twenty fours

I Hate it Here.

The twentieth century gave the human race its score card. Kardashec and Dyson made concrete the notion of type One, type two and type three civilizations.

A type one civilization has mastered it’s planet, inside and out. Its utilizing the wold’s entire energy potential, and also has wiped away the internal struggles of its race.

A type two society has energy needs so massive it can only continue by physically harnessing the sun.

In a type three scenario, the civilization has gone galactic, extracting energy on a interstellar basis.

We can make magic with engines smaller then a virus, and yet, just today, twenty-four people in this city alone will die from having walked into the wrong district or community.

We are still not even a type one Civilization. 

This remains a ZERO society.

an open letter to two years ago

dearest you,

and yes, i mean you.

it was in between sleep-deprived nights and constant worry over deadlines when i realized that i was turning twenty in less than twenty four hours. hello there, nov. 23, 2017.

you were a sweet happenstance to me. the home i never knew i needed. the cold hands which brought comfort to my heart. the moving stars for which i will never get tired of waiting.

it has been two years and yet today, i am reminded of the many lessons i had because of you. i am soft for the memories we have together, and for the memories i have of you. my heart was beating quietly, steadily, as i reread old messages. and little did i know, a smile made its way on my lips – the very same pair that learned how to love clumsily with your help. i was smiling, grinning, even, as i went farther into our conversations.

See the home that you are and can be for the people around you. You are not a haunted house. You are a home that will one day remind people of Saturday afternoons spent on reading, of mornings filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, of cold, rainy nights spent curled under the blanket.

you see, i really did grow so much when i met you. i made it this far with your help. if you weren’t there in my 2016, i don’t think i would have made it alive and sane to 2017. but here i am, alive and ecstatic over the news i got today. to be honest, i wanted to message you but i had to stop myself. i am no longer in the position to tell you the good and bad news in my life. i pressed the delete button until the message was no longer of existence and clicked on the x button.

two years ago, you were my sweet happenstance. today, i am my smiling like a fool. on my own.

the warm, fuzzy feelings, my favorite, spread throughout my being as i go back to the things we shared. it has been wonderful and as i turn a year older, i want to thank you. i thought you were my sun, but in all honesty, you were more like a moon to my life.

“you know in the book stan and eddie die, right?”

whaddup i’m jared i’m 19 and i never fucking learned how to read

in less than 24 hours we’ll have beautiful and inspiring lyrics from reputation (2017) coursing quite vivaciously through our minds. this album will make even our darkest of days as golden as sunlit honey and cascading glitter. as sultry and dreamy melodies boom throughout our cars we will feel grateful to be alive whilst crisp wisps of air caress our beaming smiles. whimsical songs will evoke a warm sense of solace on a candlelit winter’s night. pulsating and powerful beats will make us twirl beneath starlit midnight skies and glistening cityscapes. after three years we’re so close to excitedly embracing and becoming lost within an iconic and magical new soundtrack to our lives for years to come. soak up each bright moment of wonder and pure joy that’s ahead.


If the American pie bar is news to you, you’re not alone. Emily Elsen says she didn’t realize she was one of the original trendsetters when, seven years ago, she and her sister Melissa opened their first Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. Even earlier this year, when the Elsen sisters opened their fifth location — a 10-stool bar where you can chase a slice with wine or beer — Emily says she had yet to realize the extent of this sweet and widening outbreak.

“Having been in the business and written a cookbook, we’ve seen people [including Ms. Glennon] start their own business,” Elsen says. “But I’m surprised to find out there are as many as there are.”

There’s no definitive data on just how many pie bars there are — or by how much the pie-bar world has grown. But according to the American Pie Council, which collects data on pies, total pie sales have been growing steadily — now at about $1 billion per year.

At A Time We All Need Comfort, Pie Bars Serve It By The Slice

Photos: Courtesy of Four & Twenty Blackbirds