Peter Capaldi was scared no one would like him if he was a geek.

“I destroyed all my geek stuff because I didn’t want to be a geek, and I regret it to this day. Consumed in the geek bonfire of the vanities was a collection of autographs and letters from Peter Cushing, Spike Milligan and Frankie Howerd, the first Doctor Whos, actual astronauts and many more. I wish I’d known that one day the geek would inherit the Earth.”

-Peter Capaldi


River & The Doctor | Silence

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○ Note: This video contains audio from the diary of river song series 01

I must say I love that comic strip of Twelve in Clara’s bathroom of all places and he’s not even fazed about her in the bath. They’ve definitely been doing it throughout s9. Whouffaldi is definitely canon and I will always love those two impossible idiots ❤
I’ll look forward to getting this comic :D


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This is another fan tribute I’ve made for the twelfth Doctor and Clara. They have an extreme love story. I really believe that in essence, they’re so similar to one another and actually addicted to each other. Even death couldn’t do them part.

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Song: Set Fire to the Rain (Instrumental)