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I don’t even have words. I can’t believe people can actually be this delusional.

“And,“ said the Keeper, his eyes cold. "You are never to refuse me another dance again.”

Heather Dixon, Entwined [an under-loved book - 8/?] [reprise]

The Phantom Empire, Mascot Pictures 1935 - A lobby card for the first of a twelve part Mascot Pictures serial featuring Gene Autry in his first role as ‘the singing cowboy.’ The film is a strange combination of western, musical, and science fiction. Autry discovers the ancient civilization of MU under his ranch - the plot revolves around the conflict between ruthless speculators from the surface who want to exploit the huge reserve of radium below and the Muranians who have their own agenda.


The Moffat Era and Children: “You know when grown-ups tell you everything’s going to be fine…”

The scene opens on a battlefield. Nothing but mist and puddles of water, a wasteland. Men, running from bombs falling from above, an arrow trained on a small plane, before it lowers in defeat. Another figure running, this one smaller - a young boy. Like Kanzo, the soldier who decides to follow him and insists on staying behind to try to help, the Doctor sees a child in distress, lost, surrounded by terrifying weapons of war. This is where The Magician’s Apprentice begins. Until a name changes everything.

But it is not merely the word “Davros” and the Doctor’s horror which make this such a powerful scene. It is not only the breathlessness of Doctor Who’s rich history incorporated in such an unexpected moment. It’s the familiarity of it, the fact that we’ve seen this all happen before.

Because this is Amelia Pond, praying to Santa to send someone to have a look at the crack in her wall. From a young Reinette Poisson, pursued by clockwork androids. It’s Kazran Sardick, crying, about to learn the most bitter lesson of his life when he is still a child, ony for the Doctor to show up. It’s Melody Pond, with monsters terrifying enough to call the President of the United States for help. It’s Rupert Pink in an orphanage and a boy in a barn, being told a story about fear, strength, and kindness.

And the Doctor flees from the scene of his crime. Leaving a child on a battlefied, surrounded by a nightmare.

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“Is there a Mr. Clara?" 

"No, but there were plenty of proposals.”

“They all turned you down.”

“I turned them down!”

“No one ever matched up to Danny?”

“Well there was one man, but that would never have worked out. He was impossible.”

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