twenty ish years old of age

The talk

When I was younger my mom always told me I was gonna be into older guys not because they’re old but because they’re more successful (Some) I brushed it off didn’t listen I mean was 14 year old really listens to what their mom says?

By the time a was 17 she stopped sugar coating ish and said “You and (My cousin name) are gonna be some high end call girls or marry someone rich, laughs I mean, not all your life but those young years you know eighteen, twenty five…wanna know how I know? Because you’re just like me. When I was your age I never gave little boys my age the time of day… well unless they were paying for my lunch or buying me cute little gifts. I was going to school and making my money! The teachers used to be pissed because I was showing up to school dressed better than them and driving a better car.” I asked her how was she getting her money she said “dancing, high end call girl, getting money from my sugar daddy”

I laughed & said “what’s a sugar daddy?”

“Men who spend money on you, buy you nice things, fly you out.” “So why’d you say I’d be a prostitute ? If anything I’ll have a sugar daddy. I have more respe- "Oh come on it’s all sex work don’t EVER knock anyone else’s hustle. prostitute,hooker,stripper, someone who’s getting spoiled they’re all using what they got to get whatever they don’t got. lady’s of leisure that’s what we used to call it, we were independent women who got their money on their own no matter how they did it”

“Woah calm down I didn’t know it was that serious” “Listen all I’m saying is you’re not like any of my other girls (My sisters) the mind, you know what it’s there for and you know how to use it! That’s the power of it all…you’re very persuasive it’s not a bad thing you can talk a Tigar out its stripes (it’s a metaphor) and that’s all you have to do you don’t even have to sleep with them half the time shit I know I didn’t well sometimes. People will call you a hoe even if you don’t sleep around or only been with one person, I know because it happened to me and I’m know it happens to other women & Men are the main ones doing the hoe calling like little bitches (this cracked me up cause she was sooooo mad) my little friends- well associates was out there fucking a lot of dudes FOR FREE when they found I was having sex with dudes but it was for money they had the audacity to call me a hoe I told them "I’d rather be a paid hoe than a broke one” & got up and walked to my car. They couldn’t say nothing because they knew I was right! But baby all I’m trying to say is no matter what you do people are always going to judge you. So do what makes you happy and what’s putting money in your pockets cause they’re not gonna be paying your bills"

It’s crazy because everything she told me was true. Till this very day I don’t entertain these guys my age all they’re good for is a hard thing and headaches !! We talked about more thing but I’m realllly sleepy and don’t feel like typing lol I’ve been thinking about Re-Entering the sugar bowl cause I swear I wasn’t ready the first time I stepped in. 😩🤔 I’m gonna have a talk with her whenever we stop arguing everyday lol

listen, I know some people talk shit about Jamie McKelvie’s art for Young Avengers volume 2 for various reasons, but at least he was able to draw David Alleyne looking like a twenty-something-ish age guy in the comic. 

So many times in comics all the white/light characters will look pretty good and then the black teenager suddenly looks like he’s like 50 years old because they are too heavily shadowed/shaded/lined and it just looks bad. 

How many times did Eli Bradley look like he was twice the age of his teammates in the previous volume? How many times did David look old as hell in his previous runs of comics?? like idk why so many comic artists/colorists can’t seem to make younger characters who are darker skinned actually look their age??? idk its a huuuuge pet peeve of mine literally every time idk