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A Special Pair of Gloves

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Five

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Request: “could I request knitting Kurt a special pair of gloves because he was sad he couldn’t wear any?”

Warnings: None

You ran through the thick layer of snow to the front of Xavier’s mansion, Kurt right beside you. The two of you had just gotten back from a snowball fight with Scott and Jean, and you were both covered with snow.

As you opened the doors to allow you and Kurt in, you noticed Kurt’s hands were shaking and covered with ice and bits of snow.

“Are you okay?” you asked, motioning to his hands. Kurt nodded.

“I’m fine. It’s just I can’t wear gloves, so my hands get cold,” Kurt said sheepishly, a note of sadness to his voice.

Your eyes suddenly got wide, an idea coming to you as Kurt walked ahead of you into the mansion. You yelled a quick good bye, running down the hall to your room. You hurried into your room, stopping at your desk. You pulled some yarn from a drawer, along with some knitting needles. You then began to put your idea together string by string. It was hard work, figuring out how to make the fingers and what size to make them. You had to measure Kurt’s fingers at one point, the young blue mutant giving you a strange look the entire time. You had barely made it out without him figuring what you were doing.

But in a couple days, you had the final product. You held them out in front of you proudly. It was a pair of gloves with only three fingers, made perfectly for Kurt’s hands.

You tucked them into the sweater you were wearing, heading downstairs where Kurt, Jean, and Scott were waiting for you. You all had planned another snowball fight since a heavy snowfall had taken place the night before, the snow just the perfect temperature to form snowballs.

“Ready?” Scott asked when he saw you. You nodded, letting Jean and Scott walk out of the door first.

“Wait, Kurt,” you said before Kurt followed them. He stopped, giving you a puzzled look. You drew the gloves out carefully, presenting them to him with a smile. He reached forward slowly, picking them up.

“You- made gloves?” He asked, his eyes wide as he turned them over in his hands.

You nodded. “Ones that will fit you. So your hands won’t get cold.”

You watched nervously as Kurt pulled one on, worried they wouldn’t fit. But the glove fit perfectly, his fingers fitting comfortably in the soft knitted yarn.

He held his hands out in front of him, his mouth parted with surprise.

“Danke,” he breathed, giving you a grateful look.

You grinned grabbing one of his hands and pulling him toward the door. “Let’s go try them out.”

“A Secret That’s Worth It” Carl x Reader, Negan x Reader

Word Count: 9,670

Negan x Daughter Reader, Carl x Reader

Summary: You’re Negan’s teenage daughter and from the minute you saw Carl, he sparked your interest, leading to a relationship between you two.

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of death, kinda smutty 

A/N: Does not follow the show exactly, I had to change up some things for the sake of the story, but I tried to make it as close as possible.

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He was the first person you noticed when you stepped out of that RV.

He was wearing a flannel and a cowboy hat, and even with one of his eyes covered up and it being dark out, you could see how bright blue they were. You didn’t know his name, but you certainly were attracted to him.

Your father, Negan, had told you to stay inside the RV while he went out there and talked to them. He had told you that he was going to kill one of them and that he didn’t want you to see that, so you needed to stay away.

“Y/N, I do not want to see you out there. Your ass better stay in here, alright?” Negan had warned you. You didn’t listen. You had heard him talking to their group, and you got curious. All you wanted to do was see what they looked like, nothing more. You opened the door slightly and peeked your head out, making the attractive boy turn his head and look at you. They all did, but he was the only one you noticed.

“Dear daughter, did I not tell you to stay inside?” Negan bellowed. You knew he was trying to scare the group- that was his way of being a big, bad leader. He intimidates everyone. And by the look of everyone’s face, they were definitely afraid.

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Snowed In

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Three

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Request: “ Getting snowed in somewhere with Kurt Wagner and ending up cuddling in blankets by a fireplace would be really cute if you don’t mind :)”

Warnings: None

A/N: This is kind of short, I’m sorry!

You sighed, curling up in a large, stuffed chair in the library of Xavier’s. The windows were completely white, flurries of snow blocking any view. You shivered, tucking your arms around yourself. The mansion was quite cold, even with the burning fireplace right in front of you. The blizzard outside had come up without warning, trapping you and a few other mutants inside of the mansion. Luckily, most of the students had gone home for the holidays.

You craned your neck when you heard the library door open, revealing the young mutant Kurt. He held two steaming mugs in one of his hands, carefully balanced on his three fingers. IN his other arm, he held a ball of blankets. You smiled widely as he stepped in, setting down the mugs slowly on the table in front of you.

“You looked kind of cold,” Kurt said softly. You nodded, tucking your knees into your chest.

“It is quite freezing,” you said, rubbing your fingers together. You glanced out of the windows, a couple gusts of snow whipping past the window. Another shiver ran up your spine when you thought of the relentless cold that threatened to seep into the mansion at any moment, the wind rattling the windowpanes and making the very walls creak.

“I brought some hot chocolate,” Kurt said shyly, motioning toward the mugs. You leaned forward, picking one up. You wrapped your fingers around it, conserving every bit of possible warmth from the cup. You took a careful sip, the hot liquid sweet and filling your stomach pleasantly.

You scooted aside, allowing Kurt to sit beside you. He fluffed out the blankets he had brought, tucking them behind the two of you. You grasped the corner of one, wrapping the soft material around you. Kurt took his own mug, settling back into the chair. Once he had gotten comfortable, you scooched into his side, curling under his arm. His side was warm against your cheek, your eyes half-shut lazily. You could faintly hear his heartbeat, the rhythmic thuds lulling you into a drowsy state.

The flames in the fireplace crackled and popped, sending bright orange sparks into the air. You took another sip of the hot chocolate, savoring every drop of the drink. Kurt sighed, snaking an arm around your shoulders and pulling you even closer. He made sure the blanket remained tucked around you, protecting you from the relentless cold from the blustery winter storm that raged on outside.

“Thank you, Kurt,” you said quietly.

Kurt pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head, a gentle thumb rubbing absent minded circles on your shoulder as he did so. “Of course.”


Today is not about the douchebag. Today I want to talk about something different. I want to talk a little bit about who Polaris is.

(I’m dedicating this to (Polaris) people from ComicVine such as LordOfAllHumans (and a few others) who say Polaris is not recognizable… sounds funny guys, yes, I know but that’s what the troll said.

So, who’s Polaris? Lorna Dane? Green-hair Mistress of Magnetism? Any relation? Any team affiliations? Any abilities?

Lorna Dane AKA Polaris the green-hair Mistress of Magnetism is an X-Men since day 1. Who also is Magneto’s daughter and has 1 sister, 1 brother, and with 4 cute nephews and nieces. And all have super, cool, awesome powers. Plus they are all mutants (and inhumans).

Is she recognizable? I mean, is that a question to the obvious answer? Check on the images I posted above me and ask yourself if she is. I say FUCK yeah she’s recognizable and very well known. She is the Mistress of Magnetism who can generate magnetic energy pulses, create force fields, manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field, and allow herself to fly. By concentrating, Polaris can perceive the world around her solely as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. She can perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings as well (Ain’t this sounds familiar?). She has bright green hair, the first indication of her mutation (which mean……she still a mutant DUH!). 

Briefly in her history, Polaris lost her magnetism power, but gained the ability to absorb negative emotions from the environment and use it as strength, endurance, invulnerability, and the ability to temporarily increase her height and mass.She eventually lost these additional powers and her original magnetic powers returned.

By The Way, Team Affiliations are……………………

1) X-Factor (Serval Industries) (She was a Leader)

2) X-Factor Investigations (She was also a Leader)

3) Starjammers (Second-in-command)

4) X-Men

5) X-Factor (Second-in-command)

6) Defenders for a Day

7) The Twelve

8) Acolytes (as Magneto’s daughter she was prob Second-in-command)

9) Horsemen of Apocalypse

10) Marauders (also lead the team Second-in-command)

11) Hysteries (Fantastic Force)

12) Exiles Vol.2

13) Academy of Tomorrow

14) Shi’ar

15) House of M: Secret Wars (She was the focus of the story)

16) House of M: Civil War (second-in-command and also lead her own team)

17) The Six

18) The Mutant Liberation Front 

19) Islanders (Muir island)

20) Brotherhood of Mutants

And a few others that I can’t recall, but her majority teams was the X-Men and X-Factor……no question.

So, is she recognizable? I guess LordOfAllBullShit failed the trolling.

real things I’ve done while watching a movie
  • listened to my film professor call me a robot for not crying during any of the sad movies 
  • kicked my brother
  • “who’s that?” 
  • referred to characters exclusively as their actors’ names
  • threw popcorn and also a fucking fit
  • saved hot cast members’ tumblr tags
  • shazam’d the score
  • “who directed this?? oh, of course”
  • slapped whoever’s sitting next to me
  • referenced at least three other, worse, more obscure movies  
  • “what’d i miss”
  • sat through all the credits, just in case 
  • got us kicked out of the theater
  • but officer she shouldn’t have taken my popcorn, we had an agreement
  • texted someone every single emotion i had in real time 
  • don’t don’t don’t DON’T DON’T DON’T 
  • said the worst lines right after the actor said them, but in a stupid voice
  • sobbed so hard i shook the couch, are you happy now professor willie 
  • i’m in pain
  • repeated the best lines right after the actor said them, but with a different, 1000% more dramatic inflection
  • astral projected at least twice

Idea for Stranger Things season 3:

The Hawkins gang have to deal with Dr. Brenner’s other test subjects. The main test subject they encounter is Twelve, a perpetually angry child who develops a bitter rivalry with Eleven. Twelve is destructive and wants revenge on the scientists who experimented on her, Eleven is peaceful and wants to help Twelve but frequently gets into fights with her to stop her from causing too much damage. Think Daredevil and the Punisher’s relationship.

By default, Twelve is one of the main antagonists of season three BUT has a chance to redeem herself (also like the Punisher).

And to go a bit further, I would want Dafne Keen to play Twelve. Imagine how iconic that would be?

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First Present

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Four

Pairing: Warren Worthington x Reader

Request: “ giving Warren a present for Christmas and he gets really emotional because no one has ever cared so much about him to do that”

Warnings: Kinda sad, but fluffy

You ran through the back door to Xavier’s mansion, a blustery winter breeze pushing at your back as you crossed the threshold into the mansion. You knocked the snow off your boots, brushing snow off of you coat. You made sure the package you held in your hands was alright, keeping it away from any snow.

You headed down the hallway, hearing loud laughs and voices coming from the end. Jean and Jubilee were standing at the counter, Peter leaning against it lazily.

“Hey, Y/N! Where did you go all afternoon?” Jean greeted cheerfully.

“I was finding something for Warren,” you said, lifting up the newspaper-wrapped present you were holding.

“What did you find?” Jubilee asked, eyeing the package.

“It’s a secret,” you said, grinning.

Jubilee blew a strand of hair out of her eyes, taking a sip from the bottle of Coke in front of her. “Alright then,” she said with a sniff.

“You’ll see, “ you promised. You glanced around the room, frowning when you didn’t see your winged boyfriend. “Where is Warren? I thought he’d been down here with all of you.”

Peter shrugged. “Probably in his room. We asked him to stay, but he refused.”

You felt a little bit of worry at Peter’s words. You hoped Warren was feeling okay, but you knew that the holidays were very hard on him.

“Thank you,” you said, turning to leave the kitchen.

“Of course,” Peter called as you left. You made your way up to Warren’s room, striding down the empty, shadowed halls. Most of the students were down in the library or in the dining room celebrating with each other.

You reached Warren’s door, knocking softly before entering. Warren was sitting on his bed, dressed in old jeans and a dark gray shirt. He looked up when he saw you, his expression almost immediately brightening.

“Hey,” you said, going over to his bed.

“Hey,” Warren said, shifting to sit on the edge next to you.

“I um- I wanted to make sure you were doing alright,” you said carefully, watching Warren’s face fall slightly.

“I’m okay,” he said, giving you a tight smile. “I’m just not used to having someone to celebrate Christmas with.”

“Well,” you began, pulling the wrapped present from under your coat. “I got you something.”

Warren gave you a wide eyed look before taking the gift carefully. You bit your lip, waiting for him to unwrap in anxiously. He tore the newspaper carefully, letting the contents fall into his hand. It was a couple cassette tapes of his favorite bands, ones you knew he had wanted for a while but had no money to buy.

“Y/N…” he breathed, turning the cassettes over in his hands. He looked up at you, his eyes shining. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s no problem,” you said, smiling. Warren pulled you into a tight hug, cradling your head in his hand.

“I’ve never had someone give me a Christmas present before,” he said, his voice cracking. You thought you could feel something wet on your cheek, realizing it was a tear after a moment. “I’ve never had someone care for me before.”

“I do,” you said, tangling a hand into his curly blonde hair as you tucked your head into his shoulder. “Merry Christmas, Warren.”

A Summary of- The British Invasion

-Finally Mick is starting to get likeable.
-Whelp, he killed his best friend.
-Sassy Lucifer.
-Saileen… is this a new ship I sense?
-Annoying New British Guy’s father will hear about this.
-Cas’ voicemail.
-No one cares about Annoying New British Guy’s top notch education.
-I kinda liked the doctor guy… too bad he died.
-NO. ANNOYING BRITISH GUY- oh wait I don’t care.
-No Eileen bby it wasn’t your fault.
-Good Mick.
-Mick standing up for the Winchesters. YES MICK. JOIN THE DARK SIDE.
-Aw, Kelly thinks she’ll live through this. This is Supernatural, sweetheart, no one lives.
-Sam is sad Eileen left. How cute is that???
-British dude thinks he can kill the Winchesters? That’s adorable. Good luck bro.


first six of my twelve olympian gods and goddesses fanarts

this was really fun to draw!I wanted to draw the greece gods for some time because I really love their stories and how each one of them represent! I remember growing up on a book with their drawings which I love till this day (but I don’t know where it is QwQ)

Villain; KJI

Member: Kai | EXO

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 5.8k

a/n - i saw the logan trailer and got inspired, enjoy - ♤

summary: Being the good girl was a role you never played in your life. 

It was a normal day in the city.

It was in the brisk of afternoon, adults were tending to their daily jobs, kids were attending school as some were getting off from school. The busy sounds of city life, the cars running, the horns blaring, and the chatter amongst people, were adorning the lively streets of the downtown metro area. You were also a part of your own lively day, just in your own apartment, music blaring as you twirled around, singing, dancing as you moved around your living room apartment. Your eyes would look at the TV waiting for the news report to begin as you began to water your strung up plants that hung from their respective places.

Earlier you had caught the morning news, the reporters telling you to watch later for a special report on a crime that had taken place downtown late last night. The article of course piqued your interest like any viewer would. However, your reasoning for being into the story was quite different from other reasons people would watch such a story.

Way different.

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Two

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “ Quicksilver (x-men) putting mistletoes everywhere so he can keep kissing you over and over?”

Warnings: None, some kisses

A/N: So I got a lot of response regarding the first holiday one shot “A Christmas Miracle” about making a sequel. Would you guys be interested in one?? I’d love to write one! :D

I also still need three holiday themed requests for Twelve Days of Fanfic! Please send some in :D If I get more than three, I’ll just post more than one a day

You bounded down the grand, sweeping staircase at the entryway of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. You passed by a couple students, giving them small smiles and wishing them a good Christmas break. They all grinned and waved back, knowing you well from around the Mansion.

You strolled down the hallway to the kitchen, your stomach rumbling loudly. You hadn’t eaten since early this morning, and you were looking forward to a nice, relaxed dinner without any interruptions.

When the reached the doorway to the kitchen, you paused. There was a sprig of leaves hanging from the door frame, the dark green stems waving gently. You frowned, reaching up to pull the leaves down. You weren’t sure how they had gotten there in the first place-

Your hand was suddenly pushed out of the way by a flash of silver. You jumped back, the flash stopping beside you to reveal your boyfriend, Peter Maximoff. He gave you his cheeky trademark grin, pointing a slender finger up at the leaves.

“Mistletoe,” he said. Before you could answer, he leaned forward, giving you a quick kiss before running off again. You blinked up at the plant, your lips still slightly parted from the kiss. Well, that explained that.

Later that day, you were walking down to the library to find a book when you saw another sprig of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. It looked almost exactly like the branch from the kitchen you had found earlier.

“Got you.”

Peter flashed by again, giving you another sweet kiss before speeding off down the hallway.

Even later that night, you were making your way up to your room when, inexplicably, hanging from your door, was yet another bunch of mistletoe.

“Peter,” you sighed, smiling as you stopped under the leaves. You were beginning to catch on to your boyfriend’s plans.


He appeared next to you, his hands tucked in his familiar silver jacket. You raised an eyebrow up at him.

“Have you been moving this mistletoe around all day?” You asked.

Peter shrugged, trying unsuccessfully to hide a bashful grin. “Maybe. I just wanted to keep kissing you.”

You blushed, a warm, fuzzy feeling spreading through your chest.

“I still have to collect one from here,” Peter said, stepping forward. He pressed his lips to yours, savoring this kiss more than the others. You reached a hand back to clutch the doorknob, holding yourself up as Peter deepened the kiss. His lips were sticky and tasted of peppermint. He must’ve been eating candy canes just a bit before. He then pulled away, leaving you breathless.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered against your lips. You were frozen in place as he reached up, pulling the sprig of mistletoe down from the doorway. He gave you one last cheeky grin before running off, leaving you with a pounding heart and lips that tasted of sweet peppermint.

Wow! People wonder how powerful is Polaris. Well, if you see Magneto you’re seeing Polaris. Though, they use their powers differently, but they are the same abilities after all. For instance, Magneto flies as the speed of light. If I’m not mistaking, Quicksilver reached this level. The true extent of his amplified abilities are unknown, though he has been observed outrunning Thor’s lightning bolts, running from Tibet to Indonesia in a few seconds, and covering half the Earth’s distance in 92 seconds. He has ran back and forth in time and created time displaced duplicates (which Stephen Hawking theorized to take speeds of 25,000,000 mph) it can be confirmed Quicksilver has moved at speeds faster than light. My point is, it looks like Polaris can keep up with him. So, I presume she can also fly as the speed of light or even faster. This has caught my attention and I thought I should discuss this publicly.


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Play With Me  

You had a one sided love with your best friend Taehyung, but Jungkook was pursuing his one sided love for you. One night of sexual frustration causes for your relationships with one another turn upside down.

Jungkook X Taehyung X OC

Part one   Part two

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Are You Mine?

You arrived in Korea to start living your dream, or so you thought until you meet a man that woman dream of throwing themselves on. He forces his way into your life and you become turned off by his persistence. But what happens when you start to return the feelings? Is it too late now?

Baekhyun X OC

Part one  Part two  Part three  Part four

The Orphanage

Growing up in an orphanage was hard, but when three men kidnap you as collateral, you find out that your life prior to being trapped in a house with twelve men was a piece of cake. Your loved ones were more corrupt than you thought and your enemies are closer than ever. 


Part one  Part two Part three  Part four

Just A One Time Thing (M)

Your boyfriend D.O. wakes you up in the middle of the night to take care of his needs. Unexpectedly Kai shows up and decided to join you and D.O. on the fun. Sharing is caring, after all.

D.O. X OC X Kai

Frustrations (M)

Yixing had, had a very long and tedious day. When he got home and found you happy to see him, he did the only thing that he knew would get his mind off of his frustrations.

Yixing X OC

Perfect For Me (M)

Lately you felt that you weren’t looking your best. And the few extra pounds that you gained over the holidays didn’t help your opinion either. But while you looked down on your image Kyungsoo couldn’t be more in love with it. 

Reaction to you asking to watch porn together  (OT12)

Reaction to you slowly growing to love them (Mafia!au, arranged marriage)

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NCT 127

Reaction to you surprising them with a couple ring/bracelet

Focus On Me (M)

Yuta couldn’t believe that the moment was finally happening when he could completely call you his. It was mind blowing to be able to finally show you how much he loves you. The only problem is Yuta couldn’t contain his enthusiasm or excitement to finally be able to make love to you. 

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Reaction to seeing you in a bikini for the first time

Reaction to you being homesick

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MLT date a cute girl over a sexy girl

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Handsome Disaster

When the school bad boy and womanizer Hoseok turns his attention on you it’s hard to ignore. Especially with your best friends being in a relationship and living five doors down from each other.

Hoseok X OC

Part one  Part two Part three  Part four  Part five   Part six   Part seven  Part eight   Part nine   Part ten  Part eleven

More Than Anything Else (M)

You and Jooheon just got married and on the night of your honeymoon you finally give your virginity to your new husband. 

Homecoming (M)

Wonho just finished a tour overseas, and being able to come home to you was the relief that he needed. However, there were a few other things that needed…relief, first. 

Reaction to you getting sick after having sex

Reaction to you using the safe word


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Happy Birthday Baby (M)

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You were no one, a goody-two-shoes who always played by the rules. When you decided to change yourself and live a little more dangerously you got caught up in Taemin’s trap. He had no use for you and no desire to have you. You were a toy and a time killer. But, he just so happened to have a lot of time and you happened to be his new favorite play thing.

Taemin X OC X Minho


Part one   Part two  Part three

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the heavens' ward were terribly wasted as characters and it's sad that most people can only name like two or three of them due to the way they were used (and not used). it sucks that their varied personalities don't get to shine in-game and fans only learned more about them through little scraps of info from various sources, most of which are not in-game. were they originally meant to feature more in the story and in-game? were we supposed to have met more of them before the vault? the worst part is that everyone just regards all twelve of them as pure evil (especially ser zephirin) when their profiles indicate the opposite. they were simply twelve of ishgard's most brilliant and skilled warriors doing what they believed was right in accordance with ishgardian law because they were lied to as much as the rest of ishgard. they were also possibly and inferably tempered and honestly at that point the war was supposed to be over and thordan vii still carried out his plan so he pretty much destroyed the souls of these twelve men for seemingly no good reason beyond his ambitions. and of course, as we move forward in expansions and away from ishgard, the less and less they'll hold significance as characters and are more and more likely to be forgotten by the playerbase except for when they get the vault or singularity reactor in roulettes and honestly for the group of characters whose name was literally the expansion's title, that's really fucking sad and awful
Good Girl Ch 20: Claim

Thank you everyone for all the love! You have no idea how much I love to hear your thoughts on everything! Keep them coming!

“I wanted her to sit next to her,” Jiyong pouts from the other side of the large desk. Kris had pulled me on to his lap right when he sat down, denying me any chance of sitting with my new friend on the other side, not that I minded; I kind of enjoy his jealousy.

“Mr. Kwon,” Kris snaps taking the older man’s eyes away from me, “Please tell me what you needed to tell me.  I would like to have time to focus all of my attention on my baby before my next phone call.” His arms around my waist tighten, his thumbs lazily draw circles on my stomach.

“I was giving her plenty of attention out there,” My new friend smirks devilishly.

“Ya!” I glare at him, “None of that remember?”

He sighs and holds up his hands in surrender, “I’m sorry Beautiful, I saw the opportunity and had to take it.”

“No more Oppa or we can’t be friends.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad.”

“What the hell happened out there? Why are you being so friendly with each other?” Kris grabs me by the chin to get me to focus on him.

I shrug, “We talked.”

“You talked?”

I nod.

“Kris, I really don’t appreciate the constant interruptions,” Jiyong glares.

“I’m just worried about my baby.”

“I see that,” He glares at Kris’s hands on my body. “You must be too busy with that to discuss the future of your group.” He moves to stand but Kris stops him.

“Hyung, I’ll stop, please tell me what you came to say.”

Jiyong smirks, “First, I want Joo-ya over here,” He pats the seat next to him.

“Oppa, stop being mean.”

“But Joo-ya, I want to help you out of your cage.”

I shake my head, “I like my cage.”


“Oppa, if you are going to be like this I will leave.”

He sighs, “Fine, I’ll talk about this boring stuff. Just don’t leave.” Looking back to Kris his playfulness disappears, “I learned from an unnamed source that some information was being leaked from someone who was play gangster with our groups. When my source revealed the name of our little bug I quickly found him and captured him. After looking threw his computers I found out nothing about what he knows or where the information he got is being held.”

“What do you need from us?” Kris says back, giving off the same cold professional vibe as Jiyong.

“My brothers and I tried to get the information from him but since that is not something we are very good at, my hyung has a bad habit of going too far and loosing everything all together. So, since getting information is your families specialty, especially that chubby faced hyung of yours, we were thinking of just giving this snitch over to you.”

“This isn’t a conversation I want to have in front of Jooyoung,” Kris states.

“She is already here. She knows. Might as well continue.”

I add in, “I already know most of this from the first night I stayed with you guys.”

“See,” He beams at me, “She’s a brave little girl.”

“Why are you helping them?” I ask him, something that surprised all of us.

“What do you mean?” Jiyong looks a little proud that I’m daring to question him, Kris just looks horrified that I may have offended my new friend.

“You said earlier that you two are the biggest groups in Asia, that means you’re competition. Why would you help them? I mean, even if you weren’t able to get the information out of this man yourself, there must be people you can hire for that, right?” I look to Kris for an answer.

“Baby,” Kris warns, “You shouldn’t think about this stuff.”

The other just continues to beam at me, “She’s so smart.”

“Stop looking at her like that.”

“She’s just so amazing.”

“Why would befriend someone like this?” Kris asks me gesturing to the suddenly glaring man.

I smile at my new friend, “He reminds me of Jihyo.”

Kris grimaces as Jiyong stares at me confused, asking, “Is that a compliment?”

“A very nice one,” Kris answers honestly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, “You should feel very honored.”

“Where is my baby?” Tao yells as he busts threw the doors. I automatically jump out of Kris’s grip to run into the tan man’s arms.

“Taotao!” I yell back gleefully jumping into the tall man’s arms.

“I’m so sorry I was so mean to you this morning,” He kisses the top of my head.

“It’s okay, did you guys get everything figured out?” I question, giving him a once over before going to check the others who are coming in behind him.

“We’re okay baby, thank you for checking,” Kai says giving me a peck on the lips when he sees the man approaching our group. “Mr. Kwon, what are you doing here?” I’m quickly passed around to greet everyone, getting more personal greetings than normal with lots of kisses.

“I came to have a talk with your brother, now I’ll be on my way out,” Jiyong gives them a polite smile.

“That was all you had to say? You came all the way here to say that?” I pause for a second in Chanyeol’s hug to look back at him.

Jiyong nods, “Well that and to see you again.”

“I thought we were going to talk more?”

He smiles, “You seem to be busy now, we will talk again soon. I’ll be coming by a lot more to talk with your oppas about that snitch.”

“I’ll be going back to school next we so I won’t be around.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ll make sure our friendship doesn’t end here,” He comes over to us, Chanyeol’s grip tightens around me when Jiyong pats my head. “I’ll be taking my leave, so all of you can relax. But one last request, I’d like Joo-ya to walk me out.”

All ten men glare at him but Kris answers, “Over our dead bodies.”

I can see the temptation in his eyes to give back some gangster like threat in return but when our eyes lock his mouth closes as he reconsiders his words, not wanting to get on my bad side. How ironic.

“Fine, how about to the elevator?” This time he doesn’t wait for a response, instead he just grabs my hand and pulls me toward the elevator. When my oppas do nothing to stop him I just follow along, letting my mind wander about what all of these things could mean. We stop at the elevator doors, he presses the button before turning back to look at my oppas who had began taking a few steps forward, “You stay.” The boys freeze in the doorway, “Good guard dogs.”

I bow slightly to him, “Sorry about them being so over protective.”

He chuckles ruffling my hair affectionately, “It’s cute.”

“They usually aren’t that physically affectionate in front of others.”

“No worries, they are just marking their territory. Speaking of which you haven’t been claimed, have you?” He scans me.

“Claimed?” I cock my head at him.

“Those dumb boys,” He sighs before pulling off one of his rings and grabbing my hand. “This ring will keep you safe from anyone who would dare try to mess with you.” I let him slide the ring on to my ring finger, I stare at the beautiful dragon ring. It is a golden dragon wrapped around my finger with a small black gem in it’s mouth; I can’t help but find it strangely adorable.

“Does this mean you’re claiming me?”

He hesitates answering for a minute, “Yes and no. You can take it off whenever you want but when you do wear it, people will think you belong to me. I like it on you though,” there’s that smirk again.

“It will make my oppas mad.”

“Tell them, I give them permission to claim you as well. But keep the fact that I’m allowing you to take the ring off, it’ll make things more fun.”

“Allowing me?” I raise a brow at him as I play with the ring.

“It’s something I’m used to saying, sorry.”

“You seem as strict as them.”

He chuckles, “I’m probably worse, I wouldn’t let any man touch you.” He grabs my hand again; staring at the ring he smiles softly.

“Why do they let you touch me?”

Just than, the elevator dings, “I’ll explain it to you next time.”

“When will next time be?” My curiosity gets the better of me.

He steps into the elevator still holding my hand so it won’t close, “Dinner next week? Tuesday?”

“My oppas won’t like that.”

“I’ll deal with that,” He smirks before kissing the ring on my hand and stepping back into the elevator, letting it close. “I’ll see you soon Beautiful.”

“Goodbye Oppa.” Turning around I see my daddies all there staring at me like I had an arm growing out of my forehead. “Is this how my oppas felt the first time they saw us interacting?”

“I’m guessing so,” Suho comes to me, giving me a complete once over. “He didn’t hurt you right?”

“Oh goodness, daddy,” I smile at the worried man, “You are so cute when you are worried.”

“Baby, we are being serious,” Kris says.

Lay nods in agreement, “He is a very dangerous man.”

I scoff, “You’re kidding right? Don’t you guys dare start giving me a speech about how he is so dangerous, that I should be worried about the situation I’m getting myself into. You guys need to realize that I’m already drowning in a situation I don’t fully understand with you guys. I have nothing to gain or loose from talking to Jiyong oppa. I’m living with twelve men who I call daddy. I risk the chance of pissing one of you off and getting myself raped or murdered everyday.” They all share a similar look of guilt and anger, glancing from one another, another silent conversation.

“He claimed you,” Chanyeol deadpans, glaring down at the ring on my finger.

I sigh staring down at it, “He said it’s okay for you guys to claim me too, whatever that means.”

“What if he likes her too much and takes her away?” Sehun worries, coming over and hugging me tightly.

Kris shakes his head, “From what I saw of them interacting, he cares about how she feels about him. So unless our baby wants to leave he won’t take her.” They all look to me.

“Baby,” Chen calls, “Are you happy with us?”

I sigh but nod without hesitation. Whether or not I’d care to admit it I love their craziness and possessiveness, though sometimes it can be too much.

“What about what Mr. Kwon said earlier, about you being in a cage?” Kris wonders.

“I’m a pretty bird in a cage, at least that what he said. I told him I’m happy to have such an amazing view from my cage,” I look at each of them, earning me a hug from an excited Baekhyun.

“What did you talk about before he got in?” Tao wonders.

“He wants to have dinner on Tuesday.”

“Hell no!” The room rallies.

“That’s what I said, but he seems to think he can change your mind.”

Suho groans, “This just got a lot more difficult. We should get her back to the house before something else happens.”

“Did someone tell the hyungs about this?” Sehun asks nervously.

Everyone in the room shakes their head, “I’m not going to tell Xiumin that our baby was claimed by the black dragon.” Kris shudders.

“Black dragon? Is that his street name or something?’ I ask. Sehun nods making me wonder, “What’s your guys’?”

“Suddenly with all the questions. What do we tell you?” Baekhyun taps on my nose.

“Only big kids need to know.” I pout, “Jiyong oppa would tell me.”

Chen sighs, “Baby, if we answered every question you asked, you would be running away faster than you would have ever thought possible.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“We have done some bad things baby, we will do more, some worse. We want to keep you from such a dark world alright?”

“I’m braver than you think.”

“You are a little girl,” Suho snaps, “you say you are brave, you say you are strong, you say you are a big girl, until all the bad things you said you could handle become too real for you. And suddenly you are curled up in a ball crying when we come towards you, calling us monsters. We don’t want to tell you because we don’t want you to be afraid of us. So please baby, stop with the questions, we want one innocent little thing to not run screaming when we come near. Can you give us that?”

I nod, suddenly feeling guilty for letting for letting my curious show too much when I know better.

“Now lets go home, we have a new problem to deal with.”

“What about Xiumin hyung?” Kris glances at the closed door.

Chen gives him a smug smirk, “You can explain that.”

“Hell no.”

“We just couldn’t tell him for a while,” Chanyeol suggests earning a smack on the back of the head from Baekhyun.

“Don’t you think he will notice the massive ring on her finger?” Baekhyun glares at the younger’s stupidity.

“I can’t believe he gave her his favorite one,” Kyungsoo takes my hand and stares at the ring.

“He kissed it too,” Suho adds. Open my mouth to ask something but snap it close when I remember my scolding a moment ago. But Suho noticed, “What is it baby?”

“I don’t know what questions are okay.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why does it matter that he kissed it?”

Kyungsoo answers, “It’s a show of interest and a promise of loyalty.”


“Take it off right now!” Xiumin oppa demands the moment he see the ring on my finger at dinner. The boys have somehow managed to keep their hyung distracted enough for him not to notice it, but after forcing his way into the spot next to me he sees in on my left hand as I eat.

“Daddy, it’s fine,” I continue to eat as the older man glares at everyone else at the table.

“It’s fine? Did anyone tell her who that bastard is?”

I sigh slamming my metal chopsticks on the table, I stand up, my chair sliding out, earning me every eye in the room. “Daddy Xiumin, I said it’s fine, I had to deal with them the whole way home telling me about how dangerous he is and how worried they are for my safety. None of them told me who he was, he told me himself. I know that he is the leader of a mafia, but so are you. If you want me to question why my alarms didn’t go off with him when I know just from looking at him that they should have, I will have to do the same to all of you. If you all would like the think back to two weeks ago when we met; I was curled up in a ball drunk off my ass in the back alleyway of your club after you guys started a shoot out. Let’s not forget that you killed an innocent man in front of me, after that I got in a car with you. Talking to Jiyong oppa in your lobby is definitely not one the most questionable things I’ve done this month. So please can we leave that alone?” I plop back down in my seat and begin stuffing my face.

“That ring is going in the trash,” Xiumin doesn’t take his eyes off me.

Without looking up I say, “Then you are going to explain to him where it went.” I’m genially surprised when they don’t scold me or get mad they just continue to stare.

“Where is our little girl?” Luhan pouts from my other side.

“She is taking a break, but I wish she would come back,” I groan rubbing my temples, for one wishing that side of me would come out. It’s hard to deal with this shit when I’m big, I don’t have the patience for it.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” He wonders.

“Just let me go take a bath,” I stand up but Suho gives me a questioning look and before he can get the words out I groan, “Daddy Chen, lets go please.” He seems to be the only one not pouting about my small side being gone for the moment. The man nods before taking my hand and leading me out of the room where the other men start talking in hushed voices. He takes me to his room, right into the bathroom that had showered in days before hand in. I sit waiting on the edge of the tub while he fills it up, he grabs me a bath bomb that entertains me when he leaves to grab me some new clothes and towels.

He’s back just in time to turn the water off, the water is swirls of blues, black, and purples, creating my own little galaxy. I let him undress me and climb into the water, enjoying the sweet smell and how smooth it makes my skin feel. Chen sits on the edge of the large tub just watching me with a small smile.

“What?” I ask when he just continues to stare.

He chuckles, “I’m just thinking about how the others talk about how you are so different from when you are your little self. I think you are the same just with a little more kick.”

“You guys don’t like me when I’m big do you?” I stare down at the water.

“Speaking for myself, I love you both ways.” I peek up to find him leaning a little closer with a small smile, “You are my baby, no matter how big you are. As for everyone else, they are just worried that if are big you won’t think you need us and you’ll leave. Not to mention how hot it is when you are so cute and needy for our attention.”

“So you guys don’t hate me when I’m like this?”

“If I’m being completely honest, it’s really hot when you are your badass self. But it makes it hard for us to control ourselves when you are being so tough,” His eyes scan my naked body, that is hidden under the dark water, coming back up to find my lips. I smirk, leaning forward and catching his lips in a kiss. Mindlessly he leans forward, I grab his tie and pull him closer into the water, causing a some of it to splash out.

“Oops,” I squeak when he lands in between my legs.

“Oops won’t cover it baby. You got daddy’s nice suit all wet,” He teases.

“I can’t do much more than help you take it off,” I flirt, catching both of us off guard.

“This is what I mean, this big side to you has such a mouth.” I grin when he leans back in for a kiss, sheading his jacket and vest quickly. Next to go is his tie, followed by his button up leaving him in only his dress pants. We break the kiss, our chests heaving; I bite my lip as I take in his perfect chest and abs. “My eyes are up here baby.”

Remember a post i made i don’t know how fucking long ago about ravens?

Let me redo it.

The weird thing with having read both The Raven Cycle and The Foxhole court is that on one had you have ravens and on the other hand you also have ravens. And then you watch Haikyuu!! and you also have ravens.  And then you watch Terror In Resonance and YOU FUCKING DIE CAUSE THE FINAL SCENE IS ALSO TWO RAVENS FLYING AWAY ACCOMPANIED WITH A WHITE DOVE AND FUCK MY LIFE OKAY I WANT DEATH. D E A T H

The Orphanage (pt 1/?)

Summary: Growing up in an orphanage was hard, but when three men kidnap you as collateral, you find out that your life prior to being trapped in a house with twelve men was a piece of cake. Your loved ones were more corrupt than you thought and your enemies are closer than ever. 

Genre: Mafia!au, smut, angst (EXO ot12)

WARNINGS: mention of rape, abuse and killing.

word count: ~4.5k

“Shit!” you muttered under your breath. How is it eight o’ clock already? The time seemed to fly by today and you still had a million things to do. You packed up the last of the cakes and bread that you had made and ran out the door.

You were on your way to deliver some of your baked goods to the orphanage that you were raised in. Mrs. Kim the woman who was in charge was the same woman who stuck to you like a thorn in your side to help raise you up to be a successful individual. She still worked there and was simply getting to old to be able to do as much for the kids as she wished she could, so you took it upon yourself to help her as much as possible. Mrs. Kim wasn’t just anyone to you, she was your mother, or at least the closest you would get to one in this lifetime. So you would grin and bear it after a long days of work on your feet to help clean and cook for the kids at the home.

Thankfully the walk to the home was only a few blocks away from your apartments so getting there was no issue. As you walked closer to the home you started to feel excited and anticipate the look on the kids’ faces when they noticed that you brought them a cake. Baking away your stress was one of your favorite past times and the kids were always more than happy to see you come through the front door with goodies in your hands.

Keep reading