Starling: Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Roy paced the room in agitated, barefoot circles until the morning din downstairs had faded, waiting for Elliott to come back upstairs with his breakfast and some kind of explanation.

Instead, a Gold came.

“Food!” they announced, and held out a dish even as Roy edged to the back of the room. Out of either caution or kindness, they didn’t move closer.

He relaxed a little.

“Hi, uh, Ibber,” he hazarded, and was rewarded with a small crow of confirmation. Elliott’s big sister, canary yellow and shirtless, knelt and pushed a dish towards him.

Roy pulled it closer and picked it up, grateful she still wasn’t moving. Now that he’d been in physical altercations with Stellaraptors, he was skittish around them all over again.

“Where’s Elliott?” he asked.

Ibber fished a small comp from her pocket at squinted at the screen, and Roy remembered that Elliott went by something else with his family. He scrambled for his own comp.

You mean [untranslatable]? she was asking, making the sound Elliott answered to. Roy was still trying to memorize it; he repeated it under his breath. Downstairs, doing chores.

There was a socially confused silence.

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Horrified ten year old me who sneaked out of bed to watch it behind the couch without Dad knowing until it got too scary is so happy about this. Fourteen year old me who discovered porn in X Files fanfiction for the first time is so happy about this. Twenty-two year old me who got to watch it all the way through via natflix is so happy about this. Twenty-seven year old me is so happy about this and definitely not done being in love with them!

YAY for reactivating the MSR happy place!

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Akotowaa: Dead By 27

Akotowaa: Dead By 27

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My name is Ivana Akotowaa Ofori, and, according to many people, I may be dead by the time I’m twenty-seven. Right now, I am seventeen, and my aspiration is to have a full-time literary career. Depending on who you are and where you live, this might be difficult to believe, but the Ghanaian society I live in reacts very negatively to this aspiration. I’ve gotten everything from blatant disbelief…

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A tradition my family has is if a female family member is having her shower we all pitch in about twenty dollars between seven or eight people and buy a diaper bag and stuff it with baby stuff like onesies baby blankets with animals bottles baby shower gels and diaper creams so she can have it ready. I have two sons and my diaper bag was everywhere with me then with my second son I got some fancy baby brand backpack to haul the baby stuff.

my brother in law got a “manly” diaper bag (yes he’s one of those…although at least he had his own diaper bag LOL)

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I just hit 100 followers, so I thought I would make a printables masterpost. Enjoy!

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… by the end of their twenty-seven minutes, it’s nothing but Jonathan… Jonathan… Jonathan… and a lot of huffing and puffing while they got off listening to each other’s breathing. Twenty-seven minutes of lovers’ vacuum. Between Roper’s woman, Jed, and Jonathan, my joe. [From The Night Manager, chapter 23]

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I'm in! I need a new fic anyway :)


go to this website, and then put ‘generate 5 random intergers’, each integer should have a value between ’1’ and ’50’, and then press ‘get numbers’

and then click the corresponding number from this list

pick the fic from the 5 you most want to read 

Due to popular demand, I now present to you

marauders-groupie’s Bellarke fic rec!

These are my top 20 faves, in no particular order because that would be impossible. Expect fluff, angst and everything else imaginable.

“The one hundred sent screaming down to Earth are not just juvenile delinquents. They’re genetic anomalies; mutants. Chipped, collared, and completely expendable. But they’re not going down quietly.”

WIP. Canon ‘verse. Definitely one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. Bellarke development is incredible, the plot is intriguing and this fic definitely deals with topics such as survival and trauma in a unique way, plus - this writer’s style is absolutely breathtaking and fits the atmosphere of the fic.

“Clarke’s jaeger goes down on a Thursday.”

Pacific Rim AU. This one is going to stick with you. Its beauty is going to haunt you for the rest of your life because the pain and the joy are tangible, the relationships radiate understanding and honestly, I’m still stuck in this magnificent world full of hurt, comfort and wonder.

“Bellamy and Clarke have known each other almost all their lives. Life got in the way, though, and two of them drifted apart, but when tragedy strikes again and again in a few months, Clarke runs away, and Bellamy, as he always has, runs after her. Picking up Raven for the ride, Bellamy embarks on a day-long road trip adventure chasing Clarke’s trail as she rights wrongs and tries to learn how to cope with life as it is now.”

Childhood friends, modern AU. Let me put this simply - this is real, raw and gripping. We’re talking serious literature here, friends, and that sort that you’ll want to postpone finishing because you want to stick around in that world for a long time. 

“Clarke Griffin is a pragmatist and Bellamy Blake is a fucking romantic.”

Modern AU. This fic takes place before an apocalypse. A meteor is about to hit Earth and Bellamy and Clarke are pining after each other.
Now, wait up! I know you think it’s going to be sad, but this is one of the happiest fics I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Trust me on this one. It’s quite literally Earth-shattering.

Clarke Griffin’s first introduction to the industrial town of Mechton is the gruff, harsh Bellamy Blake, and from that ill-fated meeting alone, she can’t imagine how she will begin to call this new place home. Soon, though, she finds that places grow on you, and also that people change, but only if you are willing to let yourself change as well.

North & South AU. The thing is, this fic is so well-researched, the character interactions are amazing, it deals with class and sex-related issues. There is bickering Bellarke and take-no-shit Raven, but that’s not even the best part. No, the best part is that this writer has a unique style that brings the whole story to life, as palpable as the screen you’re reading this on. 

“Fourteen nights that brought royally messed up Clarke Griffin back to life and the one man that made everything right again/ Bellarke modern au Prague-Lourdes-New York and back home.

This fic is poetry and magic. The atmosphere is tender and dreamlike, a bubble threatening to burst any second now, which fits perfectly with the premise - travelling, meeting a stranger to whom you open up to and who changes your life forever. It’s full of beautiful moments that are going to strike a chord deep within your heart (and maybe even break it, only to put it back together right away).

“The au where Bellamy prefers calls to texts and Clarke prefers to make fun of him over outgoing message. Also, they fall in love.”

In this modern AU, Bellarke is told through voicemail and I guarantee that you’re going to laugh out loud, but also clutch at your chest dramatically. One of the best fluffy fics I’ve ever read. 

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