twelve temples

Anakin’s view on democracy was formed by Jedi Order?

Remember the scene between Padme and Anakin, when they talked about political system and politician’s role / corruption?

Okay, so as much as Anakin was making fun of Padme, I think we can agree that his frustation about politicians and democracy isn’t just a joke. I think his attitude actually came from experiences gained in Jedi Order. Jedi may see themselves as a protectors of Republic - and therefore a democracy - yet their Order wasn’t a democractive itself.

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Once when they were younger, an argument had broken out between Saga and Kanon at night, it got so loud they woke up Deathmask, he then started yelling at them and they yelled back. Their combined yelling caused a chain reaction of everyone waking up, start yelling and arguing. By 1 a.m. it was nothing but pure screaming coming from all twelve temples.

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Twelve Temples 72 //Hades 11

Even if the scene where Ikki throws Shaka’ ashes is not on the original manga. I find it interesting.
Shaka brought him back from the dimension they both ended, but it was mostly in Shaka’s fight when Ikki grew. If it were not for that fight Ikki wouldn’t be as fearless and powerful as he became. Shaka made Ikki gone through true despair, made him doubt for the first time he could ever win and broke the over powered image he ha of himself. He made him experience true hell not once but twice,
Ikki was the only person Shaka had ever allow to survive and the irony came back making Ikki the only one to defeat him. To use his technique of suppressing senses against him. Ikki remove Shaka’s blindfold to a twisted idea of justice and help him return to his original path.  
And these two scenes, the mutual respect, recognising someone as your equal and a gesture of grief over someone who helped him before in more than one way.
It is the raise of the phoenix and the fall of Virgo.