Ombre edition of bottled wishes have officially arrived in the shop. I’ve been a bridesmaid a couple of times and would’ve loved to receive any of the bottled wishes necklace as a bridesmaid gift. The colors could either compliment or contrast the themed colors and it really is something that bridesmaid would be able to wear even after the wedding. Brides to be(s), take note! 

My trip to come back home for the holidays was an unexpected decision but a wonderful one nonetheless. Work starts far too early in the morning for me to have time to make myself a proper, sit-down breakfast. This may be a small thing to get excited about but once my plane ticket was booked I was over the moon at the prospect of a decent breakfast. As evident by the photo above, my breakfast this morning did not disappoint. 

Remember back when I posted about my out of the ordinary splurge? Well, my Mini Museum has finally arrived! The delivery man got lost trying to find the house so he dropped it off at my work place instead. For anyone that made the purchase during its run on Kickstarter, no one had any idea of what the one mystery specimen could be. I for one, was definitely curious which amplified the wait and anticipation that much more. Fex keeps a regular process update but it wasn’t till last week when he announced what the mystery specimen is. All I have to say that the mystery specimen is my favorite from the collection. Hans Fex and his team did a tremendous job with the project. I look forward to what Fex has up his sleeves for the future! 

I turned 26 today which means that the mandatory tradition of taking a birthday took place this afternoon. The paper flowers (26 of them – can you tell I’m trying to stick to the theme?) took a hella long time to make but so worth the time and my barely opened AM eyes. I took a staged photo of myself the day I turned 23 and have kept to this little tradition of mine since then.

I lied. No film Fridays today. Instead I leave you with a photo that was taken on a weekend trip I had with a few friends. One of my friends snapped this photo of me while I was trying to work out how to effortlessly drape the shawl over my shoulder in a field of tea leaves. 


Without fail, Hocus Pocus always makes its annual appearance on the Disney channel every year. I remember watching it before and sometimes after coming home from trick or treating from when I was a kid. This is definitely another Disney classic that not accompanied kids from the late 80s and early 90s. 

It’s been three hundred years
Right down to the day
Now the witch is back
And there’s hell to pay

I put a spell on you
And now you’re mine!

I haven’t seen this movie in years. And I honestly can’t think of a better way to relive the innocence of youth by watching it on this Hallows’ eve!

Arrows Necklace in Black and White now available in the shop

I’ll post about the second giveaway tomorrow. Stay tuned!