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Masterlist: Holiday - Christmas

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In Panem Christmas:

12 Days of Whatmas? - Author M. Austin

A Capitol Christmas - LadyCissyMalfoy

A Christmas Wish - MissBunburyHope

A Gift from the Heart - knottedenergy

A Perfect Winter’s Day - dispatchesfromdistrict7

A Very Hunger Games Christmas - Aphrodite-Venus-u.k

A Very Hungry Christmas - WritersBlockDillema

All I want for Christmas - crazydreamerforever

All I Want For Christmas Is You - anayalovedisney

All i want for christmas is you! - WeasleysRangaWife

Always Winter but Never Christmas - dracoisalooker76

An Everlark Christmas - Heyitscatnip

An Everlarked 1st Christmas - mega-aulover

Are You Cold? - thegirlfromoverthepond

Christmas Baby - MissBunburyHope

Christmas Behind Closed Doors - Miss_Scarlett

Christmas Blessings - ella_rose88  

Christmas for Us - frakit

Christmas Frenzy - clarkewayne

Christmas in District 12 - sydthekidhollis

Christmas in District Twelve - Winterowl312

Christmas Miracle - burkygirl

Christmas Rolls - mockingnightlock

Christmas Wishes - primroseeverdeen12

CHRISTmas with the Mellarks - MellarkandArt

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas - xDarkDesiresLightx

Effie’s Christmas Visit -

Fifteen Years Later - MagicFireTiger

Gift - thegirlfromoverthepond

Gingerbread Cookies - mockingjayflyingfree 

Glove Buddies - thesagaciousowl

Happiness is a Gift - ayounintervention

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - notanislander

Home This Christmas - Firstlight21

I’m dreaming of an early Christmas - jennagill

Katniss’ First Christmas - xforeverdeen

Katniss’s Christmas - crazydreamerforever

Lean In Closer - Writerswand   

Lux Brumalis - QuirkyChameleon

Magic - r0ck-y0ur-s0ul

Mellark Mistletoe - dandeliononfire

Merry Christmas! - Acacia Fynn Mellark

Merry Christmas - Tobias’ Heart

Merry Christmas, Katniss - mikaylaluv

Not So Secret Santa - whatifellinlovewith

Oh Peaceful Night - HordeFighter

Once Upon a Winter’s Morn - katnissdoesnotfollowback

Paint a Sky and Stars - authoresskika

Reminiscence - pudgy-unicorn

Shall I Sing For You - passionately_curious 

Silent Night - LadyCissyMalfoy

Sneak Attack - burkygirl

Stockings - ohez

Tannenbaum - Lauran41

The Comfort We Never Knew We Needed - char-thelove

The Fine Art of Giving and Receiving - eala-musings

The Moment I Knew - titaniasfics

The Tree of Bright Lights - embracingmyobsessivetraits 

The Twelve Christmas Days of Peeta Mellark - abagail_snow

The Winter Season - sponsormusings

Three Christmases - AULOVE

Tree- thegirlfromoverthepond

‘Twas The Night - ghtlovesthg

Twelve Breads to Woo Them - Alliswell

When the Darkness Comes -hinkeeverlark

Wreath - thegirlfromoverthepond

Wreathed in Hope - appleblossomgirl0305

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The Twelve Days of Christmas displays placed throughout
the Butchart Gardens
(I guess I was impressed the most by Eight Maids-a-Milking :))

Spokane Seattle Canada trip 16

Bellarke Christmas - Day 1 (Secret Santa)

Clarke was sitting in her tent, updating her map, the first time it happened. There was a soft thud from behind her. Glancing at the door, she noticed a small package laying on the ground. Frowning, she walked over to pick it up. It was crudely wrapped in burlap, and when she tugged at the string that had been tied neatly into a bow, the material fell away to reveal a small wooden carving. It’s base was a branch that had been stripped of bark, two small figures had been added. The first was a tiny bird, perched atop the branch, and the second was a pear, hanging beneath it. Both were carved beautifully from a darker wood.

Puzzled, Clarke stuck her head out the flap of her tent, but there was no one around. It was a beautiful piece, but she couldn’t imagine who would have made it for her. Shrugging, she set it down beside the map, and got back to work.

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Butchart Gardens and two the most creepiest of Eleven Pipers Piping (Twelve Days of Christmas display). I don’t know how they ever consider bringing little kids to see this horror display. All those eerily lit figures at night moving and that music..

Spokane Seattle Canada trip 17

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