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You're not special. You're just a waste of space, everybody hates you you know?! Ugly fool. Wee twelvie thinking your hard walking around with near to no clothes on. You make me want to spew every time I lay my eyes on you

Did I say i was? And I’m sure you will find that not EVERYONE hates me. Don’t be so horrid. I’m not 12 and I’m pretty sure I wear the same amount of clothes as everyone else?? Keep your STUPID opinions to yourself.

  • *sitting on train listening to twelvie conversation*
  • girl:I am thinking of getting a tumblr
  • other girl:what is tumblr
  • girl:you post pictures of your clothes and pretty stuff and reblog other people's stuff
  • other girl:oh so it is like a hipster thing
  • girl:yeah it is super cool
  • me:*under breath* you are doing it so very wrong, children