twentyfourtributes: the hunger games thirty day challenge!

we took the liberty of creating our own hunger games challenge! we tried to make it as original as possible and we hope you’ll enjoy doing it. we should have our responses to it up soon.

  1. what got you reading the series to begin with?
  2. which was your favourite book of the series and why?
  3. who was your favourite female character?
  4. who was your favourite male character?
  5. draw a picture of your favourite tribute.
  6. who were your favourite couple?
  7. who was your least favourite character?
  8. favourite katniss quote/speech and why?
  9. favourite peeta quote/speech and why?
  10. favourite gale quote/speech and why?
  11. favourite haymitch quote/speech and why?
  12. favourite finnick quote/speech and why?
  13. which character would you have liked to know more background information about?
  14. if you could have saved any character that died, who would you pick?
  15. what feature of any arena did you think was clever? (eg. the jabberjays section in catching fire)
  16. what do you think the other parts of the clock arena could have been?
  17. if you were a gamemaker, what would you do for a quarter quell?
  18. invent another catchphrase by the capitol. (eg. may the odds be ever in your favour!)
  19. would you have voted for or against a hunger games for the capitol children? why or why not?
  20. which district would you want to live in and why?
  21. what do you think was the most unexpected event that happened in the series?
  22. if you could rewrite any scene which would it be and why?
  23. what are your thoughts on the cast chosen?
  24. who would you cast for the movie?
  25. if suzanne collins wrote the hunger games series from a different character’s perspective, whose would you have wanted it to be and why?
  26. write a short paragraph of the hunger games from peeta’s perspective.
  27. name a song that reminds you of the series.
  28. create a poem about the hunger games. (eg. acrostic, haiku, etc)
  29. your friend hasn’t read the hunger games. how would you describe it to them and convince them to read it?
  30. what’s a book or series that you would recommend to fellow fans of the hunger games?

“When did forever start?”