twelve days of doctor who

You were not my first Doctor, but I love you like you were. You made millions of people smile. Including myself. The show won’t be the same without you, but I’m confident Peter will live up to the legacy that you and all the other Doctors have left behind. THANK YOU, MATT SMITH!

It’s the Twelve Days of Doctor Who and today is all about generosity. It’s that time of year filled with tons of cheer and good feels, but it’s also a time of year when some of us can feel kinda gloomy.

So today we should all DO A NICE THING FOR A FELLOW WHOVIAN BECAUSE DOING NICE THINGS FOR NICE PEOPLE IS NICE. We’ll be doing things all day and putting some of your posts up on the blog.

Here are some ideas of what we could do for each other:

  • Bake someone cookies
  • Shovel our neighbor’s yard
  • Send a nice message to a fellow Whovian 
  • Make a post about a cool Doctor Who fan
  • Send a friend an e-card
  • Make a present for a sibling
  • Make a funny Blingee for a friend
  • Tell the person who introduced us to Doctor Who how much we appreciate them whether it be our mom/dad/brother/sister/friend/dog/physics teacher/neighbor/librarian/coworker
  • Watch our best friend’s favorite episode of Doctor Who with them

Let’s do our best to make people happy and make the not-so-fun things we have to do a little bit easier for each other. Make sure you tag your posts with #Twelve Days of Doctor Who so everyone can see them.