twelve poets

ARIES, I know. she never loved you, and the one who could lives in new york city now. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. cry, love, and let be; the storm inside your soldiers body will settle when time decides you’ve had enough. take these wounds and let them blossom into the scars that will have taught you the best lessons you could gain from a person made of hurricanes. just please, don’t follow in my footsteps. you’re too good for a life like this.

TAURUS, I fall in love with everyone I meet. it is usually platonic; in your case, it was a heavy infatuation. but not everyone is like me- and baby, you’ve got so many people looking to be a best friend or a sister or a mother to you. they’re out there. and they love you. and they don’t need you to give your heart away in order for you to love them back. this time, you’ll be safe.

GEMINI, honey, you’ve got to stop being so selfish. she’s not coming back to you and she was never yours to begin with. she belonged to the wind, to the ashes, and to the fire in her bones. she is a volcano and you are a seraphim; you will do so much better than a girl who could take you down on her path. for now, be on your own. focus on your goals. become the man you want to be. and when you come home, love will be waiting for you.

CANCER, there’s a story about a girl like you. she let her tears dry on her cheeks and threw her feelings to the air, if only to put on a happy face for her loved ones. don’t be that girl. this is a time for grieving. this is a time for solitude. do not burn bridges with your family, but do not let their impossible needs take precedence over your mental health. you matter too. you. matter. too.

LEO, I am so fucking sorry that you fell in love with the wrong girl. you thought I was sunshine with a warm breeze and a bottle of fresh cream- instead, you got a get-by girl with a lovers soul and an addicts heart. make no mistake: the fear of loving someone just as unstable as you made you crush me when you tried to save yourself. so you know what? fuck you. love me. love me greatly, love me strongly, love me as I get away and watch me fucking thrive. you don’t get to take peoples hearts and throw them away when you get scared, you selfish fucking coward. I hope you love me forever. and I hope it fucking burns.

VIRGO, I haven’t physically met you, yet the place you hold in my heart is so strong. I want you to know that she is going to take care of you- and she’s a little sad too, but she can handle the both of you. she was built for battles to be won; you were built for a world of peace. allow her to hold you while you cry, and allow her to make you smile and sigh. but do not put your all into her. do try to love yourself, too. you’re just as beautiful.

LIBRA, they whisper about you because you’re one sneaky bitch and for that I applaud you, because no one else will give you the credit. you let the world see you with your hot friends and your tall boys- you let your online presence intimidate while you burn away your heartache. cutting your losses is smart, but not through half hearted promises; you will leave many scorned. stop holding people on thin strings that will allow them to shatter you into tiny pieces when you throw them away. it’s time you learned how to be alone for a change.

SCORPIO, for an apparent ‘evil bitch’, you do have a lot of love in your soul. there are so many people who admire it and they may not return it as greatly, but the respect is there. remember: everyone is different. you cannot expect them to freeze for you the same way you would burn for them. but do not let that scare you away from matters of the heart; please, keep believing in love. it’s out there. I promise.

SAGITTARIUS, my oh my, baby boy, do I have words for you. you are beautiful. you are sunshine. you are not a tornado. you are not toxic. you are just a boy who got mixed up in bad situations all his life, and I wish you could see that. I wish you could see that you are good and you are able to be loved and one day you will find a lover who will put in the same effort you will give to them. until then, I will be here to hold you up. I will be here to be whatever you need. I’m going to do what I can to make you happy until you’ve found someone.

CAPRICORN, you are a mighty matriarch. don’t let it get to your head. you are smothering the many people who still want to love you and your patronising actions will not help your case. take a deep breath, darling. let yourself breathe. listen to your son. listen to me. listen to those you love- and then provide. they all appreciate what you do, but rarely show it in fear of inflating your ego. they will repay the favor one day.

AQUARIUS, you will care for that boy until you are blue in the face and I know it and I get it because if I was you, I would want to marry him too. and you haven’t said those words but my sweet girl, look at the burns around your chest. he is in you, he is a part of you, he has melted into your soul. please take care of him, please do- but don’t forget about yourself, too. there is a sadness inside of you, and you can’t let it manifest in the back of your mind watch him grow happy. you love this broken boy, so remember he is human- don’t let him become a distraction.

PISCES, stop. you can survive without him. you can survive without the both of them. and you sure as hell can survive without that new boy. you allow men to define you but you need to define yourself- to find yourself. you are worth so much more than the fool they have made you out to be, and you are not what all the gossip entails. you are a damn warrior. that’s not an easy title to take on.

—  twelve letters for twelve lovers (a.m.)
I want to be loved despite my flaws, not because of them.
—  e.m.b, Do not love me because i am broken.