Okay so I’m fully aware this message may be the cause of more than a few people to go ‘Oh crap, you still exist?’ and I’m also fully aware I haven’t really posted much in the way of artwork on here in over a year and its barely fair for me to as this knowing that but

I’m wondering out of necessity that if I were to potentially ask for comissions, would anyone be interested?

I included a couple of more recent images to try and help but I’m sorry that all I really have to offer you in the way of reference are a bunch of rough sketches/wips of characters you were never meant to see.

for ever now i’ve been stressing about where the heck tsukiyama was able to obtain traditional ghoul wedding clothing but i guess a more important thing to think about is if what kaneki & touka wore as their wedding was traditional garb, if culturally (as i’ve seen other folks say 😬😬 pls don’t cite me i can’t even remember where i think it was briefly on twitter before the feed algorithm buried those tweets in the abyss) —

if culturally the clothing looks indian-ish/chinese-ish — is it possible that this says something about the origin of ghouls as a whole in the world? 🤔❗️

i only feel like the clothing might be a stronger lead than usual bc of the intro too of the “naaga”/nagaraja from the underground ghoul society (which also calls out to a non-japanese culture). i wonder if ayato’s exploration and the wedding are the ways this story is slowly, subtly yawning and stretching its body up to begin to accommodate the question of ghoul origins. and who knows if it is but if it is? gdi ishidasensei, so good, what a way to take a single wedding scene & make it accomplish more than “just” a wedding 😭