twenty seven.
  • Brody:As if I wasn't already losing enough money to all the New Year's resolutions, now we've had two blizzards in a week.
  • Brody:And I know you're stuck at home alone. How are you holding up?

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oh well if you're taking the ship requests again... #11 + TaeLili, I need more akayona comedy fics :D

featuring: my favorite line from any work of fiction ever.

Set in the canon universe, except 3 years in the future, with TJ & Lili married & managing the Water Tribe together.

11. things you said when you were drunk

In the course of their three-year relationship, there were three things Lili had learned about handling Tae-jun:

One, learn to tune him out.  He had never quite grown out of his imaginative phase, and tended to go off on strange tangents that could go from the most mundane of things to ideas she never wanted to consider.  The best solution to keeping her sanity while making sure that her husband didn’t feel un-loved was to know how to tune him out.

Two, feed him regularly.  As strange as it was to think that a twenty-seven year old man couldn’t remember to eat on a regular basis, it was the sad truth.  She had to make sure to leave feeding instructions for the servants whenever she had to take a long trip away from the capital.

Three, don’t let him get drunk.  Which, unfortunately, was exactly what she had just failed to do.

“Your eyes… are an ocean…” Tae-jun mumbled, holding Lili’s face in his hands.  His breath reeked of sake and his eyes were half-lidded.  “Your breasts……… are also an ocean……….”  And Lili was regretting most of her life decisions.

“This is why I hate celebrating with you,” she mumbled before gulping down her sake.

A Woman Like That: Part 2 of 2

Wow. I’m totally floored at the response to pt 1. Thank you all for your awesome reviews. I’m glad people enjoyed the first half. Well…here’s the wrap up.

ao3 &

Cosima sighed heavily as she tossed her pencil down on the table. She couldn’t concentrate, looking across the table at the excruciatingly empty seat, the basket of fries beside her textbook left untouched.

Twenty seven days. That’s how long it had been since Jesse had talked to her. That’s how long it had been since that night.

Straddling Delphine’s legs with the blonde pressed against her, there was no rational explanation but the truth.

“The game got cancelled…lightning.” Jesse stared unblinkingly at them, still in shock.

Cosima was stumbling, finding her clothes while Delphine was still in shock on the bed, the blanket pulled up to her neck. “Dude…I can explain.”

Finally Jesse’s features cracked, anger and hurt coming over his features. “What the fuck, Cosima?” He didn’t even look at Delphine. His eyes were locked on the brunette.

Cosima was tugging on her sweater, slipping her glasses on. “Hold on. Let me…”

“I trusted you!” He screamed, turning and storming out of the room.

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updated chapter list.

kindred spirits chapters link.

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nineteen | jealousy vs. insecurity

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thirty | home

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thirty-two | preparation

thirty-three | doubt, no doubt

thirty-four | home sweet home

thirty-five | guilt trip

thirty-six | show and prove

Diggin on You

twenty seven

Laurent watches as Bambi stirs the pot of soup, humming along to the song. “Sing with me Bambi.” He says, getting up and moving over to her. He wraps his arms around her and brings her to him. “Myyyy love, have you ever dreeeeaaamed of candy coated raaaaindrops? You’re the same, my candy raaaain.” He sings loudly and offkey. Bambi winces, a small smile on her face.

“Get off me, Lau.” She says, pulling away and going back to the soup. “I’m trying to finish this.”

“Bambi, I not even hungry. I just wanna dance with you.” He says, moving closer to her.

“Speaking of dance, have you talked to Elisa?” She asks, turning to face him. His face falls a bit and he nods.

“Yes, I talk to her.”

Bambi gives him a worried look. “What did she say?”

“Bambi, you not need worry for-”

“Laurent, what did she say?” She asks, now fidgeting with the ring.

“She tell me if I not in France by next week, I not dance for her anymore.”

Bambi’s mouth drops open and she exhales. “Laurent-”

“But I not care for that.” Laurent looks down at Maka, who had affectionately rubbed his head along his leg. Laurent bends to pick him up. “I want to stay here with you and Maka.” He continues, petting the purring cat. “I not want to go back to France and not know when I can see you again. I hate that so much.”

“But Laurent, you love dance and I know you don’t want to end it like this. What happened to dancing with Larry?”

“Me and Larry can always dance together. He my brother. He not going nowhere.”

“And neither am I, Laurent. Go to France and do what you love. Please.”


Bambi smiles, watching Laurent dance around the stage. “He’s so good.” She coos, petting Maka’s head as the two stare at the computer screen. “Even my baby thinks so.” She says, looking down at Maka.

“I hope he not hurting himself while dancing.” Larry says, folding his clothes and neatly placing them into his suitcase. “And I hope Elisa don’t mind me stealing his shine.”

“I’m sure she will embrace you and your dancing. If not, then Laurent will throw a fit.”

“Bambi… you sure you want to stay here by yourself? I can buy you a ticket and you can come with me.”

“No, it’s okay. I can’t speak any french.”

“We speak some english in France. And besides, I’ll be there for you.”

“And I don’t have anyone who can take care of Maka.”

“Can’t we bring him with us? We gon stay with maman, and she love all animals.” Larry says, and she looks down at Maka. “Maman wanna see you again. Plus, you need to see all of our brothers and sisters.”


“I just not want to leave you here alone.”

Bambi looks down at Maka, the forgotten video finishing. She didn’t know what to do. She missed Laurent and if Larry left, then she and Maka would really be alone. But she didn’t want to drop everything and go.

“Alright.” Bambi says, a small smile on her face. “You sold me at Mama B. But, we have to give Maka to my dad.” Larry nods quickly, a wide smile on his face.


Everyone crowds around her, looking down at the ring. “His taste is good.” Mama B says. “He know how to pick.” Bambi laughs a bit, moving the hair out of her face and she nods in agreement.

“Pretty ring for pretty girl.” One of the nieces say, and she looks down at her.

“Merci Aude.” She responds.

“We try our best to speak english for you, Bambi.” Mama B says, walking over to her and placing her hands on her shoulders. “We not good, but you can understand, no?”

“Yes, I can.” Bambi says, nodding. “And I’ll try to speak as much French for you guys.”

Maman, I’ll be teaching Bambi french while we stay here, so it’ll be easier.

“No, no. You not have to do that.” Mama B says, and Bambi looks in confusion. “Bambi, you not have to learn anything.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I need to learn some french if I wanna be here.” She says. “It’s the least I can do. I mean, I’m already imposing on you.”

“You what?”

She says she’s imposing on us, maman.

“No, you are not, Bambi. You my daughter now.” Mama B says, looking at the ring. “And I know things you do for me later on.”

“Oh… okay.”


Come on, I’m in France Laurent. Come visit. Maman and our little nieces and nephews.” Larry says, pacing back and forth. “No, Lazare taking his kids tomorrow and then Laure come get hers.

Bambi looks up from her french book and looks at Larry with a raised eyebrow. She didn’t understand all the words he was saying, but she did catch a little, and heard the names of their siblings, which meant that she would get to meet them.

Come tonight and stay over until tomorrow. Maman miss you anyway. She say you not come visit her once.” He must have been talking to Laurent, which made a small smile appear on her face. She missed him. Larry looks at her. “Keep reading.” He tells her and she pouts a bit, looking back down at the book. “No, no not you brother. Don’t worry. Just come. You aren’t doing anything. And besides, how are we gonna dance together if you don’t come get me?

“OH MAH GAWD!” She hears Laurent exclaim, then the rest turns into quickly said french. She chuckles a bit, paying attention to her book once more and trying to tune out their conversation. Larry probably didn’t say anything about her because he wanted her presence to be a surprise to Laurent. She wondered if he’d be happy to see her there. She hoped so.

Larry looks at her. “She with her papa. She not want to come to France.” He lies, closing his eyes a bit. It was hard to lie to his brother, but he was glad it was over the phone and not face to face. Laurent would’ve known if they were standing right in front of each other. “You know she cannot leave Maka.” Bambi looks up at the sound of her cat’s name. They must’ve been talking about her now. Probably talking about how she stayed.

How would he react? Would he be excited, glad, happy? Would he scoop her up into his arms and kiss her? He better.

So you coming?” Larry asks, sitting next to her on the bed. “Good. Yes, Maman is cooking. Okay. Bye brother.”

Larry hangs up the phone and lays down on the bed next to her. “He says he’s coming.” Bambi looks at him, trying to fight the smile from appearing on her face but failing. “You that excited?”

“Of course.” She says, looking down at the book. “I missed him.”

Walked home in the pouring rain at 4am. If not for twenty-seven bucks worth of chicken rice making happy in my belly, there would be tears coming down my face. Hey, look! There are dry parts!


sawyer pence. twenty seven. actor. rated pg-13.

  • this is hardly going to be decent but this shithead would be sawyer pence
  • he’s been acting for about three years now and while he’s not massively famous like george clooney or meryl streep, you might recognize him if he were walking down the street
  • (so far) he’s the youngest kid in the pence family. his dad’s a failed screenwriter and his mom’s a broadway costume designer, so even though it took him twenty four years to realize that show business was in his blood, it’s always kind of been his destiny
  • sawyer’s known as the pence’s problem child. he’s not so much of a problem now as he was as a teenager, but he’s always going to carry around that stigma and he knows it
  • from the time he was sixteen up until he was twenty four, he was a HUGE druggie. he didn’t have much of an idea of what he wanted to do after he graduated from high school so he just let himself go into a downward spiral. it started off somewhat innocently when he was younger and was just your typical teenage experimentation, but his addictions got much worse when he turned eighteen and (barely) graduated from high school
  • he was in a really bad place for a few years and his parents exhausted a few resources to get him better. he was nineteen the first time he went to rehab and was clean for about two months after he got out before he relapsed again. he was in rehab a total of three times between the ages of eighteen and twenty four and all three times, he only stayed clean for about three months tops before he relapsed again
  • the thing that finally got him out of that loop of rehab and relapsing was seeing his older siblings making a name for themselves. his siblings becoming successful only made his addiction seem worse and being called a problem child in a gossip magazine when photographed with one of his siblings kind of tipped him over the edge of being done with being the fuck up of the family
  • he got into acting when he was twenty four and he attributes acting to saving his life
  • he’s only relapsed once since he got into acting, and it was just before he turned twenty five. it was mostly because he hadn’t caught a break yet, but it was after that clean up that he got his first major role in a film adaptation of rage by richard bachman
  • he’s been clean since he found success in rage, but no one ever lets him forget his past. there have been quite a few times where he’s walked out of interviews because the interviewer only wants to talk about his past and he just gets tired of it (think rdj in that video of him walking out of the interview tbh)
  • basically he’s just trying to put his past behind cause he’s better now but that’s never going to happen cause it’s hollywood ya feel
  • he’s done a few other movies since he started acting, but rage is probably the one everyone associates him with?
  • IDK he’s kind of quiet and reserved but he’s super friendly at the same time and he’s 1000% more comfortable around people he knows
  • that’s all i have planned for him??? he’s been in an on again/off again relationship with beau halston for a bit but other than that he’s wide open ok love me
I Love You In Writer's Block

Trying to write about her is like reaching a “No Parking” sign in a place that would otherwise be perfect for parking. If she were a smoothie, her ingredients would be: a handful of golden retriever puppies, one industrial sized container of glitter, a geode, twenty seven stars, three bushels of broccoli, a pair of boxing gloves, a liter of rainwater, a chicken sandwich don’t ask why, a fuzzy sweater, two ghost peppers, five paint brushes, a rubber duck, a king’s crown, eight blue orchids, two mesmerizing eyes and my heart. Her smell can best be described as a ship made of wooden aspirations floating gently across a sea of possibility. And apples. Why apples? Because apples smell fucking awesome. Her hair like a curtain cascades around my face and gives off the illusion of my deepest fears dissipating. Trying to describe her is like letting go of the bat when you swing it, and getting nailed in the face with the baseball. Fifty eight times consecutively. Shooting blanks at a target much too large even if they were live rounds the chances of hitting the center would be slim. I’m in love with a “this couldn’t possibly be and yet it is.” A “this is the most beautifully profound creature the universe has ever seen.” A “how is this person even real?” And a “!?!?!?” Holding hands with her can be described in the simplest way, as letting a dozen fluffy chicks scamper around on your tummy while the sunset paints the clouds a rosy pink. Kissing her, is like writer’s block. Thinking about kissing her, is the initial frustration that occurs before one admits defeat to writer’s block. And writer’s block, is what I have right now, laying restlessly in bed thinking about her, longing to be engulfed by her curtain. To see the pink clouds. To float languidly across the sea of possibility.

Whips in passion

(Gerard/Dom Frank/Sub) Masters are never the same. Some cradle you all the way to your own grave, others smother you with hope and throw you out and some may show respect towards you; But I know for a fact that I’ll probably be buried before knowing what respect is like.

Chapter Twenty-Seven : I mean it

“Hold your hands straight cause of the recoil always check that the safety is off if it’s on it won’t shoot and the attacker will have time to shoot you before you click it off, bring the front…

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Words: 1,164
Notes: And here’s something for the Maximoff twins – a character piece, you might call it? – because I have a great deal of feelings about these two and no other sufficient outlets through which to channel them. Spoilers are a given.

The road out of Svanuće is narrow in those days – narrow because there is only one, because it will be three years before they finish the munitions factory, narrower still in summertime when the runoff ditches are overgrown with rye-grass and cow parsley – and so they must be careful to walk one behind the other.

Wanda is six years, four months, three weeks, five days, two hours and fifteen minutes old. She always walks in front. Pietro is six years, four months, three weeks, five days, two hours, and twenty-seven minutes old, and so by all rights should go first instead, except Wanda usually trods on the backs of his shoes and trips them both.

(In autumn they will begin primary school together, and Wanda will also claim the desk directly in front of Pietro’s because she ostensibly cannot see over the top of his dumb, fat head.

“’Wendy and Peter,’ is it?” the foreign teacher will ask in a baffled voice, misreading their names on the attendance roll. “What lovely imaginations your parents must have.”)

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Alright guys! We need your help! We NEED all of you to re blog this video! If we can get enough re blogs Maybe the guys in One Direction will watch this! Its our mash up cover of “What makes you beautiful” and “One thing”, you guys are all awesome and so supportive and we love you for that. LETS GET ONE DIRECTION TO SEE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!


30 Day Challenge | Day Twenty-Seven | Favourite scene from City of Bones

Pages 190 // 198

“Don’t order any of the faerie food,” said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. “It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute your munching on a faerie plum, the next minute you’re running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not,” he added hastily, “that this has ever happened to me.”