Like, oh my god I can’t even… I can’t, I just don’t really know what to say. Just thank you and that I appreciate every single one of you. Now, the last hundred I tagged all my followers so what am I gonna do now? Well of course tag all my 200 followers. It’s basically my way of saying thanks ^-^  

Now, let us begin shall we? 

 1000unicorns 4leafc a-day-to-bring-chemical-horizons a-ghost-from-darkness abi-the-panda abiishere aikaterian aimeellamallamaduck alavasgaming alexiams84 alibuwaider anotherdamnyoutubeblog anushkaowz artemomelin2002 artsymaddox ashurinu awesome-cargopants awkwardshadd0w backpackwizard banded–amethyst baylorface beatboxingpewds bethmisnothere bigdreamer2505 booksnetflix bowtiefox bowuniversechan briannamayy02 bubblegum-dislike bubblegumdemon bumbum-and-booperdooper bunchofawkwardness camtosh cannedbenkt carlspudding3 carryonmywaywardhunter1967 catman115 @chaoticgoodperegrintook cheystephie cimiifamilia clxdi cookiehabit crazyanimefangirl05011 danaespeaks daniellarhodes91 davethewave543 deathsmilesateveryone deinyull destiny109465 dibs-on-green-eyes dixongrimesdirtykittens dyfabrica elizeucarvalheira elliehaslem emotionalwithasideofbands error41official everythingidid-ididforthem evil-donutss faithnoellehogue fazzlepn furrygirl425 gabbyhyun galxani gamergirl520 get-me-some-pie-dammit ghoulishhybrid grrrbarrowman hannibalwashere himeshiina hmcgee18 holographicflamethrower holyfirecupcake ievapievaiv @imafuckingwildone inhalemygiraffe itookbobsjet jacksepticeyefangirly jjfujisawa jokingfreak katemcluskey kaya-fangirl-01 kbgymnast925 keygirl kgublet killthefez kittenkillscore12 kitty2shoes kittygoatgruff klainederson-hummel lissachan504 little-miss-music-saved-me littlesepticeye liverain116 llamahats09 lovelysoldier majesticpineaple @malisa5r2 markiplier-jacksepticeye-fangirl markipliertheduck mcloughlin-af meganhermionelovegood megsiplier melodrmatic mg-mystic-ghost midgardianwolf82 mrs-foxx-1233 msg0ldenyears  musicismyreligion1967 nette-from-the-internet nicki-6 oliviah-mc oneofvizards peacelovewrestling54 peepskeep pepe-the-wentz perverts-n-stuff phan-girl-4life pinkiplier1738 pixalator321 po-potato pygmypuffpippin rachaelthesheep rainywonderlandcrown raphisaneternalflamebaby reneefournierxoxo reygan-kiwi rhinoiknow73 riverlights roanofthegrumps rocknrolllover26 role-ofa-lifetime rossstate roxannego91 sam-is-a-loser-cat samwimpala satanssaltana schoolman12 sebastianstrenchcoat secretlybatgirl senpaifightme senpaisuckmyassplox septic-kitty septicbaby septiceyespeed septiplier1302 seriouslyseptic singleandreadyfortingle smoshytheory snowdragoncx start2nextblog steviehame studynoteextraordinaire supernaturaldemon35 superwholock2528 sweetest-sunrise @synurulhuda tard01 tasharas-bloggy-thingy thank-jean-bo that-girl-with-the-dragons thatgingerguitarist thatonejsefangirl the-blue-scorpion-out-of-hades the-insecure-platypus the8assassins thecapslockbrony thechocobyson thecoonfam thedepressedfangirlof221b thephotogenicchimp thespacewolf13 theunholychild  thewalkingnygma thewildchestturkey thinking-randomly threkald tigracespace tiny-septic-box-sam tinysepticsam toopunkrockformath torirose02 touchmyanalogstick trappedinthefandomforever trekkie-4-life trust-me-im-not-the-doctor twentyonepeyelots twentyoneshadesofseptiplier twerkingburittos-bummybears tyrait08 @uh-saralucas90 @vince-the-dreamscaper warfstacheintraining wednesdaylynnbarwickyo @xxinfinitydiesxx xxthe-beautiful-outcastxx xxxspacexxx youarebeautifultoocx youdontknowmebutyoumwtter yourmom-thatswhat zippy-snickers-arfie zombiemaan  

And of course there are some people that I would like to mention since they are a big part of my life so yeah ^-^ 

aikaterian - you always like/reblog most of my posts and I just love that ^-^ I also enjoy the things you make 

jokingfreak - you are just awesome in general ^-^ I consider you as one of my close friends and I just enjoy chatting when I can ^-^ 

samwimpala - do I even have to breh anything breh? 

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supernaturaldemon35 - yet again for being my first follower and I just think it’s amazing how you stuck around so thanks ^v^ 

thatonejsefangirl - one word. scrub 

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and just because I’ve mentioned them doesn’t mean that I love them more than you. I love and respect each and every single one of you equally. Ok, now to stop my rambling I’m a just end this post with a gif. and also expect to see more randomness, weirdness, and awesome gifs from me ^-^ ^-^ 

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ok bye

Today marks the day where I have gotten (over) 100 followers

Like holy shit, wtf. I am literally at a loss of words right now. Okei, so since I’m awesome I’m gonna tag in all my followers. YES. ALL (over) 100 OF THEM. I think I might do it for every 100 or more I get (if that even happens)

Okei, here we go

4leafc a-ghost-from-darkness a00something abi-the-panda aikaterian aimeellamallamaduck alavasgaming alibuwaider anny-fangirl anotherdamnyoutubeblog artemomelin awesome-cargopants awkwardshadd0w beatboxingpewds bethmisnothere bigdreamer2505 bowuniversechan briannamayy02 bubblegum-dislike bumbum-and-booperdooper camtosh cannedbenkt carryonmywaywardhunter1967 cheystephie cimiifamilia clxdi danaespeaks davethewave543 deathsmilesateveryone destiny109465 dibs-on-green-eyes dixongrimesdirtykittens elliehaslem error41official evil-donutss fangirl28yaaaasss fazzlepn furrygirl425 gamergirl520 ghoulishhybrid himeshiina hmcgee18 holographicflamethrower holyfirecupcake inhalemygiraffe jjfujisawa jokingfreak katemcluskey kaya-fangirl-01 kbgymnast925 keygirl kittenkillscore12 kittygoatgruff littlesepticeye lordminionet lovelysoldier markiplier-jacksepticeye-fangirl markipliertheduck mcloughlin-af megsiplier melodrmatic musicismyreligion1967 nette-from-the-internet oneofvizards peepskeep pepe-the-wentz perverts-n-stuff phan-girl-4life pixalator321 rachaelthesheep raphisaneternalflamebaby reneefournierxoxo sam-is-a-loser-cat samwimpala schoolman12 sebastianstrenchcoat senpaifightme septic-kitty septicbaby septiceyespeed septiplier1302 seriouslyseptic singleandreadyfortingle smoshytheory snowdragoncx steviehame supernaturaldemon35 sweetest-sunrise @synurulhuda tard01 thank-jean-bo that-girl-with-the-dragons thatonejsefangirl the-insecure-platypus the8assassins thecapslockbrony thechocobyson thedepressedfangirlof221b thephotogenicchimp thespacewolf13 thewildchestturkey tigracespace tiny-septic-box-sam tinysepticsam toopunkrockformath touchmyanalogstick trappedinthefandomforever trekkie-4-life twentyonepeyelots twentyoneshadesofseptiplier @vince-the-dreamscaper xxthe-beautiful-outcastxx xxxspacexxx youarebeautifultoocx youdontknowmebutyoumwtter Yey, that was all of my followers (Btw if you were my previous follower and you unfollowed, I know who you are) so anyways, here are the five that I just have to mention again aikaterian - for always liking my stuff. Like seriously, you da best. ^-^ evil-donutss - for…idk, I guess for being one of my favorite blogs. You deserve it. samwimpala - do i even have to reason breh? You da breh ßŕə#. thatonejsefangirl - for being my favorite and only little scrub. Scrub, shout outs to you. And last but not least supernaturaldemon35 - for being the first follower I have ever had, like EVER! You’re awesome and I like your username. And although I may have mentioned them twice, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you all the same as I do them. So, you get a hug *hug* and I hope you have a nice day/night/whatever the fuck (-^-^)-♡