope to hear from some of you soon :) 

Hello! On the internet I go by Rin, but I’ll let penpals know my real name, obviously. XD

I’m 21 years old, and I live in the US (Illinois to be more specific).

I’d like a penpal  from outside of the US, really. Someone who will enjoy doodling, possibly crafting, and sending occasional little trinkets as much as I will. It’d be nice to get letters once, maybe twice a month.

I like BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly, Harry Potter, and a lot of different anime and manga. Music is a big part of my life, as well, and my favorite band is Radiohead. I draw, write, crochet (I’ve just started this hobby), listen to and play music, and play video games. I can only speak English.

So yes, if you’re interested in becoming my penpal, please drop a message in my ask box! Thank you!