twenty one pilots

things tyler says live
  • how we doin so far we doing alright? (at least 5 times in a show)
  • give it up for josh dun on the drums!
  • we’re gonna give you everything we got
  • have u got one more in you? (before trees)
  • hands up hands up hands up now sway! sway! sway! (polarise)
  • its always a good show when my glasses fog up 
  • whats my name whats my name whats my name (stressed out)
  • all my friends! (car radio or trees)
  • josh chant 
  • now i just sit in SIILEEEENCCEEEE
  • (the run and go shoulders thing) get uuuuupppppp
  • when i say one two three you say yeah yeah yeah….nah u can do better 
  • loosen up loosen up (hoty)
  • you guys look so beautiful tonight
  • explaining how an encore works 
  • someseeapeniseeaharPOOOON
  • we’retwentyonepilotsandsoareyouthanksforhavingusguysPEACE

Legend has it that if you look at these photos long enough, you begin to hear the cries of thousands of emos all around the world.

things that make me happy
  • concerts
  • music
  • concert tickets
  • waiting for concerts
  • the moment before the band comes onto the stage
  • fans singing with the band together
  • making eye contact with the artist
  • small concerts
  • small concert venues
  • when the artist holds a speech before a song
  • taking pictures or recording videos of your fav songs
  • making new friends while waiting
  • literally screaming together
  • when something goes wrong, so the artist has to improvise
  • when the light changes
  • when the singer changes the stage
  • crying when your fav song comes
  • the feeling after a concert
  • feeling so light and happy