twenty dollars in my pocket

how many utterly ridiculous lines Avi Kaplan has uttered that can and will make me swoon and/or die and/or giggle featuring hits like:

  • girl, it’s been a long time coming, but i just have to say, “i love you baby” whoa-oa-yeah
  • I’m gonna pop some tags only got twenty dollars in my pocket. i-i-i’m huntin’ lookin’ for a come up. this is freaking AWESOME.
  • [stop!] shake your body down to the groooound
  • yeah it’s pretty clear i ain’t no size two, but i can shake it-shake it like i’m supposed to do 
  • television (whu-whu) rules rules the nations, oh yeah
  • let’s get it on, baby
  • *in german* i love you
  • be careful, it’s treacherous
  • call me maybe
  • ‘cause i got that boom-boom that all the girls chase and all the right junk in all the right places
  • [tells crowd to imagine a LOTR fight scene before singing an epic song because he always has to bring up LOTR] are you guys ready to go to middle earth ‘cause i sure am. 
  • DUMDUMDUM (x500)
  • i wear your grandad’s clothes. i look incredible. i’m in this big old coat from that thrift shop down the road.
  • ref, play it back! 
  • ‘cause you know i’m all about that bass.
  • *french accent* chesebeeergeeerrr
  • you’re my little pusher love girl
  • hi it’s just me avi.
  • i love my love, and well she knows, i love the ground whereon she goes
  • *dressed up as the cowardly lion* i can’t be tamed. i can’t be tamed. I CAN NOT be tamed
  • *casually singing some german opera like*  HEEEY DIGGLE DIE DIGGLE LOOOOOWWW-OOOOOH-OOOOOH *camera mic freaks out*
  • hey scotty, where’d you get that shirt?
  • time to let me UPGRADE YA.
  • far over the misty mountains cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old.
  • drop the BEAT
  • it’s my hips… there’s no lies… there are no deceits… i always tell the truth when it comes to my hips.
  • [emphatically] dragons. barbeque. and basses.
  • [tells people to stop saying dragons aren’t real, is willing to fight about it]
  • three is you and you and i (ONE)
  • it just so happens every single dwarf in that posse is a super-low bass. i don’t know where i was in middle earth at that time, but i’m sad that i wasn’t there.
  • AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH AAAAAAAAAAHHHH (guess which sing that is)
  • dirty diana whoa-oh-yeah
  • HI! *everyone cracks up ruining the shot* i’m very sad
  • imma teach you how to love, imma teach you. imma teach teach you how to LAAAAAHVE.
  • girl tell me how ya FEEL.
  • *very enthusiastically* we’re seeing a castle today!!!!
  • castles are my favorite things. besides dragons… and low notes
  • NANANA  (x500)
  • my body’s too bootylicious for ya, babe 
  • ooH-ho-ho NO!
  • we’re not gonna live. any other wAY.
  • *jazz scats summertime*
  • if i were the king of the FOREEEEEST! (not queen, not duke, not prince)
  • bLACK is the COLOR of my truuu-u-u-uuu-e love’s hair.
  • *to mitch* SHUT UP FOO’!
  • And! …Don’t forget to subscribe. (*^.^*)
  • [lucky charms, they’re] mAGICALLY DELICIOUS
  • *hums with low-tuned cello*
  • *looks up song lyrics on his phone* lyrics. for the bass.
  • *blows out speakers and gets chased around stage*


I’m With Him

Nalu Fluff Week 2016
‘I’m With Him’
Prompt:  AU ~ Fake Dating AU
rating:  t - cuss words  0.0
word count:  1360

As a reward for the hours she’d spent studying, Lucy decided she’d earned a few late night snacks.  This was why  she’d gone out to the local 24-hour corner store, to pick up more fuel.  She needed a few other necessities anyway.  The walk there and back would clear her head and burn a few of the calories she was going to consume.

It was a store that she was long familiar with, but had never actually been out to so late on a week night.  Lucy waved to one of the cashiers, a tall dark haired young man around her age that she’d never seen crack a smile.  He was attractive in a brooding sort of way she thought.  Efficient at bagging her groceries and brief with the small talk; that was all she needed from him anyway.

Despite the late hour, there were many other shoppers in the store.  Some were pushing carts and some like her carried baskets.  In the middle of the junk food aisle stood a young man wearing ear buds.  He wore a shocking pink hoodie that matched his hair and what Lucy considered sinfully fitted jeans.  Right now, he was crouching down to survey the selection of chips on the bottom tier of the display.

Bemused, Lucy watched the boy shop.  He sniffed the packages, shook them and then took what she presumed was the bag that smelled the best.  Curiosity ignited, she followed him up and down every aisle.  She shook her head at his more outrageous behaviour and grinned to herself.  He never noticed the blonde girl keeping pace as he did his shopping and sang along with his music.

Lucy almost lost her composure when he frowned and made faces at the jars of pickles.  She had to detour down the feminine product aisle but found him again by the sounds of his growling stomach.  He was squeezing the bread and talking to it.  Part of her wanted to tell him to stop fondling the carbohydrates in such a lewd manner.  But the voyeur in her needed to know what he was going to do next.

Lucy swore to herself she was just taking her sociology class to heart, observing this unique individual.  It didn’t hurt that he was nicely constructed.  Yes, very nicely; wide shoulders, slim hips and an ass that she wanted to pinch.

Into his cart he threw in a handful of chocolate bars.  Weird, he didn’t stop to think and compare like he had with the other products.  Lucy made her own careful selection, treating herself to a luxury brand chocolate bar.

Lucy was so confident that the boy was absorbed in his shopping she followed closer.  She passed in front of him to grab her product choice and then fell back to keep apprised of his actions.  All without him leering at her or trying some lame pick-up line.

Lucy checked her wallet.  She’d run out of the house she shared with three other students with only a twenty dollar bill in cash.  Oh well, if her impulse purchases ran over her limit, she could always use her debit card.  The boy she’d dubbed in her head as 'Fire Boy’ (he had picked out three different kinds of hot sauce - who does that?) was now heading to the checkout lanes.

No way was she going to lose sight of him now!  Lucy queued in line behind the cute boy.

He tossed the contents of his cart on the conveyor and removed his ear buds, letting them dangle free.

The taciturn cashier greeted the pink haired boy with a casual, “Yo.”

“Hey Gray.  Ring this up quick, I gotta start studying.  Oh yeah, gimme your discount too.”

“Natsu, you can ask me nicely.”

Lucy rolled the sound of Fire Boy’s actual name in her mouth, Natsu.  Nice, but not as nice as he smelled - a bit like sandalwood and campfire.  An odd mix, but addicting.  He’d said he needed to get back to studying.  Natsu must be enrolled at her college.  If she was lucky, she’d run into him around campus.  Right now though, she wanted to pay for her stuff and get home so she could study more.

“Why?”  Natsu rolled up his sleeves and crossed his arms.

Lucy cancelled her idea that things should hurry up.  Natsu’s forearms were sleekly muscled.  The more she saw, the more delicious this piece of eye-candy was becoming.

“Listen Flame Brain, management has been cracking down on stuff like this.  I gotta toe the line, understand?”

“Ugh!  I just want my stuff!”

Lucy plastered a fake smile on her face as the two men argued.

“You know what?  This is the express lane.  You’ve got too many items.”  Gray glared at Natsu.  "Get rid of,“ he waved at the product littering the conveyor, "half of this or go to the regular check-out line.”

“But I need all this!”  Natsu wheedled his erstwhile friend.  "C'mon, who cares if there’s a few things over twelve?“

"I don’t, but my manager does.  Choose, what do you want?”

“Fine!”  Natsu looked over at the other line, now four people deep with giant carts of purchases.  He turned back and finally noticed the pretty blonde girl behind him in line.  Natsu whipped his head back to the cashier and then to Lucy, letting a wide grin spread over his face.  Without speaking he moved the divider separating her few items with his, placing it so that he had twelve only.

“Great, I’ll be buying what I’m allowed, and my beautiful girlfriend will buy my surplus items.”

Gray sighed and began running the things over the scanner.  "Since when?“

Lucy opened her mouth to disagree, but the hopeful look on her 'boy friend’ was making her knees melt.  He had the most amazing deep dark eyes.

Natsu whipped his head back around to berate Gray.  "She’s always been beautiful!”

Gray rolled his eyes.  "I meant since when did you hook up with this chick?  Why haven’t you told me about her?“

Irritated with Gray’s tone and enamoured with Natsu’s previous sweet words, Lucy felt exposing Natsu’s  lie would be petty and beneath her.  What he said next cemented her decision.

"Hey, you’re talking about a lady.  Quit it with calling girls 'chicks.’  Chillax ice princess.”

Gray scanned the last item and tossed it in a bag.  "I’ll give you the discount if you stop calling me ice princess.  That’ll be $18.24.“

Natsu gave him a twenty dollar bill and shoved his change into a pocket.  "And my girlfriend gets the discount too, or I’ll tell her all your other nicknames.”

“Ugh.  Fine!”  Gray snapped.  Lucy’s and Natsu’s items jumbled together as he ran them over the scanner and bagged them.  "I don’t know what you see in this dork, but your total is $34.87.“

Lips in a firm line, Lucy fished out her debit card.  Her 'boyfriend’ had better pay her back.  Finishing the transaction she made to take the bags of groceries.  Natsu was already carrying them, his friendly grin putting Lucy at ease.

"I got this.”  He angled his head with another sinful grin at Lucy.  "Lead the way.“

"All right.”  Lucy nodded and after stashing her card in her purse, she zipped it shut.  Outside of the corner store she loitered under one of the street lights.  "Um, can we separate our groceries now?“

"Let me carry them to your place, it’s the least I can do after all.”  He shifted the bags to one hand and thrust out his other at Lucy.  "Let me introduce myself -“

"Your name is Natsu, I overheard you talking with Gray.”  Lucy let his hand envelope hers, it was warm and callused.  "I’m Lucy.“

Natsu winked at Lucy after shaking her hand.  "Naw, I’m thinking 'girlfriend’ suits you better.”


“I don’t let just anyone buy my groceries.”

“I need you to pay me back!”

“Tch, looks like I picked a stingy woman.”

“I am NOT stingy!”

“Oh, so you are my girlfriend then.”

“Just walk me home.”

Natsu grinned and strode beside Lucy, thanking his lucky stars his friend Gray was sometimes a douche.


fan graphics challenge
 friendships] – walt longmire & henry standing bear, longmire

“How much is your friend’s life worth to you, Sheriff?”
“Well, I’ve got twenty dollars in my pocket…”

why is lube always right there in fanfics
i want a fic where there’s no lube and the characters are just like fuck we needa go to walgreens put ur dick away

Your wish is my command! *does a fairy godmother spin*

Rating: MATURE HAHAHA (Top Chilled - srry)


Hands, that was one thing Chilled loved to use to his advantage, and he knew just the right thing to do and when. Squeeze my butt here, tug at my hair there, scratch down my back, he was great with his hands. 

Right now his hands were at my wrists, pressing them up against his kitchen wall. It was one of the times I decided to make a secret random trip to New York to see him, scheduling videos so it made it seem I was still in California. We were sneaky, I must admit, and I guess that sort of added to the fun? Like this was something we weren’t supposed to be doing and the risk of getting caught was right there and we were just teetering on the edge. But we loved it.

“I’m so glad your here,” Chilled pants into my ear, grinding up against me as he does so making me take in a sharp breath and gripping my nails into his shoulders.  "God, you’re so hot.“

"A-Anthony,” I gasp out as one of his hands wonders down to grip the growing issue in my jeans, making me buck against his hands. A rough laugh comes from him as he leaves kisses crossed my jaw line, just at the edge of my beard. “I need you.”

He stays silent for a bit but puts more pressure on me with his hand and nibbles at my ear, making me putty in his hands, untimately he notices and taking this time to flip me around so my front was now pressed against the wall. As I pant I can feel my hot breath reflect off the wall and back into my face making me even hotter than I was before. 

“You stay here, I’ll go get the lube and a condom,” He mumbles, leaving a few kisses on my neck before I can hear his footsteps go up the stairs, letting my relax a bit, leaving my head on my arm as I wait. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I can hear the muffled words come from upstairs, making me raise an eyebrow. “We had it yesterday, there’s no way we already lost it.”

Oh no. I hear a grumble as footsteps descend down the stairs, looking over my shoulder I’m met with a disappointing, slightly annoyed Anthony. “Do you know where the lube it? I can’t find it.”

I think about it for a moment, flipping around so I was leaning against the wall now, before shaking my head no and frowning. 

He lets out a frustrated groan, spinning in a circle before turning back to me. “Put on your pants and your shirt, we have to go to Walgreens.”

I let out a noise of disapproval as I pull up my pants that were pulled around my ankles, trying to avoid the problem that had not disappeared in my underwear. Once I had zipped up my pants, looking over at Chilled, I can see he has the same problem as me going on. 

Quickly slipping on my red shirt that was thrown crossed the kitchen, Chilled grabs my hand, along with the keys to his Jeep, pulling me outside into the chilly fall air of New York. 

On the drive to Walgreens, which was only a few blocks away, I had to slap Anthony’s hand away a few times as they began to wonder to places we definitely didn’t need them at the moment, giving him a pointed look. “Just wait, you impatient fuck,” I roll my eyes, smirking at him. 

“Sorry, you’re just soooo irresistible!” He cues, throwing a grin at me, making me try to hold back a smile as I shake my head. He carefully leans over, keeping his eyes on the road but just enough to be able to whisper in my ear. “Seriously though, I can’t wait to fuck you when we get home.”

I can feel my cheeks turn a shade of pink as my eyes flick over to Anthony who leans back into his seat with a smug smirk. “Oh look, we’re here!” He exclaims, pulling into a parking spot. 

“Do I have to come in too?” I frown, shifting uncomfortably at the awkward thought of going in there together, buying lube, with obvious boners. 

“Duh, you can’t let me do this alone, that or we can just wait for another time,” He sings as he steps out of the cars, making me sigh and slowly but surely exit the car as well. 

“Knew you couldn’t resist,” He teased, grabbing my hand proudly as we walked through the doors. Chilled was a lot more open in public about our relationship, which surprised me. You would think he wouldn’t be one to flaunt a relationship, much rather a gay one, and one that we were trying to hide, but he loved holding my hand in public and giving me sweet little pecks on the lips when we were out getting coffee. It makes me wonder what it would be like if we were out completely as a couple, to subscribers and friends, the thought scares me a bit, the reactions and all, but I feel like being with Anthony would be worth it, ya know?

As Chilled drags me through countless amounts of aisles, getting distracted by Halloween candy that was beginning to pop up for the upcoming holiday, finally we found the aisle that we needed, along with Anthony grabbing a few bags of random chocolate and such. 

“Oooh, Ze, look, maple syrup flavored condoms,” Anthony wiggles his eyebrows, raising the box up, making me scrunch my face in disgust. 

“Just hurry up and grab the lube, loser,” I rolled my eyes, smirking. 

“And you say I’m the impatient one,” He mumbles as he picks out a regular bottle of lube and throwing it into the cart before heading to the check out desk where we loaded up our stuff onto the table for the lady to scan, she looked quite nice, early twenties, brown hair in a long braid. 

“Quite a lot of candy you’ve got here? Preparing for Halloween or just pigging out?” She smiles, looking between the two of us. 

“He’s going to pig out, for sure, I’ll try to save some for Trick or Treaters, but the chances are very slim,” I chuckle, throwing a thumb Anthony’s way. 

She chuckles a bit as Anthony pouts looking at me. Soon she reaches the last thing we had put on the table, the lube, when she sees it she doesn’t say anything but looks between the both of us and laughs slightly before scanning it and plopping it into the bag. “Your total is 13.54.”

Anthony quickly whips out a twenty dollar bill before I can even reach for my pockets. Getting change back and grabbing our bag, we wave, telling her to have a nice day. 

“Have fun, boys, Happy Halloween,” She sends us a wink as we walk out the door. 

Once in the car, I lean my head back sighing. “Let’s never forget lube again.”



Author: @peetabreadgirl

Rating: T

A/N: I had this ready for the Everlark Games in case I made it through. I didn’t! :) But with a few tweaks it fits perfectly here. Thanks to @xerxia31​ and @burkygirl​ for the help and encouragement, and to @papofglencoe​ for the inspiration during our interview. Hope I made you proud! Lol.


I scan the shelves for the box I need. The one my roommate, Johanna, said was most reliable – light purple with a splash of pink across the top. My eyes hurt from how quickly they widen in horror at the cost. Twenty dollars? That’s all the cash I have in my pocket, and there’s even less in my bank account until payday. God, I hope this test is negative. I knew babies were expensive, but I didn’t think it started at conception. It’s been two months and I’m never late, so the chances are low that it won’t be positive, and my gut is twisting in what I hope is just nerves rather than morning sickness.

The girl behind the counter looks too friendly, like her life’s goal is to memorize the names and addresses of everyone she meets and send them birthday cards every year. I keep my head down during the payment process, hoping she doesn’t notice or care about what I’m buying. But tonight is just not my night.

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London’s Burning - in the house of Wicked + Divine #23

I finally got around to watching the first episode of Mariah’s World which is just reality television art house. She wants you to know how incredibly crafted it all is and how much she hates the idea of doing a “documentary” her words - but that this would be something she’s happy with. The show begins with her alter ego Bianca Storm who some us us may remember from her Heartbreaker video (hey do you remember when Jerry O’Connell was a thing). Bianca details her tangled history with Mariah complete with a flashback to the Making the Video on MTV as if we forgot. The whole thing is engineered with an inch of its life but it doesn’t take away from the entertainment of instances where for reasons entirely unknown Mariah swings off a yacht into waters clearly meant for a certain tax bracket. Mariah is wearing her jewelry and sunglasses with her most likely one of a kind dress and makeup that took at least an hour to apply and in a moment of seeming impulse she hops off the boat.

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Mariah appears in nothing less than immaculate clothes and heels. Her standard is casual evening wear that looks best when she is draping herself on a chaise lounge. She makes her team come to here home to plan out the details of her new tour. A man runs through her songs on a laptop while she barely props herself up on said chaise lounge in a formal gown. She was probably wearing jewels too. Her dancers, all very attractive and muscular fellas, rehearse and run through numbers in some kind of den space with a marble floor that has a billiards table in the way. She bemoans the the diva life and needing people to help her put on her shoes because Oprah said that is nothing you should have in your life. Instead it takes four assistants to hold her up and get her buckled into her off duty dominatrix stilettos.

All of this diva construction and packaged presentation of the pop star image reminded me I never really did get around to running through issue 23 of The Wicked + The Divine which had been rattling in my bones and nearly splintering me as I waited in anticipation. I had been screeching about this issue since we first saw that Morrigan cover by Kevin Wada and he tossed her in a Givenchy/early 90s Thierry Mugler bodysuit. About a minute after I saw that cover I swore at Kevin because I knew I was going to have to find a way to create this for a cosplay with my negative sewing skills and like twenty dollars in my pocket.

When the teaser images arrived and the spare excerpts came I tweeted to Kevin I was going to have to recap the issue in only Paris is Burning gifs because I don’t know how else to sum up the drama and eleganza which was in store.

Though after reading it, really that wouldn’t be enough to dig into what a departure of form 23 was.

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marigabriellee  asked:

Hello~ I'm a new follower and I absolutely love your scenarios! I can't wait for more to come soon<3 Could you write a scenario where you come home late from being out with the girls and being a little tipsy while a furious Sehun awaits you when you come home~

Uh Oh… ~Sehun~

Thank you for loving my scenarios, hope you love this one as well!

“Walk up to the club like what up, I got a big-“

“________! Be quiet back there, will you?” Your friend Iris snapped as she tried to drive. You spent a long night out with the girls tonight, and maybe you had one too many drinks.

But you didn’t care. You continued singing like there was no tomorrow in your drunken state. “Ice on the fringe, it’s so damn frosty. The people like damn, that’s a-“

“Oh my goodness, Lily, Clara, can you make her be quiet back there? She’s distracting my driving.”

Lily chuckled and grabbed you by the shoulders, shaking you ferociously. “______, calm down,” she said. “If you don’t act somewhat sober when you get home, Sehun is going to kill you.”


“_______, shut up!” Iris snapped once she got to a red light. She turned around in her driver’s seat and pointed a wary finger at Clara. “I blame you for not watching her carefully at the club.”

Clara frowned. “But I was talking to somebody,” she said. “______ was fine one second, but she just kinda started jumping all over the place the next.”

“It’s okay,” Lily assured the both of you. “She’s winding down a bit now. She’ll go from drunk to tipsy by the time we reach her house.”

You let out a yawn and rested your head against Lily’s shoulder. “Where are we going?” you asked dreamily.

“Home,” Lily replied. “Your home. We’re dropping you off.”

“You’re leaving me by myself? That not what friends do!” You pouted.

“Don’t worry, Sehun is probably already waiting for you,” said Clara. “You better hope he’s asleep.”

“Sehun,” you said the name and giggled. “You know what rhymes with Sehun? Sexy.”

Clara furrowed her eyebrows. “I don’t hear where the rhyming takes place, but whatever you say.”




Carefully, you walked up to the front door of your house and unlocked the door, opening it and then stumbling in.

You waved your friends goodbye and then closed the door behind you.

You still felt kind of funny. You were tipsy now.

The lights in the room were off, so you struggled for a little bit trying to find the light switch in the dark. When you finally found it, you flicked it and nearly jumped out of your skin when you saw Sehun sitting on the sofa. “Oh!” you exclaimed and leaned against the wall. “Oh silly Sehun, you scared me.” You giggled and kicked your shoes off. “Scaring people isn’t nice, no.”

Sehun had his arms crossed and was staring at you with a very furious expression. He had been aware that you were spending the day with your friends, but he didn’t know that you would get drunk or come home this late.

“Are you drunk?” he asked as he stood up and approached you.

Your eyes widened and you shook your head. “No! No! Why would you accuse me of such a thing?” You knitted your eyebrows and stepped closer to Sehun. “Wow, the lighting in here makes you look really pretty.”

Sehun sighed impatiently and threw his arms up. “I told you not to go out and get drunk!” he snapped. “I’ve been sitting here for the last couple of hours worrying over you.”

“Awh, you’re so sweet and caring. I love you, Sehun.”

“Oh my goodness,” he mumbled and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you towards the stairs. “You need some rest.”

“But I want to play!”

“You’re not playing anything. You’ve had enough fun for today.”

“But Sehun,” you whined and threw your head back as you reached the top of the stairs. “Sehun, resting is boring.”

Sehun exhaled a breath and looked deep into your eyes. He couldn’t believe you went against his warnings and went out getting yourself drunk like that. He was worried sick for the past couple of hours because you weren’t answering your phone at all and you didn’t show up.

“_______, just listen to me,” he said. “You need to lay down. I will definitely scold you in the morning, but right now you need rest.”

“Resting is for losers.”

“______!” He twisted the knob on the bedroom door and then carefully placed you on top of the bed. You squirmed and tried to get up, but Sehun held you down and eventually managed to get you under the blankets. He stepped away and held his hands out. “Don’t move,” he ordered and ran downstairs.

You waited under the blanket for a little while and Sehun soon returned with a large cup of water. He told you to sit up and then handed over the cup to you.

You frowned. “But I want juice,” you argued.

“You can’t have juice. Water is the only thing that could possibly sober you up in the slightest way right now.”

“But water is so basic.”

“_______,” he groaned. “Just drink it.”

You sighed and then drank up the entire cup. When you were done, you felt a little dizzy, so you laid down on the bed and Sehun took the cup away from you.

Slowly, your eyes began to close and you drifted off into a deep sleep. Sehun smiled faintly at your sleepy state and leaned down to kiss your cheek. “Oh my poor jagiyah. Never listens to me,” he mumbled. “But I still love you.”




The next morning, you were completely in for it.

You woke up with the worst hangover in the world. It took you a long time to even get downstairs.

And once you reached the kitchen, you saw Sehun waiting with a small smile. “Sleep well?” he asked.

“No.” You sat down across from him on the table and laid your head down. “My head is killing me.”

“I told you so.”

“Please don’t,”

“You never listen to me whenever I warn you about getting drunk. You didn’t even bother to tell me that you were out clubbing in the first place!”
“I’m sorry,” you muttered and rubbed your forehead. “I promise I won’t ever do it again. Please don’t be mad at me, Sehunnie.” You pouted.

Sehun sighed and got up from the table. “Let me get you some Aspirin,” he said.

You smiled, grateful that he was still taking care of you, even though he was still a bit furious. “I love you, Sehun,” you said.

“You’re lucky I love you too or else I wouldn’t be doing any of this.” He smiled faintly and pecked your lips.

Your boyfriend may have been really annoyingly worried for a majority of the time when you were out, but at the end of the day, he was truly the best boyfriend ever.

Matt Imagine/Blurb: Sexy Singing & More Crumbs

I will take requests this one I just kind of wanted to write because I thought it would be so cute.


Imagine: Matt finds out you can sing

You were lying on your bed watching TV in your now empty apartment just to pass the time. Matt, your boyfriend, was usually here but he was meeting up with the guys at the moment so you had the place to yourself.

You were watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S because that show was hilarious. Normal people ate popcorn while watching TV but you felt that if you were going to get out some buttery goodness might as well bring the entire fridge with you as well. You had a large bag of potato chips, popcorn, pop tarts, ritz crackers, m&m’s, and you even busted out the ice cream. Of course you ate the ice cream first because you didn’t want it to melt. So that was gone…

But you were content with your small feast and your TV show and that was all that mattered.

You checked the time and saw that it was 10:23 PM.

“I should probably get a shower and clean all of this crap up before Matt gets back,” You mutter to yourself. You felt no motivation to get up so it took a little coaxing.

“Come on Y/N get up!” you shouted at yourself, which seemed pretty pointless but psychologically it was going to work for you eventually.

“I’m going to count to three,” You threaten yourself, mentally rolling your eyes at how stupid you sound.

“Alright I’m going to get up just so I’ll shut up!” You shout to yourself. “I need to be checked into an insane asylum,” You groan as you stand up stretching out your limbs.

You picked up the trash on the bed and threw it all away and then you brought out the small vacuum and sucked up all of the crumbs. Once you were finished you let the TV continue to run while you took your shower because it comforted you.

You walked into the en suite bathroom that you and Matt shared and shut the door. You looked at yourself in the mirror and made weird faces.

“UGH!” you groan. You weren’t mad or anything you just had a tendency to utter random things at random moments in time and this happened to be one of them. You walked over to the shower and pulled back the curtain. Yes, it was one of those old showers that had a curtain instead of a door.

You turned on the water and began to remove your clothing as the water temperature got warmer.

You stepped into the shower after you were comfortable with the temperature and relaxed under the small shower droplets hitting your skin. You let the water hit your face and soak your hair.

You didn’t normally take long when you showered. You just took long showers when you were too lazy to move once you were in, you got distracted, or you started singing and became obsessed with the echo effect the shower provided. 

For this situation it was all three. You began to sing a rendition of Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that was more 60’s and swingy. You had seen Ariana Grande sing it on Jimmy Fallon and became immediately obsessed with how it sounded. You couldn’t really sing thrift shop any other way.

“Say, I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket, I-I-I huntin’ for a come up, this is……FREAKING….AWESOME -OH-Oh-oh-ohioh,” You sang out. You didn’t like to swear that much, well at least not when you’re belting the lyrics in an apartment where other people could possibly hear you. You blushed at the thought and decided to end your shower. You loved to sing but you had awful stage fright.

Matt and the guys had offered several times for you to come and join them on stage whenever the Magcon tour went on but you always declined and watched from backstage.

You stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around yourself. It seemed awfully quiet. You couldn’t figure out what it was. You listened as if the silence would tell you what was missing. You shook your head and walked out into your bedroom. No one was there. Weird.

The TV was off. Maybe Matt’s home?

You smiled at the thought. You quickly changed into your sweatpants and tank top before walking out of your room and into the small living area. You looked around but didn’t see any sign of Matt.

You walked into the kitchen to see a very familiar figure looking through the fridge. You smirked when you saw him. When he pulled his head out of the fridge and turned around you saw he had an apple in his mouth. You laughed at the sight and walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug.

“Hi,” You say quietly with a smile on your face.

“Y/N, where’s my kiss?” He pouts after he takes the apple out.

“You got your kiss,” You say pretending you don’t know what he’s talking about.

“You and I both know that, that was not a kiss,” He says firmly with way too much seriousness in his face that you couldn’t help but let your face contort into one of suppressing laughter.

“Okay fine,” You say giving in and standing on your tippy toes to reach Matt’s lips. You kiss him passionately and gently. He kisses back and wraps his arms around your waist while your arms hung loosely around his neck. You jump, wrapping your legs around his torso and his hands move to hold your a**. He sets you on the kitchen counter, not once breaking the kiss and stands between your legs.

“Oh, and by the way your singing is extremely sexy, you should do it more often,” He says against your lips. Your cheeks immediately turn beet red and your heart just sped up by about 10103 times. But Matt continued kissing you fully aware of your state.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Matt says giving you small neck kisses as you sit there still dumbstruck.

“What is that?” You ask but you seem distant.

“I love you,” He whispers into your ear then gives you a peck on the lips and walks to your bedroom with more food.

You just sat there for a while contemplating the previous events and how lucky you were before you got up and joined your wonderful boyfriend in your room with more food.

And more crumbs…


Okay I hope you guys liked it. Feel free to request stuff, I will try the best I can. I am still new to this so if I suck, well yeah. 

Much love

so the other day my dad was talking about The 100 with a friend of his, and he was explaining how everything on the Ark is rationed because they’ve been up there for so long and how everything is kind of old and he was like:

‘and the attention to detail is really good, even their clothes are patched and full of holes, you can tell they’re all wearing clothes inherited from their grandparents because of course there are no new clothes in space’

and ever since then all I’ve been able to think of is…