Review: Growing Up Beside You by LaLainaJ

Summary: AH-AU. Caroline is his little sister’s best friend. At nine, she pesters him endlessly. At fifteen, she makes him feel like a dirty old man. When she’s twenty-one, they have an unfortunate incident involving mistletoe and months later they meet again. By the time she’s twenty-seven, he’s convinced that she’s the one for him and sets out to make her believe it too.

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antivanruffles asked:

Cass/Varric + 5. A Nap

Taken from the Royals universe!

He had not slept in twenty-seven hours.

Her contractions had started in the evening, her waters breaking in spectacular fashion all over the Antivan rug - a gift from a diplomat neither of them really cared for - and he had managed to calm her nerves and placate her with a kiss before the midwives had ushered him out.

It was now the morning after the next day, and he was exhausted.

Another scream pierces the hallway. His fingers bunch around the hem of his tunic. They had been getting worse since the early hours, and privately he wondered if she was not in fact giving birth to a set of knives or something equally painful.

He hoped she was alright. Maker, he hoped she was alright.

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turtleshroom asked:

You support "free abortion on demand"? So, do you approve of aborting fetuses after they are capable of feeling pain? I was twenty seven weeks when I was born and my mother had such severe complications that she was hospitalized for weeks prior and nearly died in childbirth! Would you have told my mother to abort me? Lastly, could you please explain to me the process of a third trimester abortion?

Yes I do. I support abortions for any person who does not want to be pregnant, cannot support a baby or mentally or physically handle pregnancy or childbirth, for those who have health conditions where an abortion is medically advised and that is the choice they wish to make, for rape victims and anyone who feels that it is something they need to do. I absolutely do support it.

I would, if i were her doctor, explain to her the circumstances of her pregnancy and your health and hers. I would explain the possible outcomes of all options and would advise her to make her own choice. I would never suggest someone to get an abortion, or to not get an abortion, as I believe that is a personal choice best made by the person who has to live with it. She made the choice that was best for her, and that luckily happened to work out well for her. But that doesnt mean her choice should be removed.

 I would love to explain to you the process of a third trimester as soon as you show me the statistics for the amount of people who actually get 3rd term abortions and who get ones that are not medically necessary (as in the pregnancy puts the mother/childs life at risk or the life is no longer sustainable.) Can you also explain to me the laws on late term abortion, because Im pretty sure they are only allowed in cases of medical necessity. Can you also explain to me the process in which a person goes through at the clinic before they even get the procedure? The one in which the person answers many questions and speaks thoroughly with a counselor and is required to research all options before even making that choice and how they will be sent away if the therapist thinks they are not ready or sure of their options. That the only people who have abortions are those who truly need them. 

Also please explain to me your feelings on babies being born to mothers who cannot care for them mentally or financially. Please tell me your thoughts on child neglect. On mothers dying in childbirth. On mothers who are forced to birth babies who will die within in minutes of leaving the womb. Please explain to me your thoughts on forcing women to be pregnant. On forced trauma. Please explain to me your thoughts on starving children, on children abused in the system, on fostercare. 

Fame/Infamy - Chapter 1 - tellthemstories - Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables (2012), Les Misérables - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables - Schönberg/Boublil [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Enjolras/Grantaire, Minor or Background Relationship(s), Joly/Bossuet Laigle/Musichetta
Additional Tags: Movie Star AU

Enjolras is twenty-seven, a damned good actor, in the prime of his career, and all he gets cast for are fucking romantic comedies.

Combeferre’s latest film is his big chance to prove that he’s more than just his looks, and he’s not letting anyone, least of all Grantaire, ruin it.

anonymous asked:

ziam, age difference au

“’s only five years, don’t know what you’re freaking out about.” Zayn shrugs, then pats Liam’s cheek when Liam keeps frowning. “I’ll be plenty mature, promise.” 

“That’s not what I’m worried about.” It isn’t. Zayn’s not a kid, and he’s mature, and Liam doesn’t even think about the fact that Zayn’s barely twenty-two and he’s twenty-seven. But he worries his mum will, and fuck, he wants her to like Zayn. To love him, even, because Liam’s heading quickly in that direction. 

“It’ll be okay, babe.” Suddenly, Liam’s got a lap full of Zayn, and Zayn’s hands cupping his cheeks, forcing him to look up at him. Liam’s hands are on his hips, steadying him like he always does. “If she’s only worried about the age difference and not, like, my race or religion or tattoos, I’ll be happy.” 

“She’s not like that!” Liam protests, and Zayn smiles fondly down at him. 

“Then remember that. She’ll know we’re good together, ‘cause we are.” Zayn leans in to kiss him, soft and long and slow, and Liam pushes back into it, losing himself as always in the feel of Zayn. 

“Now,” Zayn murmurs, his lips a breath from Liam’s, “We’ve got a few hours before she comes. Take me to bed, yeah? Let me show you what younger boyfriends are good for.” 

Liam laughs, and keeps his arms around Zayn as he stands him up, pulling him close to kiss him again. His mum better love this boy, he thinks, because he knows he never had a chance. 

Send me a pairing and an au/premise and I’ll write you a three sentence fic of it!

I have two little sisters who watch Disney Channel almost constantly and Disney Channel seems to be airing The Descendants back to back twenty-four-seven because it seems like the it’s playing every time I walk into the living room

This movie has basically become the background noise of my life and it’s very comforting.

I gave you up like a bad habit
In the sense that I kept coming back.
Saying, “this is the last time,” and, “I don’t want to be high any more, but I need you.”
You’re fucking heroin, but more addictive.
I haven’t used you in twenty-seven days.
These are the hardest days of my life.
I smell your scent buried in the collarbones of the new drugs I fuck.
None of them taste quite as good as you.
The highs aren’t as divine.
So, still, I am tempted every single, stupid day by your ocean-blue eyes
Though they are less salty.
Well, I guess they were.
They are bitter in the wake of me,
In the ruins I left behind.
—  some people are more addictive than heroin.

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I don’t know if you all know who Rajiv Dhall is, but the writers and producers of “Just Can’t Let Her Go” gave him the song. He even said it was an unreleased One Direction song, and that’s he’s a huge fan. Soooooo we’re finally gonna get to hear all of the lyrics!! Instead of the same chorus and verse repeated 3 times and just Zayn and Harry singing.