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Lady in Red

by: @lovelizziekins

A/N: This is a snippet from the story I had intended to write for this event titled Lady in Red.  Yes, there’s another 7K words (and still counting) that go with this drabble.  The following scene is from a flashback that Katniss has when she remembers her first real encounter with Peeta Mellark.  The full story is about two-thirds of the way completed and I hope to post the whole thing soon.  

Rated K+ but the rating will change when the full story is posted. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

As usual, this is unbeta’d so please overlook the punctuation and grammar…it’s just not my thing.  And…THANK YOU to @thegirlfromoverthepond who thought of me and asked me to write a Valentines Day story.  I am so very honored to have been asked and I hope you like it.  This is dedicated to you, my friend. <3

Katniss has been keeping track of Peeta Mellark since they were together in Miss Seeder’s history class.  Katniss’ father passed away earlier that summer, only a couple of weeks into the summer break. They knew it was coming.  The cancer diagnosis had come in late fall, and the news that it was terminal – that Christmas.  By springtime, her father was bedridden, their living area turned into a makeshift hospital room.  He was gone by early summer. 

Katniss was devastated, Prim was crushed but her Mother was simply gone; lost in the grief of losing her only Love.  Their family – destroyed by a series of mutating cells that had gone undiagnosed for far too long. 

The day of the funeral was hot with no sun, the humidity being held close to the earth by a blanket of heavy clouds that threatened rain; but never produced. The small church was sweltering, too many bodies in too small of a space made the air stale; the rancid smell of roses filled the air.  The smell followed Katniss, haunting her for days; from the hospital – and now here.  Katniss felt her stomach roll and just knew she was going to throw up.


Katniss turned to see a pair of ocean blue eyes staring back at her.  Peeta Mellark stood before her, pulling at the collar of his short-sleeve button up; the bag in his hand scraping along the front of his shirt as he pulled his finger along the inside rim against his neck.  He smelled so good; like outside and cinnamon and something else…

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(Zea Mays) Seed, silk: Safe to interact with.

Folk Names: Giver of life, Maize, Sacred Mother, Seed of Seeds.
Gender: Feminine.
Planet: Venus.
Element: Earth.
Powers: Protection, Luck, Divination.

Ritual Uses: The Corn Mother, or Goddess, is a deity of plenty and of fertility, long worshipped throughout the East and North America. The Zunis utilize different colors of corn in their religious rituals. Blue corn meal is used to bless and is scattered as an offering.

Magical Uses: Reach into a bin of corn, pull out any ear, count the grains. Allow twelve grains of corn for each year and it will tell your age.
An ear of corn is placed within the cradle to protect the baby against negative forces. A bunch of cornstalks hung over the mirror brings good luck to the household, and a necklace made of dried red corn kernels prevents nosebleed.
Pollen from corn was used to make rain by ancient Meso-American peoples, probably by tossing it into the air.
At one time, in the mountains of the United States, if a birth was difficult, red corncobs were burned on the doorstep of the cabin (or even under the bed) to speed up the process.

(from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham)

pickle-plum  asked:

How about #13 with Matt/Foggy for the ask meme thing?

13. things you said at the kitchen table

“I thought Karen told us not to use her desk as a kitchen table anymore,” Matt says as he enters the office.

It still takes Foggy a moment to leap from wait how did he know- to oh yeah, super senses. He’s getting there. It’s slow, it’s a pain in the ass, and right now it has Foggy frowning at his Cheerios while he waits for his brain to catch up, but he’s getting there.

“Karen is not here,” Foggy says, hopefully in a somewhat casual tone. “And her desk isn’t full of important documents that I could spill my breakfast on. I won’t tell if you won’t tell?”

“Wouldn’t be anything to tell if you cleaned your desk once in a while,” Matt points out, but he sits across from Foggy nonetheless.

Foggy doesn’t really want to start a fight about keeping secrets from Karen–some cans of worms aren’t meant to be opened this early in the morning–so he just throws a Cheerio at Matt.

Which Matt catches. In his mouth. On his very handsome and very quick tongue, and good god, it is way too early to open this can of repressed romantic worms that can also probably hear Foggy’s heartbeat right now.

Foggy clears his throat. “So, uh. World on fire extends to flying breakfast cereal, huh? Could you smell the whole grains flying at your face?”

“All twelve of them,” Matt says gravely, but hesitantly, trying for a joke like he’s not sure if he’s allowed to or not.

Foggy decides to let Matt know that he’s allowed by throwing another Cheerio at him. And then remembers what a bad decision that is when Matt catches this one in his mouth too. Foggy’s heart pounds seeing that tongue dart out again to catch the piece of cereal.

Matt shoots Foggy a grin in between chewing the Cheerio. And it’s not just the amused or giggly grin he’ll sometimes make around Foggy.. This grin is sharp, has edges. This is Matt Murdock’s flirting grin.

Huh. Maybe not such a repressed can of worms after all.

The ball is clearly in Foggy’s court, so he thinks about standing up and placing a piece of cereal right on Matt’s tongue with lingering fingers. Foggy thinks about putting a piece in own his mouth and kissing Matt until Matt’s tongue swipes into Foggy’s mouth to grab the cereal away.

But because Foggy’s life is, for better or for worse, not a porno, he does not get the chance to do these things. Instead, he yelps and scrambles to get the cereal off Karen’s desk as he hears Karen’s heels click outside their door.

Which Matt probably heard long before Foggy did, the bastard.

“Oh, this is war,” Foggy mutters under his breath, once he’s sequestered in his office again. And, knowing Matt can probably sense Foggy’s flirting or the twelve whole grains or some such shit, Foggy licks a stray piece of cereal off his spoon, grinning at the sound of Matt banging a knee against Karen’s desk only a moment later.