twenty six characters

30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge

Day One: Your favourite Character
Day Two: The Character you first fell in Love with
Day Three: The Character you gradually warmed to
Day Four: Your favourite non-Karasuno character
Day Five: Your Favourite Team
Day Six: Your favourite Volleyball position
Day Seven: Your favourite Wing Spiker
Day Eight: Your favourite Middle Blocker
Day Nine: Your favourite Setter
Day Ten: Your favourite Libero
Day Eleven: Your favourite Captain
Day Twelve: Your favourite Manager
Day Thirteen: Your favourite non-player Character
Day Fourteen: Your favourite friendship
Day Fifteen: Your favourite Animal Representation
Day Sixteen: Your favourite Uniform
Day Seventeen: Who would have on team?
Day Eighteen: Favourite OTP
Day Nineteen: Favourite Episode 
Day Twenty: Favourite Match 
Day Twenty One: The most emotional moment
Day Twenty Two: Favourite Rivalry
Day Twenty Three: Favourite Flashback
Day Twenty Four: The Character you relate to the most
Day Twenty Five: The Character that touched you the most
Day Twenty Six: The Character that underwent the most development
Day Twenty Seven: The Character you want to be friends with
Day Twenty Eight: The Character that is the most underrated
Day Twenty Nine: Favourite Scenery
Day Thirty: Funniest Moment 

lenaxtorres-robbins  asked:

woah, i didn’t know HOLLAND RODEN lived in seattle. never mind, that’s just TWENTY-SIX year old character RILEY MONTGOMERY. she’s a year in MEDICAL SCHOOL (LAST YEAR). she’s pretty HARD-WORKING, but she can also be ARGUMENTATIVE. around town, she’s known as THE BOOKWORM. (ooc: Amanda, EST, She/Her)

welcome to seattle, riley! holland roden is now taken. please send in your account within 24 hours! 

fand0m-and-rand0m  asked:

Hey, so I just got your book, any suggestions on how to not read it? I'm a good citizen you know. But what should I not do with the book?

Well definitely don’t decipher a twenty six character code that is repeated through out the text by linking the likeness of phonetically familiar sounds to produce grander concepts within your own conscious being. Don’t gaze upon it with eyes, or feel upon it’s pages with braille, nor hear it spoke to you. Unless, of course, done so by an oakey toned radio host. Certainly avoid all of these actions if you wish to remain “good”.

been working on some character redesigns in my spare time for a few months now & i felt like sharing a wip bc i wanna upload them as a group and that’s probably a long way away yet?? so, here’s a quick screenshot of my children