twenty five weeks

Twenty-five years ago this week, four Los Angeles policemen — three of them white — were acquitted of the savage beating of Rodney King, an African-American man. Caught on camera by a bystander, graphic video of the attack was broadcast into homes across the nation and worldwide.

Fury over the acquittal — stoked by years of racial and economic inequality in the city — spilled over into the streets, resulting in five days of rioting in Los Angeles. It ignited a national conversation about racial and economic disparity and police use of force that continues today.

“When the verdict came out, it was a stunner for people coast to coast. My jaw dropped,” says Jody David Armour, a criminal justice and law professor at the University of Southern California.

When LA Erupted In Anger: A Look Back At The Rodney King Riots

Photo: Ron Eisenbeg/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

BitesizeKorean Masterpost

Mobile friendly post for BitesizeKorean. Updated on: 16.12.12


Vocabulary Builders

  • Countries
  • Body Parts
  • Twitter
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Words of Encouragement
  • Colours in Korean
  • Common Konglish Words
  • Numbers in Korean


  • 외국인 vs. 외국 사람
  • 책방 vs. 서점
  • 일하다 vs. 직장
  • 숙제 vs. 과제
  • 학교 vs. 학원
  • 응답하다 vs. 대답하다
  • 심지어 vs. 게다가
  • 가격, 값 and 비용
  • 수다 and 수다를 떨다
  • 감사합니다, 고마워, and 고맙다.
  • 한국어 vs. 한국말
  • 아마 vs. 어쩌면
  • 아니요 vs. 아니야
  • 지금 vs. 이제
  • 위성 vs. 달
  • 이거 vs. 이게
  • 항상 vs. 늘
  • 자백 vs. 고백
  • 평소 vs. 보통
  • 오전 vs. 아침
  • 어쩌면, 아무래도, and 아마
  • 1등 vs. 1위
  • 아니에요 vs. 천만에요
  • 원하다 vs. 싶다
  • 부인 vs. 아내
  • 미안하다 vs 죄송하다
  • 뭐 vs 무슨
  • 친절 vs 친절하다 vs 친절한
  • 창피 vs 민망
  • (-았/었어요) vs  (-고 있어요)
  • 있면 vs 있다면
  • 당신은 vs 너는
  • 명 vs 분
  • 너무, 진짜 and 아주
  • 유방 vs 가슴
  • 서운하다 vs 슬프다
  • Interrogatives
  • Demonstratives
  • Locative Adverbs
  • Bright and Dark Vowels
  • Particles 은/는 and 이/가
  • 을/를 Object Marking Particles
  • 이다 (To be)
  • 아니다 (To not be)
  • ~(으)ㄹ수록 [~(으)면 ~(으)ㄹ수록] (The more… the more…)
  • ~네요
  • ~ㄹ/을 계획 (To have plans to…)
  • 잘/못 하다 (to be good/bad at something)
  • 아서/어서
  • Particles: 에게/함테/께 and 에게서/한테서
  • 와/과 particles
  • Particles 에서 and 에
  • ~(으)ㄴ/는 편이다 (Stating characteristics) 
  • Expressing desire to possess a noun ~고 싶어요
  • (verb)+자
  • ~(으)ㄴ/는데 
  • ~겠어요
  • A/V~고
  • Pronouns in Korean: I, me, my, mine
  • 보이다
  • ~던 
  • 지 and the ~는 것 principle
  • ~아/어/여야 되다 or ~아/어/여야 하다 (to have to)

Misc. Questions

  • What does 눈치 mean?
  • Basic Korean curriculum plan! Pt.2
  • Anywhere to read beginner and intermediate Korean?
  • Is ㄱ ‘g’ or a ‘k’?
  • How do you pronounce 의?
  • When is 의 pronounced differently?
  • What is the difference between ㄱ and ㅋ?
  • How to say ‘You are’ in Korean?
  • How to say “I am” in Korean?
  • How to say “What is…” in Korean?
  • How to say “Who is…” in Korean?
  • What does 미드 mean?
  • What does 특집 mean?
  • What are some differences between the Seoul and Busan dialect?
  • How to learn the Busan accent?
  • What is the difference between 입니다 and 이에요/예요?
  • When do pronounce the letters ㅅㅈ ㅊ and like ’t’ and ㅂ like ’m’? And why?
  • When are ㅅ/ㅆ pronounced “SH”?
  • How to say, “Is it interesting?”
  • 뭐야 이거?
  • Which particles are dropped in speech?
  • Do people in Daegu and Busan speak the same dialect?
  • What’s the difference between ~어/아서 and ~고?
  • How to change verbs into nouns?
  • What’s the difference between 안녕히가세요 and 안녕히계세요?
  • What’s “anyway” in Korean?
  • Why do Koreans use 우리 instead of 나의?
  • What does “멋졍 ” mean?
  • Pronunciation rules for ㅎ
  • Speech formalities 
  • Nouns in Korean
  • How to ask questions in Korean
  • How to say a.k.a in Korean?
  • How to say ASAP in Korean?
  • Grammatical spacing in Korean
  • Accents around Korea
  • Difference between 함께 and 함께라면?
  • How would you use 이야기하다 in a sentence?
  • What does ‘도망치지 마 뒤돌아서서 두려움에 맞서봐’ mean?
  • ㅍ,ㅂ, and ㅃ
  • Difference between 애 and 에?
  • How to say “please” in Korean
  • Negatives in Korean
  • Difference between ㅊ and ㅈ?
  • What’s the difference between 우리, 나의, and 내(ㅔ)?
  • Why do Koreans sometimes put 나 at the end of a sentence?
  • Difference between 입니다 and 습니다?
  • How to introduce yourself in Korean?
  • How to pronounce Hangul characters?
  • What does 이뤄진다 mean?
  • Pronunciation of ㅈ for men and women 
  • What’s “real” in Korean?
  • What’s “star” in Korean?
  • Korean suffixes
  • What does 휘황찬란한 mean?
  • Are “천만에요” and “안녕하세요” formal polite?
  • Greetings on the phone?
  • Which number system do I use for ‘years’?
  • Korean Sentence Structure
  • Why is there a -야 at the end of informal sentences?
  • What do stressed syllables mean in Korean?
  • 네 as 네 or as 니?
  • What does 인정 mean?
  • How do you use compliments like “cutie” in Korean?
  • Cutie: 귀염둥이 
  • How to ask to switch to 반말?
  • 고민: One’s worries
  • What does 왜그래 mean?
  • ㄹ sounding as L and R?
  • Resources for learning about culture?
  • Thoughts on TTMIK?
  • Are there other times to use 여보세요?
  • What do you say when you answer the phone?
  • How to say Happy Birthday in Korean?
  • Hangul characters and syllables explanation 
  • Does 때문에 have a negative nuance? 
  • Understanding Konglish words
  • How to say “Excuse me” to pass through
  • Do commas exist in Korean?
  • How to ask questions in Korean part 2
  • Is there a specific stroke order to Hangul?
  • How to say “embarrassing” in Korean
  • How to identify the subject and object in a sentence?
  • How to pronounce hanja?
  • How to say the year in Korean?
  • Common spelling mistakes in Korean
  • Understanding dictionary form
  • Hangul character names and alphabetical order
  • How to pronounce compound consonants in Korean
  • What does 새살 mean?
  • Is there a difference between 화이팅 and 파이팅?
  • What does 주룩 mean?


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  • Week One
  • Week Two
  • Week Three
  • Week Four
  • Week Five
  • Week Six
  • Week Seven
  • Week Eight
  • Week Nine
  • Week Ten


  • Week Eleven
  • Week Twelve
  • Week Thirteen
  • Week Fourteen
  • Week Fifteen
  • Week Sixteen
  • Week Seventeen
  • Week Eighteen
  • Week Nineteen
  • Week Twenty


  • Week Twenty-One
  • Week Twenty-Two
  • Week Twenty-Three
  • Week Twenty-Four
  • Week Twenty-Five
  • Week Twenty-Six
  • Week Twenty-Seven
  • Week Twenty-Eight
  • Week Twenty-Nine
  • Week Thirty
  • Week Thirty-One
  • Week Thirty-Two
  • Week Thirty-Three
  • Week Thirty-Four
  • Week Thirty-Five
  • Week Thirty-Six
  • Week Thirty-Seven
  • Week Thirty-Eight
  • Week Thirty-Nine
  • Week Forty 


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  • 가재는 게 편이라
  • 개미 구멍으로 둑도 무너진다
  • 가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다
  • 거지도 부지런하면 더운 밥 얻어 먹는다
  • 가려운 곳을 긁어 주다
  • 거미 새끼같이 흩어진다
  • 가랑비에 옷 젖는 줄 모른다
  • 개천에서 용 난다
  • 걱정도 팔자다
  • 귀신도 모르다
  • 거짓말도 방편
  • 공자 앞에서 문자 쓴다
  • 곧은 나무 먼저 찍힌다
  • 고양이에게 생선을 맡기다


  • 시작이 반이다
  • 선무당이 사람 잡는다


  • 말보다 증거


  • 천 리 길도 한 걸음부터


  • 작은 고추가 맵다
  • 잠을 자야 꿈을 꾸지


  • 원숭이도 나무에서 떨어진다


  • 돌다리도 두드려 보고 건너라
  • 달도 차면 기운다


  • 빛 좋은 개살구


  • 득템
  • 얼짱
  • 말을 씹다 or 문자를 씹다
  • 안습


  • ”내 맘에 깊이 가득 차버린 공허한 세상 나를 구해줘” Reset - Tiger JK
  • “이 끝이 없는 미로 속에서 어서 날 꺼내줘” Love is not over (full version) - BTS
  • “난 숨쉬고 싶어 이 밤이 싫어 이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어” Save me - BTS
  • “난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요” A Goose’s Dream - InSoo
  • “다시 run run run 난 멈출 수가 없어 또 run run run 난 어쩔 수가 없어” Run - BTS


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I personally don’t think that romanisation is necessary, and quite often, it seems to be that learners can find it restrictive. This is mainly due to the fact that it can actually inhibit proper pronunciation and hinder reading fluency. Romanisation also has the habit of contradicting advanced pronunciation rules, and for these reasons, I don’t like to include it. I also had an open discussion with most of you about adding it - and it seems that a majority would dislike me to include romanisation. I apologise for the inconvenience.

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I love language, and have dabbled in many! I decided to learn a language completely different to anything I’ve learnt before, so I picked Korean randomly. I fell in love with it, and from there I’ve found a secret passion for Korean drama!

What other languages have you studied/know?

I have studied German, French, Russian, Japanese, and have recently just started to learn Danish. Although, Korean has been the most fun!

anonymous asked:

I don't believe the construction of minimum wage was meant to provide funds for fun stuff. Also, in a way, a low minimum wage is helping fight male and female stereotypes. With a low minimum wage, it means it's more likely that both adults in a household need to work, fighting the idea that the man is the moneymaker and the woman is a housewife. In regards to your personal salary, think of what you are actually doing. With the rise of online shopping, do we need retail store workers anymore?

Let’s break this down, because each sentence is its own brand of asinine, and I can’t just tackle it all in one go.

  • “I don’t believe the construction of minimum wage was meant to provide funds for fun stuff.” In 1938, the night before FDR signed the law establishing the federal minimum wage, he said, “Do not let any calamity-howling executive with an income of $1,000 a day…tell you…that a wage of $11 a week is going to have a disastrous effect on all American industry.” The cost of living back then was significantly lower, even when adjusting for inflation. When a movie ticket cost twenty-five cents ($4.20 in today’s dollars), I doubt anyone was making a huge deal out of someone going to catch a movie, unlike today, when a movie costs an average of $8.17 (and here in NYC, is at least $12.50). And if someone did complain, and the person decided to go to Harvard and get a degree in the hopes of making more, they’d just have to raise $420 a year ($7,047 a year in 2015 dollars) to go. Back then, the money just went farther. And there were fewer bills to pay–cell phones and the internet didn’t exist, the only things contributing to light bills were literally lights, and so on. If you could pay for your basic needs on a minimum wage and have an extra twenty-five cents a week to see a movie or grab a beer, I doubt anyone would care. Aside from that, the inherent cruelty in seeing low wage workers as labor drones who don’t deserve happiness is p disgusting honestly.
  • “Also, in a way, a low minimum wage is helping fight male and female stereotypes. With a low minimum wage, it means it’s more likely that both adults in a household need to work, fighting the idea that the man is the moneymaker and the woman is a housewife.” This is peak heteronormative white capitalist feminism. “If it takes two people to make the income of one person, then we can destroy the patriarchy by all being exploited equally!” I’m actually impressed by how goddamn stupid this concept is.
  • “In regards to your personal salary, think of what you are actually doing.” What I was doing (the post made it abundantly clear it was a former job) was spending nine hours a day (we had an hour break which had to interrupt our eight hour shift rather than being factored in) plus three hours daily commute (an hour and a half each way) on a job wherein I was required to run (literally, because if a customer complained about it taking too long for me to get back from the stock room, I could have my hours cut or be suspended or fired) between five stock rooms across three floors making up 36,000 square feet. I had to memorize the locations of items on the floor I worked on and the ones I didn’t, the list of color codes, different folds for many different items, prices for at least the most popular fifty to a hundred items, and so on. I had to keep 15,000 feet of displays and shelves and tables fully stocked and perfectly folded and sized while people were shopping, and if I was standing around while something was unfolded across the store, I could have my hours cut or get suspended or fired. I had to do all of this with a smile on my face, because if a customer complained about my attitude, even if it was just for frowning, I could get my hours cut or get suspended or get fired. If the store did less than $250k a day in business, people’s hours were getting cut. I’ve done much higher-paying jobs since and they’ve been much easier.
  • “With the rise of online shopping, do we need retail store workers anymore?” Yes, obviously. Online shopping is for when you’re casually shopping but don’t feel like going to the store, or if there’s something non-vital you want a better price on. If you need something for an event tomorrow, you’re going to the store for it. If you don’t know your size and want to try it on without waiting a week, sending it back, waiting another week for it to get to them and have them ship it back out, and another week before you get the other size, which may or may not be right, you’re going to the store. If you want to touch the garments and see how they feel, or try them on in front of a mirror to make sure the cut and colors look good on you, or get a second opinion from a (more or less) neutral party. If you want to wander around from shop to shop and see what you can find. If you want to go to a thrift store. Plus, if we branch out of retail, fast food isn’t going away because of the internet, nor are servers or bartenders or housekeepers or custodians or grocery store cashiers or deli workers or anyone else who does a service that people use but are underpaid for their labor.

At the end of the day, there will always be workers in positions that are currently underpaid. If every McDonalds worker decided tomorrow to get a STEM degree and were given the means to do so, there would still be only a certain number of STEM jobs and a need for fry cooks. And those fry cooks deserve to be able to meet their basic needs just as much as anyone else.

Genesis | Chapter 1


Twenty five weeks and three days - you’d never felt so exhausted, between work and taking care of everything in the house to prepare for the baby had taken its toll on you. Your body had changed in ways you could have never expected, the first sign was the obvious - you missed your period, you chalked it up to stress from the work load you’d taken on once your internship at a modeling agency started. When the doctor told you that you were in fact pregnant it took everything in you not to break whatever bit of sanity you had claim to - there was hesitation then acceptance. Telling your family had been harder than you had thought it would be, seeing the look of disappointment spread across the face of people you loved made your heart sink but the unwavering affection of your mother never ceased to amaze you. There was a period of time where they would consistently ask you to bring the father over so they could meet him, and once again the look of shame spread on face after face once they realized that he wouldn’t be around and you’d been knocked up by some guy who wanted nothing to do with you.

Keep reading

sailorcrazypinklady  asked:

Gah!! I knew as soon as you said Palpatine have him the meds that they were bad!! You can't just leave TwoAlphas like that!! I can't handle not knowing what's going on with the pregnacy now that there are bad meds involved for very long!! I NEEDS MORE INFORMATION!!

The first twinges start up long before they even reach air and Obi-Wan rubs his hand over his stomach cautiously with a small frown. There’s an ache swelling along his spine and a feeling of wrong, just outright wrong, spreading through his body that he tries to write off as just normal pregnancy issues.

And then it feels like someones punched the air from his lungs as a contraction hits.

‘No, no, no its to early, its to early!’ Obi-Wan curled over a bit, eyes wide as wetness coated his leggings and ran down his legs to pool at his feet.

“General?” Cody’s cautious voice not far from him. “Are you alr-” The trooper took a sharp breath as he noticed the puddle. “Oh kark. Nutcase get us back DOWN. Hardwire comm the Alderaan medical center! The General is going into labor!”

“Cody…” Obi-Wan gritted out. “Call Coruscant.”


Anakin paused mid saber lesson and frowned a bit, looking around in confusion even as the younglings watched him in equal confusion.

“Master Skywalker?” One of them called out.

“Hmm? Oh, sorry, now you just hold your saber like thi-” He stopped again before going pale as a sheet. “Class dismissed!” He snapped, long legs suddenly twirling him towards the doors as he sprinted out of the salle, almost crashing into Mace Windu.

The Korun grabbed him by the shoulders while both stared at each other.

“…They just commed. They were about to leave Alderaan when his water broke. They managed to land and Queen Breha had a medical team waiting for them the moment they did.” He offered to the blond tightly.

“I need t-”

“You won’t reach it in time. Regardless what happens, you won’t reach him in time for…whatever happens.” Mace face was tight, jaw tense.

“…Its to fucking early.” Anakin hissed.

“Twenty five to twenty six weeks…medical staff on wait…the chances are good.” Mace tried to assure, to not feed more fear into the knight in front of him.

“…I need to be there whatever happens.”

“…Go.” Mace let go and watched Skywalker run, watching several shatterpoints break as he did yet still several remained, ready to either unfold or burst. “…May the Force be with us all.”

Anakin threw himself into his Interceptor, R2 already in and firing up several engines. He almost took off before he was granted permission and shot of as fast as he could, the Force screaming in his ears.

Blood was pounding in his ears as he headed out of Coruscants orbit, his heart in his throat even as R2 put Padme through when she commed.

“Anakin?” Her voice sounded small, static and almost scared.

“I’m heading towards Alderaan.” He offered.

“Good, I’m trying to arrange transport but…I don’t think I’ll be able to leave the Senate Anakin.”

“I’ll send any news when…when I get there.”

“…Anakin, be careful, try to be calm. Obi-Wan is going to need you calm.” Came her voice again.

“IF he survives.”

“ANAKIN!” She snapped and he took a sharp breath.

“Sorry…sorry I just…this is…my dreams…”

“Are just dreams. First time parent jitters…Anakin be CALM. Obi-Wan needs you to be calm.” She was practically pleading over the comms and Anakin took a sharp breath as R2 beeped at him in binary.

“…Okay. Okay calm, I can be calm…Padme…what do we do if the baby dies?” There was a long silence in the wake of Anakin’s lost voice.

“We concentrate on Obi-Wan and hold him through the pain. That’s what we do Anakin.” She answered in a tired sounding voice.



He touched down on Alderaan and didn’t even wait for R2 to follow, jumping out the moment the canopy opened and rushing past the guard sent to greet him. His focus was on the weak and still signature of Obi-Wan, fear dogging his every step as he rushed through the spaceport closest to the medical center that had Obi-Wan.

Anakin went a bit tunnel vision, until his name was cried out by a familiar voice.

“General Skywalker!”

He froze to a stop and turned down a hall of the medical center to where the troopers who had escorted Obi-Wan were sitting.

Well most, Cody was standing.

All had their helmets off and all of their faces were tinged with worry.

“You’re here sir.”

“Yes, any news?”

“None sir, we’ve…we’re not immediate family or mates. We had to stay here.” Cody gestured around the hall.

Anakin might have answered that the Jedi considered the vods close companions, friends, some family if another voice hadn’t chosen that moment to call out for him.

“Knight Skywalker?”

He turned quickly and then added a hurried bow. “Queen Breha. I-”

“He’s alright, they just cleaned him up and rolled him to his room. You can go see him now if you want.” She was smiling.

Anakin felt like he had taken a direct hit to the stomach, breathless and aching. “He…”

“The birth was early so we had to op for a cesarean section as Obi-Wan’s body was not prepared for actual birth but he’s currently resting quite comfortably.” She continued.

Anakin’s legs felt like they were turning to jelly and they wanted to fold beneath him. “The baby?” He croaked out.

“In the intensive bubble. Its…early but your little one has a good chance, especially with the medical attention and the intensive bubble. Congratulation Knight Skywalker.” She was smiling before gesturing to the room she had come from. “He’s in there. Both of them are.”

Forcing himself to walk forward, Anakin gave her a stunned look before passing by the Queen and into the room.

Obi-Wan was tucked up in a bed, his face flushed and sweaty but he was blissfully breathing with his vitals looking strong as a droid fussed around him. And past Obi-Wan…

Anakin felt as if he was trembling as he moved around the bed to the incubator.

Tiny, so very tiny and pink, swaddled in soft purple was his baby, hooked to wires and tubes.

Anakin stared before slipping a hand into one of the gloves of the incubator and touching a tiny flat nose. “Oh…” He shuddered at the feel.

“I decided on Jinn.” A rough voice whispered behind him and Anakin turned a tear streaked face towards Obi-Wan who was watching him through tiny silvers of opened eyes. “Thought it fit him…”

“Obi-Wan.” Anakin slid his hand out and moved to the bed, sitting on the bedside and leaning down, pressing his forehead to his omegas while cupping one flushed bearded cheek. “You wonderful miracle of nature. You did so GOOD. You hear me? You did so good.” He was crying and laughing at the same time, relief shaking him to the core.

Obi-Wan gave a little laugh. “Mmmn I know…need to sleep a bit more. I’m very sore.”

“You do that love.” Anakin peppered his face with little kisses. “Padme will be here when you wake too. But you rest now.” He stroked the others cheek.

Obi-Wan gave a low noise of contentment before falling back into his drug assisted sleep.

Anakin looked back to the incubator, still shaking and still laughing. “Welcome to the world Jinn Kenobi.”

hi! so everyone at the xfamnet decided to do an appreciation for the cast of the x-men since we have just finished our mutant appreciation. just like for the mutant appreciation, this is open to everybody! for this we will be accepting graphics, gifs, edits, aesthetics, videos- basically anything- except for fics, this was agreed upon by the entire net. 

you don’t have to do all of them, you can pick and choose which ones you participate in! do what you can and tag your works with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation and we’ll reblog it!

the weeks:

  • week one; april 30- may 6: ian mckellen week!
  • week two; may 7- 13: halle berry week!
  • week three; may 14- 20: patrick stewart week!
  • week four; may 21- 27: anna paquin week!
  • week five; may 28- june 3: hugh jackman week!
  • week six; june 4- 10: rebecca romijn week!
  • week seven; june 11- 17: james marsden week!
  • week eight; june 18- 24: famke janssen week!
  • week nine; june 25- july 1: shawn ashmore week!
  • week ten; july 2- 8: ellen page week!
  • week eleven; july 9- 15: aaron stanford week!
  • week twelve; july 16- 22: zoe kravitz week!
  • week thirteen; july 23- 29: lucas till week!
  • week fourteen; july 30- august 5: january jones week!
  • week fifteen; august 6- 12: kodi smit mcphee week!
  • week sixteen; august 13- 19: fan bingbing week!
  • week seventeen; august 20- 26: james mcavoy week!
  • week eighteen; august 27- september 2: briana hildebrand week!
  • week nineteen; september 3- 9: ryan reynolds week!
  • week twenty; september 10- 16: olivia munn week!
  • week twenty-one; september 17- 23: caleb landry jones week!
  • week twenty-two; september 24- 30: lana condor week!
  • week twenty-three; october 1- 7: oscar issac week!
  • week twenty-four; october 8- 14: sophie turner week!
  • week twenty-five; october 15- 21: evan peters week!
  • week twenty-six; october 22- 28: alexandra shipp week!
  • week twenty-seven; october 29- november 4: booboo stewart week!
  • week twenty-eight; november 5- 11: gina carano week!
  • week twenty-nine; november 12-18: adan canto week!
  • week thirty; november 19- 25: dafne keen week!
  • week thirty-one; november 26- december 2: tye sheridan week!
  • week thirty-two; december 3- 9: rila fukushima week!
  • week thirty-three; december 10- 16: edi gathegi week!
  • week thirty-four; december 17- 23: nicholas hoult week!
  • week thirty-five; december 24- 31: this last week of the year is reserved for every xmen cast member! just to show some final appreciation and how much it means to us that they’ve brought our favorite characters to life on screen and how we’ve found a family and friends through these characters/people.

these are all the scheduled dates! they will be posted each week on our blog! you don’t have to inform anyone if you’re doing this, just tag your work with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation 

you can direct questions here! have fun and we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

Week Twenty Five on Accutane- FINAL


Hi friends!

This may turn out to be a long post because…


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Today is my first day without taking the medication. I went in for my monthly checkup, and was worried that my doctor was going to make me go an additional month. BUT SHE SAID NO.

I high fived her. I’m not even joking.

The fact that this long, horrible, taxing journey is finally over makes me want to break down and cry. I cannot be more happy to be done. But as much as the whole experience sucked…I’d do it again. In a heart beat.

I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m going to keep blogging. You bet your buns I am! I will be logging how my skin does AFTER Accutane and, eventually, I will be logging my scar removal process.

My dermatologist has told me to keep on with that I’m doing- gentle cleanser, moisturize, and SPF. She wants my skin to “heal up” and she doesn’t want me to do anything different for 4 months.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to so many of you that have helped me through this journey. There were many days that I felt like my only support system was this community. So many of you gave me words of advice, comfort, and support during these past few months and I honestly don’t think I would have kept going without you.

Last but not least…here I am :)

You all are amazing.


'Samurai Jack' Wins Big On Adult Swim as 'Dragon Ball Kai' Falters

‘Samurai Jack’ Wins Big On Adult Swim as 'Dragon Ball Kai’ Falters

External image
The return of Samurai Jack after thirteen years away was well met this past Saturday as the debut episode did 1.55 million viewers at the 11pm hour, making for a very strong showing that must delight the network. Unfortunately, that seems to have made a hit on the Toonami block that follows. While we usually get three or four Toonami shows listing in the top twenty-five rankings, this week has just one show making the list with the midnight showing of Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters. And it had a 200,000 viewership drop from its 1.1 million last week to just 900,000 this week. While no data is available, one can reasonably expect that other shows that night took a hit as well.

Top 25 original cable shows among adults 18-49 for Saturday, March 11, 2017

Source: The Nielsen Company

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summary:  Y/N faints at work or gets sick at work and Amelia and Meredith are there for y/N and takes them home to watch movies or relax

“Thirty year old female, twenty five weeks pregnant. Was in a multicar pileup.” The EMT explained as you helped pull her stretcher out of the ambulance. “Page Robbins or Karev.” You ordered as you took her to trauma room 3. You began to look over her for any excessive injuries.
“How’s my baby?” She started to panic. “We will check on your baby, ma'am. You need to relax. We will take care of you.” You tried to calm her down.
“BP is rising.” Hunt said. The patient then started to seize.
“Page Neuro!” You yelled, trying to get her seizures to stop.
Amelia as well as Alex ran in at the same time. “She’s twenty five weeks pregnant and she might have a brain injury.” You told them both.

“Time of death, 11:53.” You announced. Alex managed to deliver the baby and he was fighting for his life but the mother didn’t make it. You took your scrub cap off and ran to the bathroom as a feeling of nausea ran over you.
You wiped the corners of your mouth as you threw up.

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Darryl and the Dangers of Craigslist (or, How Darryl Accidentally Joined Team Thor

Because after seeing the clip about what Thor was doing during Civil War, I just couldn’t resist!


Darryl and the Dangers of Craigslist
(or, How Darryl Accidentally Joined Team Thor)

It wasn’t the first time Darryl Jacobson posted an ad on Craigslist for a roommate but it was definitely going to be the last time. His first roommate, Alistair, worked in banking and was hardly ever home. Alistair got a huge bonus and a huge promotion and moved from their modest flat into an outrageously expensive condo. Then came Sri. Sri worked with Darryl at Tip Top Tech Services and, frankly, it was just a little too much togetherness for Darryl’s taste. He was rather thankful when Sri got married and moved in with his bride.

Once again, Darryl posted an ad on Craigslist and began the rather draining process of interviewing potential roommates, trying to quickly identify and weed out the weirdos. He was successful until the day Thor Odinson came to see the flat.

In retrospect, the name should have rung a bell but in Darryl’s defense, he’d just interviewed a series of potential roommates, each scarier than the last, when Thor simply showed up at his door.

“I am Thor Odinson,” the giant man dressed like a surfer dude announced cheerfully. “And *this* is Mjolnir.”

Darryl gawked. The man *named* his hammer. He carried his hammer and he *named* it. “Uh –”

“I have come to rent the room,” Thor said.

“D-did we have an appointment?” Darryl stammered.

“We did not.”

“B-but…” Darryl was sure his brain was broken. “How did you find me? I didn’t put the address in the listing.”

“I am Thor,” Thor said, gesturing grandly and then leaned down to whisper confidentially, “It took mere moments.”

Okay, so the guy was a hacker of some kind. They had *something* in common. Darryl gestured to the living room and plastered on a smile. “Um…we should talk and see if you’d be a good fit.”

Thor set his hammer down and went to sit in one of the chairs, facing Darryl who sat on the sofa and grabbed his notepad. The giant blond man looked like he felt at home already. “I am ready to begin.”

“Good,” Darryl said, jotting down the man’s name. “What do you do for work, Thor?”

“I am a Prince of Asgard and an Avenger.” Thor flashed a winning smile at him. “Perhaps you saw me saving Midgard several times on your news broadcasts. Or perhaps you’ve seen my image on your Internet or in magazines.”

Darryl’s mouth dropped open as his brain processed exactly who was sitting in his living room. “Ohmigod. You’re *Thor*!”


“The Avenger.”


“W-with the hammer.”

“Mjolnir,” Thor agreed, nodding towards the hammer resting by the front door. “Right over there.”

“And you want to live *here*,” Darryl said, dumbstruck. “With *me*.”

“Indeed I do, Darryl Jacobson,” Thor confirmed with a friendly grin. “I wish to experience a normal existence and you are the epitome of a normal Midgardian. In fact, one might think you are abnormally normal.”

Was he… Had he just been insulted by a Norse god? “Wait a second, how do you know my name? Or anything about me?”

Thor’s grin grew wider and he winked. “There are some secrets mortals are not meant to know.”


“I am kidding! I asked the Black Widow to tell me whether you would be a suitable roommate.”

“You *what*?!” Wait. The Black Widow knew his name and where he lived. Maybe… No. She was *terrifying* which made her knowing that information a Bad Thing. Darryl thought fast. “Rent is two twenty five a week and includes Internet and utilities. I require a two week deposit.”

Thor suddenly grew serious. “I am afraid I do not have Midgardian money.”

Darryl sent up a silent prayer of thanks. Sure, he saw the benefits of having an Avenger as a roommate, like girls might actually *notice* him but there were drawbacks too. Lots of drawbacks. What if Thor’s enemies attacked the apartment? Or came after Darryl by mistake?

“I have gold.” Thor dropped a large gold coin on the coffee table. “Will this suffice?”

“Uh –”

“Excellent. I wish to see my room.”

“But –”

It was too late. Thor was in the bedroom and Mjolnir was flying through the air. “Perfect! This room has western exposure –”

“And it’s furnished,” Darryl added helpfully and then kicked himself.

“Excellent. I will move in immediately.” Thor emerged from the room and draped a massive arm around Darryl’s shoulders. “Tonight shall be the first of many that we spend engaged in manly pursuits.”


“May I have the key?”

And that was how Thor Odinson moved into Darryl Jacobson’s flat.

Darryl vowed that Thor would be the last roommate he ever had.

He didn’t know at the time just how true that vow would be.

Post Op Week 25: Goals

Day 175. Twenty. Five. Weeks.

It feels like both yesterday, and a lifetime ago. Time is weird lol.

This week I have my six month follow-up with my nutritionist. Which means I get to use the body comp scale. Exciting to see how much fat vs muscle I’ve lost. Hoping that my trips to the gym are helping me maintain muscle.

I will also at some point habe to do my bloodwork for my six month follow-up with the surgeon. Of course, I think I lost that paperwork (the perils of being not quite as organized as you think you are and getting a new purse, means one important paper goes missing, but somehow you still have every receipt from the last year or so…). Should be easy enough though to stop by and get another order.

My goal for the gym is 4x this week. I’ll be happy if I only make 3x, but four has been my goal for a while, and I only got that occasionally. It’s the one problem I have with my expanding schedule for work. I need better time management skills lol. I always feel so rushed now.

Food choices have been going well. I’m generally getting between 70 and 80 grams of protein. And I’m trying to stay under 80 grams of carbs, though some of my go-to convenience foods are somewhat high in carbs, and if I have more than one or two of these on a particularly crazy day… well, I still stay under 100 grams…. mostly.

Another goal for the week is baking. I had the urge yesterday to bake, so I did. And I was totally surprised that the urge to bake wasn’t followed up with the urge to eat it. And that was an amazing feeling, because I was really worried that I’d have to give up baking. I thought that there’s no way I could bake cupcakes after surgery if I’m going to want to eat half of them like before. But just a small taste of my wares and I was good; I got more satisfaction out of baking and decorating than I did tasting it. It was good, and that was all I needed to know.

So yes, if I can make the time between work, gym, essential shopping, and personal time, I’m going to bake something else this week.

If We Lay a Strong Enough Foundation

After discovering her pregnancy, Emma vows to make the most of things, not just with her pregnancy, but also Killian.  

A/N- This prompt actually came from my husband, who prompted me to write about Emma discovering she was pregnant for the entirety of 5b. So, here’s to you, panda bear. 


“…and Prince Charles and Princess Leia danced around the ballroom, both forgetting their mission in hopes of spending another minute in each other’s arms.”

Emma felt a flutter in belly as she recounted the story of her and Killian’s first dance, the once recorded in Henry’s storybook. She’d read that at around twenty-five weeks, the fetus would begin to respond to familiar voices. She was delighted to find it to be true, her developing daughter moving about with each word she read.

When Emma had been pregnant with Henry, she’d done her best to ignore those sort of developmental milestones, unwilling to grow further attached to the infant she knew she would be unable to keep. She didn’t read pregnancy books, and paid little attention to the ultrasounds she’d received when ushered to the prison’s infirmary. Over the years, Emma grew to regret that ignorance, especially after Henry reemerged into her life.

She vowed not to make the same mistake the second time around.

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daxassan  asked:

✈ Do you want/have any tattoos?

I have none, but I do want some!

The one I want most is a tattoo of my cat. I’ve had him since I was ten (I’m turning twenty-five next week) so obviously he’s been a big part of my life, I’ve had him longer than I haven’t. When I was in college he was always overjoyed to see me come home, and during the worst of my depression he’s always there to lie with me. I adore him and I want a tattoo inspired by him (likely stylized, he’s a black cat so he’s made for stylized art) so I can carry him with me forever.

I also want a Dragon Age tattoo, likely Solas-related, but I don’t have any concrete ideas.

Everything and Nothing, Chapter Ten

You’re in a HYDRA facility. You don’t know who you are, how you got here, or why you’re being trained as a lethal weapon and assassin. But hey, at least The Winter Soldier is training you… Right?

Part One - Part Two
Chapter OneChapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -Chapter Six - Chapter Seven- Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten

Click here to see art.

Trigger Warnings:  Graphics descriptions of violence and torture

Chapter Ten

You’re sat on the floor with your legs kicked out, holding onto your jaw. Your eye is sore as hell and you think you’ve got a black eye. I’ll add that to my collection of bruises. Winter punched you in the face. It hurt. A lot. That was one hell of a punch, you think whilst rubbing your jaw with a grimace. Winter is standing in front of you like he’s a parent. His arms are crossed and he’s staring down at you with a slightly amused expression. You give him a death glare for good measure. He offers a hand to help you up and you look at him wearily before taking it. He hauls you up with little effort. He presses a water bottle into your other hand. You scowl at it and don’t bother to drink it. Instead, you use it as an ice pack. He chuckles at this.

“You did good,” he speaks. “Would you like me to show you how you can improve?” You shrug and nod, your head spinning a little as you do so. He guides you to the mats and shows you how you did the moves and why they weren’t effective. Then he shows you exactly what to do and you realise that he’s so much better than you. He must see the look of lost hope on your face because he says, “I’ll help you get better.” You go to smile but it ends up as a grimace as your jaw throbs. The corner of his mouth twitches up. You glare at him again, but with a little bit of fondness in your eyes. “Do you want to go another round?” You tilt your head and gaze at him and then nod. You walk over to the side of the mat and plonk your now semi-warm water and stride back over. You raise your fists tiredly.

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I still can’t get what happened last week out of my head. I mean, it doesn’t fit together at all. I haven’t been able to get any rest for the past few days just thinking about it, so I figured I’d just write it down here and see if you guys had any better luck explaining it.

I work in daycare. It’s a pretty established place in a big city on the coast. That’s about all I can say. I still work there and I don’t want someone linking this post back to my employer. I’m not supposed to talk about anything that happens to the kids online.

We mostly cater to the professional crowd. Busy people in finance and internet startups, who don’t use the office daycare. Or don’t have any office daycare. It’s a common sight to see someone in a business suit drop of a baby with a large cup of Starbucks in the other hand. People who can afford to blow twenty five bucks a week on coffee. Go figure. One of the attractions was that we offered daycare for infants as well. A Godsend for the jet setting crowd in the city I suppose.

Lucy C. was my favourite baby. Lucy’s her real first name, which is all I’m prepared to share. We all have favourites, working in daycare. We’re not like parents, having to spread the love out equally. Anyway, when you’re faced with four screaming babies, you grow to like the quiet ones more than the others. Lucy C. was as close to a perfect baby as we’d ever cared for. Wasn’t much of a crier, unless her nappy was full. Went to sleep like clockwork. She had a crown of wispy blonde hair, which set off her piercing cornflower blue eyes.

Mr C., as far as I could gather, was a self made businessman. One of those internet start up companies. I never caught what he did, and the five minute handovers in the morning really didn’t make for startling revelations about his hopes and dreams. He was always dressed sharply. I’m not one for chasing fashion but some of the other girls here whispered designer labels that I’d only heard of in celebrity mags when they referred to his latest threads. He seemed genuinely pleasant, if a little distracted in the mornings.

I’d never seen a Mrs C. There was an Abigail C. on the emergency contact form all the parents had to leave with the centre but she was listed as his sister. I know some of the others joked about whether he was on the market, so to speak, when they saw his sports car pull up to drop little Lucy off in the mornings, but that was just our equivalent of locker room talk. He was awfully rich though, successful in an ecosystem which chewed up and spit out a hundred other young businessmen every year. Some kind of magic touch, the others said, coming out of nowhere and building something up like that. Young entrepreneur of the year award and all that jazz.

I try and think back to that morning last week. Did Mr C. look strange that morning when he dropped Lucy off? To be honest, I’ve been over those five minutes hundreds of times over the past few days. His suit was immaculate. He greeted me like he did with the rest of the staff, warm smile, a kiss for Lucy, a gentle request for us “to take good care of his girl”. Just about the same thing any of the other twenty or so parents that hour would have said. Maybe there really wasn’t anything wrong. I keep on thinking back because if things had gone differently, I might have been able to save Lucy. Shit, I don’t know why I wrote that. Lucy’s fine. Or she should be. I don’t know why I can’t get it out of my head that I made a terrible mistake. Why there’s this guilt I feel when I check in at work and look at her favourite toys on the playroom floor.

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