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anonymous asked:

Favourite Rory & Luke moment from each season?

This is my favourite anon I’ve ever gotten;

Season 1: I love when he’s comforting her at the hospital (Forgiveness and Stuff), but I think “stupid coffee cake and stupid balloons” take the ‘cake’ lol, (Rory’s Birthday Parties).

Season 2: I’m obsessed with Luke’s line of, “You know I care more about her than I do myself”. I die every single time!!, (Teach Me Tonight). Also, when Rory goes into the diner after the car crash with Jess and Rory says “it wasn’t his fault” and Luke says, “I know it wasn't”. It’s such a sweet and bonding moment! (Help Wanted).

Season 3: Luke crying at Rory’s Chilton graduation makes me cry every time, (Those Are Strings, Pinocchio). Also, when he gets so excited for her for getting into Harvard, Princeton and Yale!, (A Tale of Poes and Fire)

Season 4: I love how sweet Luke is with the moving Rory into her dorm! Like, when Lorelai tells him that that Rory asked her to thank him specifically and he goes all cute and bashful and awe, (The Lorelai’s First Day At Yale).

Season 5: I love when Luke freaks out over Rory making out with Logan at the vow renewal, it’s so classic Dad Luke, (Wedding Bell Blues). Also, not a moment between the two of them, but I love when Luke is talking to Lorelai about how Rory is like Pippi and she needs a prince, (We Got Us a Pippi Virgin).

Season 6: No moment will ever beat when Luke gives Rory his mother’s pearls, (Twenty One is he Loneliest Number).

Season 7: Em, when he throws her a massive going away extravaganza?, (Bon Voyage). Also, when they’re reminiscing over his present giving in the past kills me it’s so cute, (Merry Fisticuffs).