Day Twenty-Seven: Grim Gaming

You’re playing your favorite spooky video game late one evening. Eventually, you fall asleep from fatigue right in your chair.

When you wake up, you aren’t in your room anymore. You’re not even in your house. You find yourself in the game. A flashlight lays on the ground, a tag hangs off it: Beat the game.

Choose your favorite spooky game and write a short based on the game, its setting, and plot.

Use the tag #Octoberspookywritingchallenge2016 to share your work!

The October Spooky Writing Challenge is a creative writing challenge. Each day’s challenge will post at 10. A.M. EST. Participate in all the days, or just a few— the choice is yours. The challenges cover a wide variety of subjects including writing prompts, world building prompts, character prompts, writing with your OCs, and more!

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These “Viktor is dying” theories are interesting (and god I love me some angst) but they’re totally random??? There’s been nothing to hint at anything wrong with him. I think with every show there’s always a “coma theory” or “death theory” but this one just doesn’t sit right with the show theme to me, honestly.

Him retiring?
He’s twenty seven and figure skating is a HUGE strain on his body, especially for a guy who’s done it for ten years. You can see he can’t keep up with Yuuri’s stamina ( a comment he clearly made ) and you see bruises on Yuuri’s feet after he removes his skates. If that’s only one day of training imagine that every day for ten years. In time, your body would give in and it wouldn’t be the same as it was. I can see him having pain troubles later but that would be the max I can see this anime taking it to. 

His hair comment?
The guy has thin hair. I dunno about anyone else but his hair is animated in a style that makes it look thin to me especially when you compare it to Yuri who has very lush, thick locks and even Yuuri seems to have thicker hair than Viktor. In his younger days, he had very long and luscious hair so no doubt his hair is a big part of him and something he really enjoyed having and took pride in especially since he seemed to have his costumes styled to suit it. As someone who uses her hair as a security, the thought of losing it is terrifying and it’s highly likely that he is scared of balding as he’s reaching his thirties. His hair is shown being swayed and used as a characteristic he really does take pride in so of course he would be. Hell, the first clip that was ever shown of him in the PV was of him swaying his hair as he winked at the camera. I know plenty of guys who have been bald by their mid-20s so it isn’t a false fear.

I just don’t think the show will take it down that route. If it does then holy shit end me right now but it’s highly unlikely. I think the show loves to focus on insecurities. Yuuri’s ability to gain weight easily and his lack of confidence, Yuri’s comment on puberty changing his body so already feeling that this is his last shot – So it isn’t strange for Viktor to have his own insecurities and worries when it comes to his body and endurance.

“Feared by most creatures and humans, these beasts feed on and are immune to magic, rendering them only vulnerable to old fashioned methods of physical combat. Called magic harvesters, they seek out any creature they can sense magic energy in and storm after it until it captures its prey, sometimes even spending weeks or days chasing after what they wish to feed on. Inside their neck crests they store the magic energy they absorb, if harmed they will leak out any of the magic stored inside. Here is a magic harvester which has chased down what used to be a melting shadow, and two skullrats which are stealing from the harvesters catch.”

Inktober day twenty seven!! An interesting one for today’s prompt, “creepy”, of one of my favorite creatures i’ve made in terms of design! This beast is actually blind, but that should be easy enough to see since it doesn’t have any eyes~


#027 Never Never Land
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