twenty fours


“An Ymbryne’s main skill is the manipulation of time. We choose a safe place, a safe day and create a loop. A loop is the last twenty-four hours, rest the loop and the day is yours to live in again. Reset it daily, and you can stay there forever, entirely safe from the outside world. And that’s why we Ymbrynes are charged with the care of the young. Each Ymbryne commits herself to the creation and upkeep of a place like this. A Home for Peculiar Children.”

I believe God has all power. It is His to give and His to withhold. But He will not withhold it from the person who dwells near Him, because it passes insensibly from God to that person. It is breathed in by the person who lives in God’s presence. I will learn to live in God’s presence then I will have those things which I desire of Him: strength, power, and joy. God’s power is available to all who need it and are willing to accept it.
—  Twenty-Four Hours a Day

ayoo hi i’m kayleigh (she/her) and i’m always weak af at intro posts. anyway this is my one and only xander (the only muse i’m playing currently). he’s a twenty-four year old assistant director from chelsea with dreams of becoming a filmmaker. so i’ve thrown together a couple points about him under the cut so feel free to read and please come plot w my hunny bun !! 

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Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs

“I say eighteen years,” Jyn, perched on the edge of the table.

“What? No way,” Cassian, leaning forward, focused.

Leaning back on his chair, Bodhi cleans his goggles.

“Well, they were Guardians before the Republic fell, weren’t they?” Jyn is insistent, “They must have had some sort of code against emotional attachments, like the Jedi.”

“Even so,” says Cassian, “It has to be longer than that. Looking at the way they interact, the subtlety of the touches, the shorthand… I say twenty-four, twenty-five years.”

“You’re not using your intelligence-gathering skills for this, are you?”

“Well, it’s not like I can just switch it off!”

“But it’s an unfair advantage!”

Cassian brushes her off and turns his attention to the pilot.

“What about you, Bodhi? What do you reckon?”

“Thirty-two years,” he says calmly.

Then, seeing as the other two are looking at him with raised eyebrows, he adds:

“Give or take. Probably dated for like… five years before that? I’m just guessing.”

“Shit, they’re coming. Credits on the table, boys!” says Jyn in a whisper.

Each of them throws a handful of credit chips on the table.

“Alright, spit it out,” says Baze, walking up to their corner of the mess hall, “the three of you have been staring at us for the last fifteen minutes.”

“I told you,” says Chirrut lightly, “their intentions are pure.”

“I don’t trust your definition of pure. And , in any case, it’s annoying. So what is it?”

Jyn elbows Cassian in the ribs to get him to do the talking.

“Well, we were just wondering… How long the two of you have been together.”

“Married, you mean?”

Jyn nods vigorously.

“Well, we became involved when I was sixteen, Chirrut was fifteen.”

“The bit about no emotional attachments was never really a rule. More like advice,” Chirrut answers Jyn’s unvoiced question.

“Very strong advice,” says Baze.

“Well, we were always unorthodox.”

Chirrut smiles at Baze, who leans in to give him a quick kiss.

“Anyway, we were married some five years later, so that makes it… thirty-two years?”

“Just about.”

Cassian and Jyn’s jaws drop, and they apparently decide to give up on hiding their secret. Both turn to Bodhi.


“How did you know?!”


The two wail and stomp off, grumbling about “two hundred credits!”.

Meanwhile, Bodhi leans forward on the table and gathers his precious winning.

“Guess that means these are mine now.”

“So,” says Chirrut grinning, “are you going to tell them you were born and raised in Jedha City, and that the marriage of two Guardians of the Whills made city-wide news?”

“Eventually,” he says, counting his chips.

i really think people should know that that ‘Call Me by Your Name’ movie thats had headlines circling tumblr because its a gay romance film featuring Sufjan Stevens on the soundtrack is a ‘romance’ between a twenty-four year old man and a seventeen year old boy. no i dont care about consent laws in Italy or whatever the fuck (also the man is American so don’t hit me with that “Italian sensibilities” shit), a grown adult man seducing and having a sexual relationship with an adolescent is deeply fucked up. 

anyway i wanted people to know because i think a lot of people i follow wouldnt be putting this movie on my dash if they were aware of the gross age gap in the ‘romance’. 

What I really love about Berena as a ship is the dynamic. They’re so alike in so many ways: both strong-willed women, experts in their fields, messy divorces behind them, not terribly close with their children, unafraid to speak their mind etc.

And yet instead of using these similarities for a cat-fight trope, the writers have moulded a delicate relationship out of their differences. From the trivial things such as Bernie’s mess and Serena’s order, very early on it was highlighted that their differences were the main focus of this relationship.

Bernie is chaos in Serena’s ordered life.

Serena is steadiness in Bernie’s changing world.

Bernie is practicality when Serena gets emotional.

Serena is kindness when Bernie feels alone.

These two should, by all accounts, argue constantly. But they don’t. They bicker, yes, but they also love one another fiercely. And it isn’t because they’re so similar, and they appreciate finding a ‘professional equal’ at this stage of the game. No, the qualities they truly appreciate in one another are the little opposites. It is their differences which bring them together.