Fire Alarm - Josh Dun x Reader

Pairing: college!Josh Dun x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 571

Author’s Note: Hope you guys like this one! Longer drabbles are coming soon, I promise 💕

The beeping of the smoke detector in the hall woke you up from the dream you were having. Your roommate was already sitting on their bed, pulling their shoes on. Outside in the hall, the sound of footsteps rushing past was distinguishable.

Not wanting to get caught on the fourth floor in a possible fire, you quickly pulled on your shoes and grabbed your keys from beside the door. You followed your roommate out the door and down the hall towards the staircase.

People were already gathered outside the residence hall, most of them wrapped in blankets or sweatshirts that they had quickly grabbed, something that you had completely blanked on doing in your quick attempt to get out of the building. You had also failed to grab your phone from your nightstand, meaning you would be unable to contact anyone if you ended up being stuck outside all night.

People were whispering all around you, talking about what set off the smoke alarm. You managed to catch pieces of conversations as you stood at the edge of the mass of people.

“…had a candle burning when they shouldn’t have…”

“…doesn’t know how to cook properly…”

“…pulled the alarm for a joke…”

“You look like you’re freezing,” a familiar voice directed your concentration away from the conversations around you.

“Hey, Josh,” you smiled.

He was wrapped in a blanket over what appeared to be a long sleeve shirt and pajama pants. His hair was sticking out at all angles and you hadn’t seen someone look so tired before, although he did have a tendency to look like that all the time.

“Is there a reason you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a cold October night?”

“Well I didn’t exactly expect to have to evacuate the building, and when I did, I blanked on grabbing anything to keep me warm…or my phone, for that matter.”

“Well, my blanket is big enough for the two of us,” he said, holding out his arm and part of the blanket.

The thought of being pressed up next to Josh under a blanket made your heart start to beat a bit harder. Your head told you if you did that you would make a stupid move, but the cold spreading throughout your body told you otherwise.

“Can’t pass that offer up,” you smiled as you snuggled up next to him and took the blanket from his hand, wrapping it around the two of you.

You expected him to move his arm so that it provided a barrier between the two of you, but he instead moved it to rest on your waist, ever so slightly pulling you towards him so that your sides were touching. The warmth from his body radiated onto you, making you even warmer than if you just had the blanket around you. When you looked up at him, he kept looking forward as if he hadn’t done anything.

You continued to stand like that, huddled together and not really talking until one of the RAs came out and told you all that you were free to go back inside. It had turned out to be some stupid prank that another freshman had pulled, but you didn’t really mind. When you finally reached the doors, you unfurled yourself from the blanket and headed for the stairs.

“See you in class tomorrow,” Josh smiled.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” you smiled back.

why has no one talked about the importance of the word “hello” in twenty one pilots and its evolving meaning

tyler wrote trees at the age of 17. trees first appeared in no phun intended. the song appears again in regional at best and vessel, redone, revamped, remastered. three versions of the same song - the number three being a recurring motif in their songs. “hello” being a scream into the void, in desperation and loneliness. ending every single concert with a unique rendition of trees, an ever-increasing number of people screaming “hello” back at him.

then there’s self titled, the only album before vessel that didn’t have trees in it. instead, “hello” appears in another form, in addict with a pen. this “hello” is hesitant, a wary greeting, insecure but still trying to reach out.

and finally, there is the “hello” in blurryface - in korean (annyeonghaeseyo) at the beginning of tear in my heart, but a “hello” nonetheless. this newest “hello” precedes the only love song tyler has ever released, dedicated to his wife, shouted in enthusiasm and love and hope.


Tyler and Josh’s fathers imitating twenty one pilots as a whole x)

source: chrisajoseph (instagram)

edit: 1000+ notes????? for real????

stay alive frens |-/

you cannot put a ceiling to your dreams. you just can’t.
—  Tyler Joseph (during the last Trees speech of the Blurryface era)