10 Song I Played On Repeat in 2014

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  1. Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots
  2. Toy Guns – Tokyo Police Club
  3. It is Well  – Bethel
  4. Lost in My Mind – The Head and the Heart
  5. Shower – Becky G
  6. White Walls – The Maine
  7. Free & Lonely – X Ambassadors 
  8. Addict With A Pen – Twenty One Pilots
  9. Blank Space – Taylor Swift
  10. I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

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Walking home from the SU in the torrential rain, surrounded by fellow students laughing and singing, the sky slightly purple from the approaching sunrise and the dawn chorus just beginning, was an incredible feeling. It was a perfect end to these three years and I am very happy, if soaked to the bone. No one else can feel the rain on your skin.

shout out to everyone who is having a hard time facing another year

here are some things to look forward to and stick around for:

  • season three of sherlock
  • the winter olympics
  • captain america: the winter soldier 
  • world cup
  • mockingjay part 1
  • google glass
  • the hobbit: there and back again
  • so many new music albums coming out!
  • the fault in our stars movie
  • life will happen and it will be beautiful maybe you’ll graduate or get a promotion or meet the love of or life or just find a really comfy pair of socks there are endless wonderful possibilities
  • guys seriously there is so much to look forward to, there are so many things that happen annually, maybe your favorite band will come to your town or spontaneously drop an album (beyonce did it anything’s possible)

have a very very happy new year, and fabulous 2014 friends!!!!

twenty fourteen may you been life affirming

I have never truly been a person who makes new years resolutions. Only because I’ve grown up watching people make and never follow through on said promises. This year I’ve decided to take on the challenge, but I was determined to wait until I was a month into this new year before making my list.

The reason for this is that I didn’t want to make a list of things that had more to do with what I didn’t do last year than they had to do with growth and this years journey. So yesterday I made my list, and I asked my closest friends to participate. I’m going to share our lists at the end of this, and will report quarterly on how we are each doing in our pursuits.

I’m glad I took January appreciate the journey I took in 2013 and the good things that happened so that 2014’s pursuit could be its own thing completely.

Without further ado our resolutions for 2014.

mine lifehistoryofastar | one: send at least one heart felt love note a week. two: get fit and stay fit (become my inner blondevsworld). three: finish writing my kyle xy fanfiction obligations. four: build/create the apartment of my daydreams. five: travel to three places outside of texas.

jake jakesworld | one: stick with working out ( get more cut). two: more random acts of kindness. three: write more. four: make more films/videos. five: more legit photography.

arielle mindofanentertainmentjunkie​ | one: read all the books I bought. two: start running again. three: buy more clothes from online. four: learn cool nail art. five: does not exist because my sister is difficult.

javier sarcasticmaniac | one: get fit and stay fit. two: eat healthier. three: build my pc. four: buy more clothes (upgrade my style) five: learn 3 new coding languages in my spare time.