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Welcome to one of the finest ships I have ever seen the Colonial Viper from Battlestar Gallactica, Since I was a boy this ship has been in my dreams from the sound of the blasters to the sound of the engines.

This ship is seriously right up there in my list, I mean the dogfights, the dogfights were amazing, that was before the remake which just polished them off so well as a strong fighter.

We see them face of against the Cylons time and again in some truly breathtaking spaceship fighting action.

The speed and ability of these ships could in my opinion face of against many other ships from different science fiction creations.

Sit back and cast your mind back, enjoy the show!

The Colonial Viper

Battlestar Gallactica

I gave @okaynextcrisis a prompt, and can you believe? She sent it right back to me. So I’m writing in her AU which I love, and hoping to do it justice. Story is here. Prompt: Same time, next week?

She kept an eye on her watch throughout dinner, mindful that she was on borrowed time. Any minute now her phone would ring, and Richard would be asking just where in the hell she was while he was suffering through Delegate Umbriel’s reception alone. As alone as the president of the Twelve Colonies could be, anyway.

Well, she didn’t get paid enough for what she’d already gone through today, and she sure as hell didn’t get paid enough to deal with Richard trying to “sneak away for a private chat” during the reception. If he told Melinda to stay home so that he wouldn’t suffer through his wife’s company, that was his problem. If Laura wanted to take an hour to have some damn fine noodles with one of the Colonies’ finest, she was well within her rights to do so.

Besides, she’d been standing on her feet for a good six hours at that point, and she was starving. Even for a man as distinguished as Delegate Umbriel, the Colonial budget office wouldn’t spring for anything more substantial than wine, cheese and crackers at his memorial reception. If she was going to tolerate more pomp and circumstance, she needed actual food.

She wouldn’t say no to the company, either.

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Kristanna Past Lives AU: Chapter 8
Written by @whitefeather79

A/N:  Hi. Whitefeather79 here. This is my contribution to the past life au, set during the American Revolution. I hope I did it justice. Posted on my phone. Here’s the lineup:
PAIRING: Anna and Kristoff
RATING: Teen (implied violence and intimacy…No thorough descriptions)
WORD COUNT: I tried to keep it within the limits but I couldn’t stop once I started.

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Good morning, folks! Today’s statistical map takes in sixty years’ worth of ESC data to determine each country’s mathematical all-time favourite country: i.e. the country to which it has awarded the most points in grand finals since 1956. (We shall have a look at the numbers including semi-finals at a later date. Some favourites are rather more predictable than others! I cannot look at this map without personifying the countries a little:

Most of Western Europe: Oh my god! It’s the UK!
Netherlands: Who cares? France is cooler.
France: Are you kidding? It’s home of the Beatles!
Germany: Rolling Stones!
Switzerland: Lulu and One Direction! Autograph please!
UK: Oh my god, guys, I’m trying to eat my dinner in peace. Why can’t you be cool, like Ireland?
Ireland: Cheers, fella. I like you too.

Sweden [watching from a distance:] Yeah, Ireland… is cool.
Norway: Don’t do it!
Sweden: So cool…
Denmark: I love you, Sweden! Even if you make fun of my Lego!
Sweden: That I think…
Finland and Hungary: *Glare silently*
Sweden: I’m going to give them my all-time twelve!
Iceland: Well, screw you then, Sweden! I’m going to give my twelve to our old colonial masters instead to spite you! Here, Denmark! Buy some more potatoes with this twelve!

Russia [watching from a distance:] Such a shame to see such division amongst brothers, isn’t it? I’d never expect any such behaviour from you, my dear friends.
Baltics [uneasily]: Don’t worry, Russia!
Georgia: No way! My points are going to Armenia!
Belarus and Armenia: Twelve points to you, Russia!
Ukraine: Sure… I guess I still like you.
Russia: I love you more than you can know!!
Azerbaijan and Poland: Us too, Ukraine!
Russia: Silence! We’re having a special moment, you nitwits!

[Countries of former Yugoslavia enter in a group hug, except Macedonia, who looks longingly at Albania who is sat next to Romania and Bulgaria looking longingly at Greece]
Greece: You always want to watch my dance! Anyhow, my all-time 12 goes to Cyprus! I love you, son!
Cyprus: I love you too, mam!
Moldova: Family comes first, doesn’t it, bro?
Romania: [watches Greece silently]

Meanwhile, in Iberia:
Spain: I don’t know why everyone loves those cabrones ingleses! The real deal is Germany! I love a bit of Dschingis Khan!
Andorra (squeaky voice): Lass ihn, Spanien! He’s no good for you.
Portugal: Help a sister out, Spain… I give you most of my points. You’re making me lament. Time for another fado!
Spain: GERMANY PLEASE!! Get me out of here! Don’t break my heart! T__T

Czechia: Another year, another masterpiece from the land of Dvořák cruelly ignored! I don’t know which of these ingrates to give points to.
Slovakia: Don’t know why you still bother, sis.
Czechia: Ok… Armenia! Come on, sis, who are you giving points to?
Slovakia: Malta, I guess.
Czechia: You always were so random o__O
Slovakia: Look who’s talking. What were you thinking with that shoe thing last year? o__O