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A ship full of boys needs a precious gem to help find their lost mentor, but the Princess who owns it won’t give it up without a fight. The simple Search and Rescue mission soon becomes an adventure holding the fate of the entire Poseidon Ocean in the hands of a ship full of children.

Zack Underwood: Stand-in-Captain of the Chronological Voyager (Chrono for short). His real position is First Mate to the ship’s owner, Sir Ortin Mahlson, the greatest adventurer in the Seven Seas. Native from the Desecrated Island of Nila, he comes from humble roots, the son of the Royal Fitter and Seamstress. He holds resentment to anyone rich (Noblemen, besides the Royals). Zack was the first of many of Mahlson’s boy students, when the man decided to begin teaching boys how to sail and the wonders of the Seas in the Seven Kingoms. Zack has been his student since he was 4, and knows the most of all the young crew about Mahlson’s journals and studies, and has a vast knowledge of the seas. He is proud and secretive, and only the crew knows why he is so cautious around the newcomer. His pride is challenged when Princess Melissa refuses to give him the Gem he needs to find Mahlson, and he finds himself having to work with a stubborn yet pretty Royal.

Milo Murphy: Orphan found on the Island of Auria. While Zack is proud and strict, Milo is the optimism needed on their journey. And he is for good reason, being cursed since birth. Found with a stray puppy by Zack at the age of 4, Milo has been part of Mahlson’s students since the beginning, and has known nothing but the Chrono as his home. Milo is nimble, and his alertness has gotten the Chrono out of many a sticky situation. While liked by the entire crew, only Zack is brave enough to spend more than five minutes within twelve feet of Milo (that isn’t to say Zack isn’t aware of the Murphy Curse; he just sets it aside half the time because they’re best friends). When Melissa joins the crew, Milo immediately befriends her, much to Zack’s dismay.

Princess Melissa Chase: Princess and only daughter of the King of Soleah, the Island Ruled by the Daylight and the Seven Kingdoms’ Strongest Defense against outside foes. She longs for adventures beyond her Island. Her father has become anxious, and this keeps him busy and away from her. Her only companion is her handmaiden Amanda, and the High Princess, daughter of the High Rulers of the Seven Seas. That is, until she “kidnaps herself” aboard the Chrono, striking a deal with the young Captain for the Gem passed down from her father. Learning that the ship belongs to her Hero and Inspiration, Sir Mahlson, Melissa refuses to leave. She enjoys challenging Zack and competing with him, and thinks only of adventure, until she makes a discovery that threatens the friendship between Zack and Milo, and the safety of their ship.


And yes, Diogee has 4 peglegs.

@spatziline​ and I will eventually give away more of this AU, which includes several adventures and two giant ones. Zack and Meli’s friendship is reversed in this au, where Zack has known Milo forever instead of Meli. Many more MML characters will show up. We also have music to go with everything, and a Map of the Seven Islands.

More BG info to come with more fun of course 8D

The Front Bottoms Starters

❝ I know it’s so pathetic, I wouldn’t move to save my life. ❞
❝ They tell me you’re lonely. Well, it’s no surprise. ❞
❝ You and me could never be, ‘cause I don’t laugh at shit that I don’t think is funny. ❞
❝ You’re so eager to please. ❞
❝ You’d get on your knees for any fucking asshole who says he’s all you need. ❞
❝ You are water twelve feet deep and I am boots made of concrete. ❞
❝ We’re so drunk. We’re so cool. ❞
❝ They won’t know who I was before. ❞
❝ There’s beer and coffee mugs, water bottles and soda cups. ❞
❝ First, I am digging myself out of this hole. ❞
❝ I love your eyes. The way they look when you’re uncomfortable. ❞
❝ You’re high school and I’m just more like real life. ❞
❝ You were okay as a girlfriend. ❞
❝ I’ll do whatever you want all night. ❞
❝ There’s comfort in the silence of a living room when the TV is on for you. ❞
❝ We will eventually fall out. ❞
❝ It will someday make me very, very, very rich. ❞
❝ Know what I think’s really sad? To know how really sad you are. ❞
❝ Probably gonna leave real soon, just wanted to let you know, you were my life. ❞
❝ No need to hide. ❞
❝ You were my crime, I’ll serve this sentence the rest of my life. ❞
❝ I got so stoned I fell asleep in the front seat. I never sleep in the front seat. ❞
❝ Come on, baby, calm me down. You’re the only one who knows how. ❞
❝ God forbid I ever stop feeling sorry for myself for being selfish. ❞
❝ This is not the way I plan on living for the rest of my life, but for right now it gets me by. ❞
❝ She hopes I’m cursed forever. ❞
❝ My nightmares will have nightmares every night. ❞
❝ Say what you have to say and try not to cry. ❞
❝ This is just not what you wanted at this point in your life. ❞
❝ It’s so hard to stay when all you want to do is run. ❞
❝ I totally get you. I was a birdcage and you were meant to fly. ❞
❝ You are the poison I need less of inside my body. ❞
❝ You need a means to an ending, I need a spiritual cleansing. ❞
❝ That can be our thing, what do you think? ❞
❝ I can fight the rain clouds in your life every day, every night. ❞
❝ Can’t you see? I am delusional with love. ❞
❝ The love of my life is gone forever. ❞
❝ Get her back, you know I wish I could. ❞

Give Her A Hand

Context: In a previous run of our Shadowrun campaign, our BnE expert, Xaren, had his hand chopped off as punishment after he cheated in an arena to save his teammate’s life. Today, the party was stumbling through a labyrinth and got separated from each other. This exchange occurred between an NPC and a member of the party, Olin, who absorbs metal through her skin for nourishment, can use it to regenerate wounds after rest and is deathly allergic to magic.

DM: You enter the next room, and you see an old witch tending a gigantic cauldron. She’s stirring it with a huge stick, there’s a broom in the corner, etc.

Rigger: What’s in the pot?

DM: You can’t see.

Olin: I start walking around the room.

Mage: Hello! Can you tell us where the exit is?

DM, as witch: Hello, dears. I’m afraid there is no exit.

Rigger: What’s in the pot?!

DM: You can’t see, the cauldron is like twelve feet tall. it’s too tall to look inside.

Olin: I poke the cauldron.

DM, as witch: Don’t touch that.

Olin: (slowly moves her finger forward)

DM, as witch: You really don’t want to touch that…

Olin: I’m going to roll Willpower to see if I resist touching it. (fails spectacularly) …Alright, I poke it and eat some of the metal.

DM: Alright, so there’s a hole in the cauldron now, and a liquid–

Rigger: What color is it?! I don’t know why I care so much about this, but I’m curious!

DM: …A boiling purple liquid starts pouring out of the cauldron. Olin, you feel incredible pain on your finger and as you pull away your hand, it’s covered with black scars that start spreading up your arm.

Mage: ..Ohhh, it’s magical alchemy. So that means..

DM, as witch: Well, it IS necrotic.

Olin: (Whips out a knife and chops her own arm off to stop the spreading)



Olin: (Grabs her severed arm and starts flailing it around) Look at me, I’m Xaren! :D

DM: You can’t see, it’s too tall to look inside.

anonymous asked:

do you have any klance getting together oneshots??? i'm almost completely sure i've read them all,,, but it's worth asking

well idk if youve read these but i do like these ones <3

that stupid, awesome book of his by ellisfifellis (1/1 | 4,087 | Not Rated)

“Yeah, I know. I messed up. ‘Don’t blackmail the other paladins’ is what, rule three? But I still don’t know why he’s so freaked out. It’s– it’s never been this bad,” he murmurs, wringing his hands together.

twelve feet deep by starspecters (1/1 | 4,992 | General)

Keith doesn’t respond, but he does smile - which is honestly better, in Lance’s opinion - and Lance starts to worry that maybe he should have applied more sunblock when the tips of his ears grow hot.

let the whole world know by redburn (1/1 | 4,174 | Teen And Up)

Your soulmates first words said to you are inked on your wrist at birth.

Except now Keith decided he wasn’t going to wait for his soulmate to come along, instead he was more keen on asking out the cute barista who worked near their campus.

5 signs of Keith falling in love (feat. Lance) by Talinor (1/1 | 4,768 | Teen And Up)

Point was, it wasn’t really surprising to find out Keith had never said ‘I love you’ to anyone not related to him before. Keith’s a guarded and private person. There were layers to the hotheaded Red Paladin that most people didn’t bother to peel away.

Luckily, Lance wasn’t like most people.

Twelve Feet Deep
The Front Bottoms
Twelve Feet Deep

Cause you are water twelve feet deep and I am boots made of concrete
We’ll wear cool clothes that show some skin
Flash a fake, so we’ll both get in
Now we’re dancing, we’re so drunk
We are so cool, we are so punk

And yes, we can keep living like this.
As long as you’re here I will live like this.

Since when did “I wanna hear your voice” not become a good excuse?
Calling you three in the morning, laugh at sleep that we’ll both lose

Ocean’s Fave ao3 Klance Bookmarks: A FIC REC

I’ve been working my way through the klance tag on ao3 for a while now and am always sending links to my friend so i thought i may as well compile a bunch of my faves here! these are pretty much all my bookmarks atm but there’s so many more i want to read… i’ll probably reblog this and add more as time goes by (or make like a part 2?)

almost all of these are set in the canon universe or canon divergence because.. it’s my fave universe. what au is better than space?????? nothing. space is the best setting for anything to happen! (space opera au’s have always been my favourite) all fic on this list is complete and any heavy nsfw fics will have an * beside it so it can be avoided if you wish!

so without further ado, under the read more in alphabetical order -

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Reaction to You Screaming ‘Cause You Dropped Your Food. . .

Anonymous said: Are requests open? If so- could you do a exo reaction to you screaming cause you dropped your food? This is legit me lol. Thx

Reaction to You Screaming ‘Cause You Dropped Your Food…

A/N haaaa! this is funny. thanks for great request Anonie.

Kai Eonni ~


The moment you scream, you would have given this poor boi a heart attack. He would rush into the room, ready to tend to any and all wounds you may have. However the moment he sees you on the floor, wiping up the splattered soup all over the floor he would sigh, placing a hand over his still pounding heart. “Ahhh, Jagi, I seriously thought you were injured.” He would laugh lightly, finding this situation ridiculous as he bent down with a paper towel in his hand, helping you clean up the mess.

Originally posted by lawlliets


You were walking towards the living room and almost made it when you somehow dropped the plate of cut fruit. Before the food and plate hit the floor a scream escaped your lips. D.O. would walk into the hallway, see the catastrophe that had taken place and without missing a step would immediately turn and return to your room where he was working. He wouldn’t be surprised by this occurrence, nor concerned for your reaction as this was a weekly habit of yours he grew accustomed to just ignore.

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The moment your scream left your lips, you had a frantic little puppy running your way ready to be you night in shining armor. When you come into sight, on the ground mourning your long gone cereal, he understood, but still wouldn’t be able to hold back his laughter. Sweet pupper Channie would then crouch next to you, stroking your back and offering comforting words. “It’s alright Jagi. How about I clean it up and get you some more cereal okay?”

Originally posted by chanys


When your scream spread throughout your apartment and to where Xiumin was lounging on your couch, he would jump up, ready for action. You can be sure he was not expecting to see your spaghetti splattered on the floor and bottoms of your jeans. “Jagi…” He would sigh in defeat, running a hand through his hair. You had your man worried with your death-is-arriving scream, and here you are crying over splattered spaghetti. 

Originally posted by baozi1


You scared the shit outta him the moment that scream left your mouth. After he gets over his initial shock, he’s racing as fast as his feet can carry him, leaps and bounds, to get to you. When he sees you are perfectly fine, he feels like a mother who found his baby after 20 ghastly minutes of searching. He would be slightly calmer after realizing it was just food you dropped, but would have sympathy for you, after all, you worked hard for that cake.

Originally posted by laygion


You screamed, and that scared the light, the will to live and the last bit of energy he had for the day outta him. He would have no sympathy for you whatsoever. He’d call it a day. And you know he’s gunna be going to bed tight for having him worry for your life and where in reality,,, “Babe…? Are you screaming for the orange juice? No, no, it’s cool, it’s cool… Imma.. Imma just head to bed alright?”

Originally posted by exoxoolf


He’d just laugh. He’d find it ridiculous, and then he’d also find his reaction to your scream in this circumstance even more ridiculous. He’d need to take a seat and collect himself before he proved to be any help to you. Tbh he’d get too much joy out of this.

Originally posted by princewangeun


He’d be another that would find this thoroughly amusing. This little shit wouldn’t lift a finger to help you. He’d dead ass stand there trying to cover up his strong need and desire to laugh at you. But we all know that wouldn’t last long, and he would break down into a fit of laughter. Wheezing and all. Assisted by the second little shit Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exo-milky-way


He’d be the most about it. Whipping his hair and everything. You not only had the audacity to scream about dropped food, but also to make him think you were getting murdered in your own kitchen. He’d be giving you the hardest time about making him run the few twelve feet from your living room to the kitchen.


He wouldn’t be having it. NONE of it. That was his last straw that week. You had already used up all your chances to drop your food and scream about it. It’s over for the rest of the week and it’s only Wednesday.


He’d just be confused. You screamed for dropping pancakes? Why? He’d have been worried for you, but when he sees the reason for your screaming, he wouldn’t be able to comprehend why you were screaming., Sehun would be a lost Oh Sehun (not like that’s anything new)

Originally posted by sassyminghao


He’d somehow find this cute. You being clumsy, and you loving your food enough to scream when you drop it. That would be cute to him. He’d be trying to hold back a smile when he sees you crouched down in defeat after dropping your bowl of ice cream. He’d be another that would find a little too much joy out of this.

Crack Our Broken Records

I, an artist, wrote something for the 13th Dannyversary, and by wrote something I mean I’ve had this sitting in my docs for half a year and decided it was time to finish it

The alternate title is “Family Takes Four Thousand Words to Start a Conversation and They Don’t Even Finish it by the end” but that’s a little too long

Also there’s some really vague and small headcanons thrown in here but just a heads up.

read it on FFN l AO3


The man in question hummed noncommittally at his wife, much more focused on the mess of wires and metal seated on the table beneath his hands.


His fingers slipped on the slick metal, the wires falling from his hands and connecting in a shower of sparks. Dropping his head into his hands, Jack groaned. Maddie shifted her frying pan between her hands, allowing her to reach over to her husband.

“Jack, honey, give it a rest. You need to take a break.”

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Out of Step

Fandom Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel
Prompt: Marching Band
Pairings: Destiel
Tags: high school au, marching band, enemies, enemies to friends drummer!dean, color guard!castiel
AO3 Beta-ed by @adoringjensen <3

“Everyone reset back to set one. Come on, move with purpose! We haven’t got all day!” Crowley bellows into his megaphone from the top of the scaffolding tower.

Jesus Christ.

Every year, Dean hides that stupid thing but Crowley always seems to find it. Looks like he’ll just have to go for the batteries.

“Dean, can you please take one for the team and ask for a water break?” Jo pants beside him as they hustle back to set one.

“Yeah, we’re dying here, Winchester,” Charlie agrees as she jogs up beside them.

Dean sighs dramatically. “Why does it have to be me?”

“Because Crowley has a soft spot for you,” Jo says with a smirk.

He rolls his eyes. “That’s not true.”

“Sorry brother, but it is,” Benny calls, already in position on his dot about five yards from them. Dean groans, scrubbing a hand down his face where droplets of sweat are beading on the surface.


Jo and Charlie share a conspiring smile before racing ahead to their dots. Dean slows down, hovering around the fifty yard line where The Tower is set up. It stands twelve feet tall, with Crowley barely adding any height on the highest platform. Chuck sits silently, as usual, on the lower platform which is just above head level. Maybe Dean can get away with asking Chuck instead.

“Uh, hey Chuck? It’s been about two hours since our last water break. Think we can take five minutes after this run?”

Chuck glances down at Dean, looking frantic at the question. God, after four years of being in this band, Dean still has no idea how this guy is even the director.



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