twelve colonies


Welcome to one of the finest ships I have ever seen the Colonial Viper from Battlestar Gallactica, Since I was a boy this ship has been in my dreams from the sound of the blasters to the sound of the engines.

This ship is seriously right up there in my list, I mean the dogfights, the dogfights were amazing, that was before the remake which just polished them off so well as a strong fighter.

We see them face of against the Cylons time and again in some truly breathtaking spaceship fighting action.

The speed and ability of these ships could in my opinion face of against many other ships from different science fiction creations.

Sit back and cast your mind back, enjoy the show!

The Colonial Viper

Battlestar Gallactica


The Cylons were created by man. 
They were created to make life easier on the twelve colonies.
And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters.