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I have a question if Hiccup is 19 in race to the edge how old is dagur?

Unfortunately we have no idea how old Dagur is in any part of HTTYD canon, so we have no idea. Given his more mature body shape (compared to Hiccup and co.) in the Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk series, it appears to me that Dagur is a few years older than them. How much older than them can only be up to our speculation.

The closest we can get to trying to pinpoint how much older Dagur is than the others is through Heather’s brief flashback in “Have Dragons Will Travel Part 2.” There, Heather seems to be a little more than a toddler - perhaps five years old - old enough to be having her first memories. We see a little bit of Dagur’s body shape in the memory flashback.

This shows that Dagur is older than Hiccup, Heather, and the other characters who all seem to be about the same age. The question is: how much older?

The body shape we see of him in “Have Dragons Will Travel” can be compared to other characters for us to try to gauge his age. The best body shape comparison to look at is Gustav. We see how Gustav looks when he is both twelve/thirteen years old and sixteen years old, so it gives us a fair comparison of what Dagur might have looked like younger at these specific ages.

So, for starters, check out how the kid looks in “The Flight Stuff.”

And this is how he looks in “Gone Gustav Gone.”

Gustav is twelve years old in Riders of Berk; Art Brown and Douglas Sloan have made this comment themselves (or so I’ve heard, anyway). He would probably almost be thirteen because RTTE is about three years after HTTYD, and Gustav is also canonically said to be sixteen in the episode “Gone Gustav Gone.”

Now, here’s why Gustav is the best comparison for how Dagur would have looked like younger: Gustav’s sixteen year old self and Dagur in Heather’s memory flashback are based on fairly similar models. Check it out.

We have obviously the same boots, the same tunic color, the same pants color, and the overall same lanky body shape. Dagur is wearing a long sleeve shirt while Gustav is wearing a short sleeve shirt, Gustav has knee protection, and their belts might be a little different. But they’re still modeled fairly similarly after one another.

I wouldn’t say that Dagur is sixteen in the flashback simply because his body is similar to sixteen year old Gustav, though. It’s to note that Dagur has always seemed to be a little buff and large for his age. Gustav, meanwhile, seems a bit small for his age. And, even more importantly, when we meet Dagur in ROB and DOB, he’s young enough to still be growing. 

There is a huge maturity difference in his appearance between Riders of Berk and Race to the Edge, despite the seasons being only three years apart… suggesting he’s young enough to be going through such physical development still. Sure, there is something to be said about bulking up changing his physique, but it’s not just his arms and chest size. It’s the broadening of his chin, the growth of his nose and eyebrows, and other elements that make him obviously older.

My personal headcanon for Dagur’s age in the past, before I made this analysis post, was about three years older than Hiccup and Heather. That’d put Dagur at about nineteen in Riders and Defenders of Berk and twenty-two in Race to the Edge. But that’s just my own speculation. I think those numbers make a lot of logical sense… any older in ROB, and it could start feeling odd.

Upon looking at the flashback picture, though, it might not be too bad an idea to add one or two more years to my guesstimate: if Heather is 5, then by my old age gap headcanon, Dagur would be about eight or nine years old. That body shape is definitely not the body shape of an eight year old, though. Especially not when we compare him to how he looks next to Gustav at older ages. I’d be more likely to put flashback!Dagur in the 10-13 year old range. (Pushing the age up a little also explains why he would have the mental state to do something like ditch his sister in the ocean). 10-13 wouldn’t be toooooo odd for someone who seems to have good physical development early like Dagur.

So, if Dagur is around ten years old in the flashback, that would make him about four and a half or five years older than Heather - not an odd gap range for siblings at all. That would make him barely twenty in ROB and twenty-three or twenty-four in RTTE. Still not too bad. Now, if we put him at thirteen years old in the flashback scene, then he would be about twenty-three in ROB (I say that’s too old) and twenty-seven in RTTE.

So maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to suggest that Dagur is about four-ish years Hiccup and Heather’s senior? It would put him juuuust at the end or outside of teenaged years in Riders of Berk… any older than that, and I think that would be odd. Early to barely-mid-twenties in RTTE seems like a fair estimate for that time period, too.

Conclusively, I’d estimate that Dagur is somewhere in the twenty-two to twenty-four years old age range when Hiccup is nineteen in Race to the Edge.

But those are all personal estimates and nothing canon.

Asgard: the Hidden History?

Some thoughts on Asgardian history after Ragnarok. I loved the movie but I’M SO CONFUSED and while I know that it might not be such a big deal to marvel, in-universe and to me it is a very big deal. If Asgardians are supposed to live for maybe a little over 5000 years based on TDW, nothing makes sense, but I want to try and make it make sense.

Main thesis: I have no idea about the age of anyone, and nothing makes sense, but I do think that the erasure of a shameful historical period is possible. And I think that new canon is always a super interesting opportunity to brainstorm this worldbuilding stuff.

Spoilers ahead, a lot of them, and also a LONG essay on this, but I’d love to discuss this with someone!


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How old are the volturi members and their guards? I'm terrible at math.

Nobody knows, anon. SM, wanting us to work on our math skills, made the Guide as ambiguous as possible. I’ll try and compile all we’ve got, with some screenshots from the Guide as presentation aids. 

Aro: Aro is roughly 3300-ish years old, and either in his twenties or forty. I report, you decide. 

Caius: Caius is actually in his forties, and at least 3400-ish years old.

Marcus: Marcus is a teenager, because of course he is. How else could he understand Bella and Edward’s love? He’s somewhere between Caius and Aro in terms of chronological age. 

Athenodora: Nobody knows a damn thing about her. I mean, she’s old, but that could be “around Caius’ age” or “5500 years old”. 

Sulpicia: Somehow, a woman with the most Roman of names was created roughly around 1100 B.C.E, or earlier. Y’know. Centuries before Rome existed.(Sulpicia was around while Didyme was alive and Didyme died near 1100 B.C.E, going off of Chelsea’s transformation date.) 

The rest of the nonsense goes under the cut. 

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I don't know why, but my brain just said "Jessix, wing!fic," if you wanted to do something with that?

Yaaaay, Wingfic ! 

In the end, the details of whatever the Kaminoans did to them disappeared with their makers once the Empire rose from the ashes of the Republic. The genetic modifications, the accelerated aging, the tweaking of behavior and hormones…

All the notes, gone.
The clones did not quite care, most being traumatized by what they did to their Jedi, some still mindwiped into serving under uncaring Admirals, all firmly believing that enemies, bad coping mechanisms or their own blasters would take care of that well before any consequences hit them.

They were wrong.

Jesse isn’t sure when it started. The first to manifest probably hid it, in fear of what would be done. But one year after 66, the remaining clone troopers in the Imperial Army deserted almost as a whole when one of them was captured, killed and studied for the wings that had grown on his back.

They all grew some. Mostly two, but not always, vode ended up with four, a rare few with six. The last Jesse saw of Cody, the former Marshall Commander had taken flight, four pairs of wings in white and gold absolutely stunning on his back.
Because of course, they could fly with them. They could fly fast, go around a single planet in a matter of hours.
Better, once curious brothers tried it, they could fly… into space.

The more practical of them were still trying to make sense of that, of how physical appendages could propulse them in the void, faster even than when they were in an atmosphere. Fast enough to travel between planets without too much of a delay (mostly in same systems. Jesse knew some that had tried trips that normally took hyperspace and lightspeed to complete, but had not yet heard back from them).

It made them targets, for everything and everyone, ranging from the Empire to crazy scientists, with a few slave rings and circus shows thrown in. But it made them targets very hard to catch, between their new ability to just… fly away and their training to fall back to if they ended up trapped. Jesse knew of only a few instances of successful captures, and each and everyone of those vode had been rescued promptly.

They were freer than they had ever been. Some choose to join the Rebellion, some went to live their life, a lot went to join Mandalore when they were offered a clan of their own.
Jesse left to travel.
He had someone to find.


Kix came back very slowly to himself, feeling the telltale signs of a long stay in cryo. Disorientation, heavy limbs, mild nausea, slight hypothermia, partial blindness…
He vaguely remembered what happened, memories of Sep questioning him, of a very important thing he had to tell General Skywalker…

“…eathe, Kix, slowly, it’s okay, can you hear me ?”

Kix relaxed minutely. Whatever had happened after he was thrown into that pod and shipped off, he had been found, rescued. That was Jesse’s voice.

“T’loud,” he rasped. “Hear you.”

A low chuckle, almost sounding like a sob, answered him and a forehead pressed against his. “Hello, cyare. Stars, I missed you.”
Kix frowned. “…long ?”
“You can say that,” Jesse answered. “Nine years. You were a hard man to find, riduur.”

Kix stilled then fought against the dizziness and the blindness, kicking their higher metabolism into action to go through it faster, he needed to see…

“…that a joke, Jesse?” he growled, touching his husband’s face, once it was clear-ish. “You haven’t aged.”

Nine years would have meant a Jesse looking like a forty years old man, at least, if the double aging did not degrade their cell-life even further.
Jesse still looked barely over twenty-two.

“Is that the only thing shocking to you ?” grinned Jesse, small wrinkle at the corner of his eyes, something Kix focused on for a few seconds before looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Yes, maybe the four, massive, white wings streaked with 501st blue and tipped in black should have been his first clue that something had changed with Jesse.

“Finally got the looks to match the wit, bird-brain ?” Kix finally teased, because how did you sanely react to a winged version of your husband ? You didn’t, that’s how.

Jesse burst out laughing before cradling him close for a kiss, large wings wrapping around them both.

Taking silly prompts !

Carré D'amour- Chapter Four

Summary: Marinette always knew Tikki as the kind redheaded college student who worked part time for her parents at their bakery.Adrien always thought of Plagg as an annoying fellow model and older brother he never had.Neither of them know that Tikki and Plagg are actually immortal superheroes called Ladybug and Chat Noir.

Notes: I can’t believe this fic has almost 500 hits! thank you guys so much for all the nice comments and the kudos!

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A whole bunch of stuff that you never wanted to know about Droplets, but here we are ...

Hi guys! This is me procrastinating/realising that I don’t actually really know how to take a day off from writing.

I kinda needed a place to store all this information (as half of it is not explicitly mentioned in the actual fic), so maybe you guys would like to see it too? No future spoilers, but spoilers for pre ch. 11 if you haven’t yet caught up.

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listen, I know some people talk shit about Jamie McKelvie’s art for Young Avengers volume 2 for various reasons, but at least he was able to draw David Alleyne looking like a twenty-something-ish age guy in the comic. 

So many times in comics all the white/light characters will look pretty good and then the black teenager suddenly looks like he’s like 50 years old because they are too heavily shadowed/shaded/lined and it just looks bad. 

How many times did Eli Bradley look like he was twice the age of his teammates in the previous volume? How many times did David look old as hell in his previous runs of comics?? like idk why so many comic artists/colorists can’t seem to make younger characters who are darker skinned actually look their age??? idk its a huuuuge pet peeve of mine literally every time idk

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How old do you think the killjoys are? I think they've been referred to as teenage rebels or something like that, but I'm guessing maybe late teens or early twenties. Ghoul and Kobra might be 18 or 19 but Jet and Party are older so they could be 21-ish?

I think I read that they’re supposed to be teenagers, but I’m not sure. I assumed they were the same ages as the guys, so that threw me for a loop. I write them in their late 20s/early 30s, ten years after they left Battery City.