Keep doing what you’re doing. Community’s fans are the most vocal, best looking, strongest, fastest, smartest, and sexually virile out of any fans in the history of television. Use your powers to keep the word out there and I feel we will get to a 6th season. I sure as hell want one.
—  Joel McHale on how to get Community to a sixth season (and a movie?) (i’m just posting because i’m blushing over the compliment) (the guy who’s more handsome than the guy who’s famous for being handsome thinks we’re good-looking) (blush) 
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Guile’s Theme Goes With Community.


Community’s Three-Year Joke: “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice” (VIDEO)


Jen Trolio

2 hours ago

Remember when Community’s Abed delivered a baby in the background of Season 2’s “The Psychology of Letting Go” and we (read: “the internet”) all went bonkers over it? Well, wait until you see this.

The following video includes clips from Season 1’s “Communication Studies,” Season 2’s “Cooperative Calligraphy,” and Season 3’s “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps.” Beyond that, all you need to know, if you’re not already familiar with the seminal 1988 comedy horror film Beetlejuice, is that if you say the titular ghoul’s name three times, he appears. Watch closely.

Dang, those guys are good.

Shelving this show is such a travesty.

First off, would someone please explain to me why, in the age of digital streaming, I have to pay late fees for the movies I rent. I’m a responsible person, I pay my taxes. Seriously, I’m not trying to be a dick about this. I really want to know. It seems to me that the only competitive advantage these rental stores have over the internet is face-to-face customer service. So why are you working so hard to make me not want to talk to you, just because I kept Dan in Real Life a couple extra days. There were a lot of special features, and I didn’t ask my daughter for a blu-ray player not to see them all. Oh, and by the way? What happened to the days when these rental jockeys would actually WATCH the movies they have, so they could give you recommendations instead of just standing there like “Duh doy, yeah, I guess there’s probably nudity in Dan in Real Life.” Well, guess what, Chelsea. THERE ISN’T. That Juliette Binoche though. Va-va-VA-va-VOOM. That’s one frozen pizza that gets MY oven going at 350 degrees. Anyway, hit me up on the comment side, unless you’re a hater. Or catch me on twitter at @leonard_GCC. And remember: see something, say something.

Hulu’s Best Comedies of 2011


2-Parks and Recreation


4-Modern Family

5-Up All Night

6-The League

7-Happy Endings

8-New Girl

9-Beavis and Butthead

10-South Park

Community, Parks and Rec, you beat Modern Family at something, you are perfect.


Annie’s actually funny sexed-up-Christmas-song parody has made the comments section of the AV Club even more of a No Girls Allowed Zone than usual, which is pretty annoying–I think I’d be able to tolerate all the grotesque ways they choose to say they want to fuck this girl if they at least sort of acknowledged that she was funny (actually, that’s not true, it would still be annoying).

But also Troy and Abed’s Christmas Infiltration rap is my favorite song from it. That’s right! I even like it more than Baby Boomer Santa! “I’ll watch all the TV specials that I never could. I’ll even cry during the sad ones like James Bond would!”