twenty five days of favorite characters

Harry-- Boo

The sound of his daughter laughing was Harry’s favorite sound in the world.  He had recordings of her giggling on his phone so he could listen to them when he was away on tour or doing promo.  It was infectious and filled him with a warmth he couldn’t describe and that he had never experienced before she came into his world and turned everything upside down in the best way possible.

These days she was a vivacious two, nearly three, year old who grown into the sweetest little girl who had strong opinions about everything from what she ate to the books that she read.  Right now, her favorite movie, and what currently had her belly laughing, was Monsters Inc.  She knew every character, every line, and so did Harry and his wife after watching it with her twenty-five thousand times a week.

“Mike Wazowski!” she yelled from her spot in front of the TV while Harry and his wife got lunch ready.  Harry could see her through the opening in the door, cuddled in the middle of a pile of pillows, thoroughly entranced even though she had seen it so many times before.

Harry looked over at his wife, the reason he was home, and the reason his daughter had been watching more movies than usual.  They had spent the morning at the doctor’s having a scan done on her very swollen, 7 month pregnant belly.  Baby and mama were both healthy, but she had been so tired this pregnancy that she was struggling to keep up with the house and their daugher.  “Have you thought of a Halloween costume yet?” Harry asked gently.

She sighed and shook her head, glancing over at the calendar that already read September.  “Not even for a moment,” she confessed.  “I’m just trying to get through the day, every day.” 

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30 day drawing challenge

day one: victorian era people, but PUNK/EMO/GOTH victorian era people.
day two: dogs with top hats and monocles
day three: your favorite character as a dinosaur
day four: make a comic that explains what your current situation is, using an anime art style
day five: draw yourself as a high school stereotype
day six: come up with, or think of a terrible pun, and then draw it
day seven: draw a beautiful scenery, and then redraw it post apocalypse
day eight: draw a being (ghost, creepypasta, zombie, etc.) that scares u the most, with groucho glasses on
day nine: recast your favorite movie with animals
day ten: draw yourself as a grumpy old person
day eleven: create your own fourth of july fireworks, and make sure to include at least one dick
day twelve: draw your favorite character wearing 80’s disco clothing
day thirteen: create an original character that fits the name “bob”
day fourteen: draw yourself as your pet, and your pet as yourself
day fifteen: draw what you think a weeaboo looks like
day sixteen: design a pair of shoes, then have someone looking at them going “WHAT ARE THOOOOSE??”
day seventeen: draw yourself in your favorite video game/movie/book
day eighteen: create an anime and name it
day nineteen: create your own rare pepe
day twenty: reuse old meme faces and make a comic with them (the trick is you have to draw those faces)
day twenty-one: two favorite characters reenacting the “you stupid,” “no i nah,” “what’s nine plus ten?” “twenty-one” vine
day twenty-two: draw your least favorite food as a monster
day twenty-three: draw your family in the same style a little kid would
day twenty-four: draw yourself in the style of an animal crossing (animal) villager
day twenty-five: draw yourself as either a grunge/punk, or a preppy/rich kid from the nineties
day twenty-six: draw a cake that says “i’m sorry for….” and put ur reasons
day twenty-seven: draw some people in vintage clothing (50’s era)
day twenty-eight: draw yourself as the lead singer of your favorite band
day twenty-nine: draw Death as a child
day thirty: draw all of your favorite characters having a sleepover

FFXV 30 Day Challenge

Day One: Your favorite character

Day Two: Your least favorite character

Day Three: If you could pick one place to camp at on the world map, WHERE would it be? And WHO would it be with?

Day Four: How do you customize the Regalia to look? 

Day Five: Chocobros or Kingsglaive?

Day Six: Your favorite cut scene

Day Seven: Do you have an FFXV OC? If so, today’s the day to highlight on them!

Day Eight: Your favorite summon

Day Nine: Younger or Older Chocobros?

Day Ten:Your favorite recipeh

Day Eleven: If you could have any of the side characters join your squad, who would you chose?

Day Twelve: Your favorite fanfiction - show the author some love

Day Thirteen: How many hours you have on your main file

Day Fourteen: Your thoughts on the second half of the game

Day Fifteen: Your favorite city in the game

Day Sixteen: Your favorite side quest

Day Seventeen: The best photo Prompto took in your playthrough

Day Eighteen: Chose one Chocobro to go hunting with. What’s it like?

Day Nineteen: Elemancy or Nah, bruh

Day Twenty: Your favorite fan art - show the artists some love

Day Twenty-One: Your favorite gif

Day Twenty-Two: Chose another day’s topic to add more to

Day Twenty-Three: Swords, Guns, Polearms, or Daggers?

Day Twenty-Four: What REALLY happens after the ending?

Day Twenty-Five: Your favorite outfit

Day Twenty-Six: Your favorite beast/monster/daemon

Day Twenty-Seven: Pick a character to have their own spin off game

Day Twenty-Eight: Your favorite female character

Day Twenty-Nine: The best boss fight

Day Thirty:  Your favorite thing about the game

NINJAVEMBER, annual RC9GN fandom month-long event.

Inspired by the Danny Phantom phandom’s annual, month-long theme-a-day event called, “Phanniemay,” created by thickerthanectoplasm, I am making an RC9GN equivalent! Phanniemay was conceived in 2013 and lasts during the month of May. There’s a second calendar for 2014 and as far as I know one more will be made for every year, which is what I plan to do with Ninjavember ‘14 and onward. Now, just because it’s officially happening in November doesn’t mean you can’t fill it out anytime you want after it’s 'over,’ you don’t even have to do all of them. You can use any medium you want–fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, cosplaying, anything whatsoever as long as it’s you expressing your love for RC9GN. I picked November instead of October–as I am posting this on the 23rd of September–to give you guys (and myself) time to prepare.

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SaveWOY - Trending Twenty-Seventh: August

We are a week away from the 27th of August so now is the time to start drafting your monthly SaveWOY posts! Remember we did this last month on the 27th too? We got Wander Over Yonder trending on Tumblr for the following day!

Last month the subject was “What do you like about the show?” This month’s subject is about your favorite character! So make a post all about your favorite WOY character. It could be one of the main five or even a minor character. Feel free to add fanart of said character or screenshots from the show. Tell us why you like that character, maybe list some of your favorite quotes from your character, best moments, favorite screenshots, etc.

Make sure you add both ‘Wander Over Yonder’ and ‘SaveWOY’ into the tags and then tag @disneyxd in the comments.

This is very important! Schedule your posts for August 27th, 8pm EDT. Use a time zone converter to convert that into your own timezone (that might be the 28th for some of you, like for me it would be the 28th August, 1am since BST is ahead of EDT by 5 hours)

Let’s see if we can get Wander Over Yonder trending again this month and show Disney that the fans are still waiting on that third season! I’ll be re-blogging this every couple of days as a reminder to set up those posts! Thank you!

30 days of KBR
  • day one - underappreciated relationship
  • day two - gillow (a quote, a scene)
  • day three - throwback coballoway
  • day four - color edit (pick a color and stick with it for your graphic)
  • day five - favorite aerial ethereal relationships
  • day six - first generation (headcanon, a couple, whatever you want with greg/sam/jo)
  • day seven - a scene that made you cry
  • day eight - favourite holiday
  • day nine - a girl power/feminist moment
  • day ten - favourite Kotova siblings dynamic
  • day eleven - social media au
  • day twelve - a romantic crack(friend)ship
  • day thirteen - an underappreciated lily/daisy/rose/thora scene or line
  • day fourteen - favourite book title
  • day fifteen - an original fancast (underrated model/actor, genderswap or POC)
  • day sixteen - a scene that made you laugh/smile
  • day seventeen - favourite growth of a character
  • day eighteen - five songs minimum playlist (about a character or a ship)
  • day nineteen - favourite aerial ethereal character
  • day twenty - favourite foreign language quote
  • day twenty one - favorite minor character
  • day twenty two - favorite opening sentence/paragraph
  • day twenty three - favorite kissing scene
  • day twenty four - a Shakespeare quote
  • day twenty five - a headcanon
  • day twenty six - (throwback) sam x poppy
  • day twenty seven - favourite themed holiday (christmas, halloween, valentine’s day)
  • day twenty eight - one theme song  (for anything: character/ship/book/scene)
  • day twenty nine - alternate universe
  • day thirty - throwback lilo
  • day thirty one - a bonus/extra scene by KBR

Don’t forget to tag your edit with 30KBR in the first five tags so we can all track these wonderful edits of yours! 

PS: those are ideas @cobaltrose and i came up with but don’t hesitate to change a day if you feel like it & just have fun and be creative!

ashtenpassion  asked:

My current special interest is Pokemon and this weekend I went to Little Tokyo and got two Pokemon colouring books with my favorite characters and then the next day I went to a yard sale and they were selling Pokemon cards and I got like four Pokemon cards of my favorite characters and basically I caught like four autisms per colouring book and five autisms per Pokemon card which totals up to twenty-eight autisms

anything pokemon related causes autism

collecting a pokemon card? that’s an autism

buying a game? that’s an autism

getting a pokemon plush? that’s an autism

thinking about pokemon? you better believe that’s an autism

There hasn’t been a Nancy Drew challenge in the fandom since before SPY came out, so I figured it was time we had another one. Because I love fashion so much, I thought it would be fun to have a challenge that involves fashion.

This challenge is as follows: On each day, you will create an outfit on Polyvore inspired by the categories listed below. Day One’s category is your favorite game overall. Since my favorite game is Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, I would post an outfit inspired by TRN on that day.

There is no set start day for this challenge. You can begin whenever you like and go at your own pace. I know many of you are busy with schoolwork and other obligations, so I want this to be as easy and pain free for you as it can be.

Outfit Inspired by …

Day One. Your Favorite Game Overall

Day Two. Your Favorite Game from 1-10

Day Three. Your Favorite Game from 11-21

Day Four. Your Favorite Game from 22-31

Day Five. Your Favorite Game that Takes Place in a Foreign Country

Day Six. Your Favorite Game that Takes Place in the US

Day Seven. The Game with Your Favorite Box Art

Day Eight. The Game You Think is the Hardest

Day Nine. The Game You Think is the Easiest

Day Ten. The Game You Think is the Spookiest/Scariest

Day Eleven. The Game with Your Favorite Soundtrack

Day Twelve. The Game with Your Favorite Puzzles

Day Thirteen. Your Favorite Indoor Location

Day Fourteen. Your Favorite Hidden Location

Day Fifteen. Your Favorite Outdoor Location

Day Sixteen. The Game with Your Favorite Cast of Characters

Day Seventeen. Your Favorite Main Character (Nancy, Bess, George, Ned, Frank, Joe)

Day Eighteen. The First Game You Played

Day Nineteen. The Most Recent Game You Played

Day Twenty. The Game You Are Currently Playing

Day Twenty-One. Your Favorite Historical Backstory

Day Twenty-Two. The Game You Think is Underrated

Day Twenty-Three. Your Least Favorite Game

Day Twenty-Four. The Game You’re Planning on Playing Next

Day Twenty-Five. Your Favorite Thing About Nancy

Tag your outfits with #25NDOutfits so I can be sure to see them. I can’t wait to see your outfit creations and hear about your thoughts about the games!