twenty five for the rest of our lives

Henry Clay People Fall Tour & New Video!


LA rock band The Henry Clay People are excited to announce a national headlining tour in support of their new album “Twenty-Five For The Rest Of Our Lives” following a five week tour with These United States and Futurebirds. The Henry Clay People will once again hit the road beginning on September 16th. To go along with all this tour news, Alternative Press is currently spotlighting the video of single “The Fakers” you can watch it HERE! A complete list of tour dates is listed below:

September 16                         Riot Fest                                               Chicago, IL

September 17                         The High Watt                                    Nashville, TN

September 18                         Caledonia Lounge                             Athens, GA

September 19                         Sky City                                                 Augusta, GA

September 20                         Courtroom at Gettys                       Rock Hill, SC

September 21                         The Green Bean                                 Greensboro, NC

September 22                         Kings Barcade                                    Raleigh, NC

September 23                         Cosmic Charlie’s                                Lexington, KY

September 24                         Mojo’s                                                  Columbia, MO

September 25                         Birdy’s                                                   Indianapolis, IN

September 26                         Grog Shop                                           Cleveland, OH

September 27                         Midpoint Music Fest                       Cincinnati, OH

September 28                         Majestic Anniversary Show          Madison, WI *

September 29                         Pygmalion Festival                            Champaign, IL

October 1                                 Gabe’s                                                    Iowa City, IA

October 2                                 Czar Bar                                                 Kansas City, MO

October 3                                 Quixote’s True Blue                           Denver, CO

October 6                                 Eagle Rock Music Fest                      Los Angeles, CA


* With The Hold Steady

To learn more about Henry Clay People click HERE!

A few days ago Dav stayed on cam with me because I was having a hard time keying down enough to rest.

His headphones broke a few days before so any sound I made was basically out loud in his room. It was like 4am for him. He lives with Matt in the next room so we’re always careful to keep our voices down.

There had been something at the end of my bed for about twenty five minutes scratching at the floor and my covers. The sound was just annoying. It was like the sound was scratching at my mental walls. I tried to ignore it, and maybe that wound make it quit.

Things were quiet on the call between us because we were both tired. I felt it build up in my chest ; I was so fucking tired of this shit. I forgot I was on the call and ended up yelling at it to fucking stop and throwing my pillows at the end of my bed.

I woke up his roommate at 4am.

I’m still shit for it. I feel so shitty. I’m so scared to sleep near anyone. Pretty sure I woke up Tammy because I heard her come out into the living room and listen at my door.

I fucking hate this.