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Leverage OT3, Time Loop episode?

Parker doesn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Well, she does mean to steal the necklace. Although sometimes her fingers slip and she half-absentmindedly steals things, she deliberately took this necklace. It’s shiny and eye-catching it it’s just there, practically cast aside, left behind in the safe she’s cracked, searching for the big pile of bearer bonds.

It’s what happens afterwards that Parker doesn’t intend.

There have been twenty-one reiterations of the day now, spanning from the moment she puts the necklace on–two forty three in the afternoon–until midnight, when it resets all over again.

Every single time, one of them gets caught. Parker, bound hand and foot and still in the cell when midnight rolls around. Hardison, grabbed from behind and dragged. Eliot, beaten and bloody.

Parker thinks it’s not a situation so inescapable that they couldn’t eventually rescue each other, but never before midnight and, without fail, the day resets every time midnight rolls around.

Parker’s tried switching up the plan, her brain calculating and recalculating so fast it practically whirs. Nothing works. She tries putting the necklace back in the safe, but the day continues as normal, and she’s wearing it again at two forty three once more.

They can’t alter the escape routes. Too many guards. They can’t hide. Not enough good places, and too many cameras. They can’t just get caught and break out, because it takes too long.

The problem, Parker thinks, is that all classic distractions are only meant for two. Ergo, one of them being left out to get caught.

But–and here Parker stops in her tracks, four steps away from the safe–she’s a mastermind. There may be no new cons, but there are a million variations.

“Third bedroom down the hall,” she says. “Meet me there.”

They don’t respond, and she’s a little warmed by how much they trust her. Of course, she’s failed them for twenty days now–not that they know that–but she’s determined to prove why they should trust her today.

“New variation on an old classic,” she says as they walk in right behind her. “Guards will be on us in thirty seconds. Get us thrown out of this party.”

They do a remarkable job, too. Eliot has his pants unbuttoned and Hardison untucks and ruffles his shirt, leaning over to tease Parker and Eliot’s hair into disarray. Parker slips a dress strap down her shoulder and then sandwiches herself between them.

“Well?” She demands, staring at Hardison in front of her. He looks back, nonplussed for a second, before seeming to get it and lean over her shoulder to kiss Eliot, who wraps big hands around Parker’s waist.

And…for a scene only meant to get them thrown out of a party as debauched guests, it really…clicks.

They get thrown out, but not thrown in a cell. Parker still has bearer bonds in her clutch, and, she realizes belatedly, the necklace around her neck.

When they’re back at the brewpub and the clock rolls around to twelve-oh-one that night, she kisses both boys senseless. When she pulls back, they stare at each other, seem to have a silent conversation with their eyes. Eliot shrugs, and then they’re all kissing again.

Parker smiles happily into the kiss. For a mastermind, it took her far too long to realize that the best cons are variations on the classics.

Wee sketch. I’m still working up to that fanart. Yes, the same one.

Piano Talk - Bucky x Reader

Request: Could u do request with Bucky. Where “reader” is playing piano at night,cuz she never sleeps&he catches her,but says nothing,so that happens like dozen times until 1 time he sees her at piano,but instead of playing she’s crying. Make it cute/sad…

The fact that I named this ‘Piano Talk’ reminds me so much of ‘Pillow Talk’ by Zayn, but whatever. I thought the name for it was rather cute. Thanks to @niightwolff for suggesting!

Remember guys. My requests are always open! ^.^

WARNINGS: Talks of sadness, crying, death, cuteness


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When it first started happening, he was quite confused. The day you two decided to move in together was the day he figured out a missing puzzle piece about you that you hadn’t thought to mention throughout the course of the relationship. It was around 12:30 AM when something unfamiliar rang through his ears. It sounded angelic, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on it. Curiously, he climbed out of the bed and eased his way down the steps.

As he was turning the corner, the sounds of beautiful music filled his ears. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He then realized what it was. Someone was playing the piano in the living room. He remembered suddenly that a few months back you had requested the two of you invest in the large musical piece. He didn’t really question your intentions, and still wouldn’t to this day.

He cut the corner, his eyes falling on you. You were so in tune with whatever you were playing. Your eyes were closed as your fingers glided over the keys, your heart pouring into the song you had. He crossed his arms over his chest, a small smile finding its way onto his face. He decided not to bother you, but just take in the beauty that you withheld. It took him back to the 40′s when he would hear the pianos playing. It actually soothed him.

He had no clue you could play as beautifully as you did. He should’ve realized something was up when you wanted the piano in the first place. You did understand one thing - you weren’t a big sleeper when nighttime came around. Even when Bucky would stay at your place, he’d feel you roll out of the bed or off the couch at a certain time each night. You would walk around your apartment complex before finally making yourself tired enough to the point where you would have the urge to crawl back into bed.

As Bucky made his way back to bed, he couldn’t get the sounds of your piano out of his head. It was stuck there. Yet, he didn’t complain. He now adored the sound.

The nights kept coming. Bucky would awake at around twelve, sometimes one, to the sounds of you playing the piano. Each night was a different song. However, when Monday would roll around, you’d play the same song as you did the previous Monday, soon repeating the days. It was in your system.

Bucky would make his way downstairs and watch you without you ever noticing. He would lean against the doorframe, his eyes settled on you. It was as if he could see a spotlight shining upon you. Your eyes would be closed, a smile formed on your face. Something was off though. You had a slight frown that a forced smile was trying to cover. Still, Bucky wouldn’t question. He left you alone. He didn’t want to possibly embarrass you and make you stop. He didn’t want to not hear you playing. It was something he had grown accustomed to now.

The night was Saturday. You were playing the familiar tune as you had the previous Saturday’s. Bucky had the sound sealed inside his brain. In an instant, he would begin humming the sound, a smile easing onto his face. When Bucky awoke at a one-thirty, he didn’t hear your playing. He looked to his side to see that you weren’t there. He hurried out of bed and made his way downstairs to see your frame bent over the piano, shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

His eyes widened at the sight. He made his way into the living room, being careful to not frighten you. As he grew closer, he could hear your cries faintly. “Doll?” He gently spoke. You lifted your head off of the keys, a sound erupting. Bucky took the chance and placed himself beside you on the piano bench, his arm wrapping around you.

“Why are you crying? I thought you usually played?” He looked into your eyes, seeing them glisten with fresh tears. Your lips quivered as you rested your head on his shoulder. “I miss her, Buck.” You choked out. He raised his eyebrows. “Miss who, (Y/N?)” He replied hesitantly. You hadn’t told him about your sister. In Sokovia, she was in the military, and was killed during a fight. You and her were very close. Only being a year older than you, she was your role model. 

“My sister. I-I never told you.” You responded after a moment of silence. “In Sokovia, she was killed during battle. T-The reason I play the piano late at night is because I can’t sleep… She also loved to hear me play. The songs I play every night are the ones we continuously played together.” You explained, your tears falling much faster.

Bucky’s eyes grew slightly. “Oh, baby,” He pulled you into him more tightly, embracing you. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” He sighed, kissing the top of your head. You shook yours and wiped your eyes. “You didn’t know, Bucky. It’s alright.” You sniffled.

Bucky continued to hold you close to him, not letting his grip up any. You continued to stare at the keys, your fingers gliding across them every few moments. “You’re a beautiful player.” Bucky complimented, a small grin covering his face. You looked up at him, seeing his blue orbs filled with lovingness. “Really?” You said with a slightly shocked tone. He nodded, rubbing his nose against yours gently. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Show me.” He demanded. You raised an eyebrow. “Show you how to play?” You questioned. He nodded. “Take my hands, guide me, show me how you do it.” He smirked. You giggled to yourself and threw your head back. You smiled and grabbed Bucky’s hands, guiding them to the specific keys.

“Relax your fingers, babe.” You whispered. He did as you said, giving you full control. You intertwined yours with his and began pressing the keys, hearing how the semi-good notes sounded in your ears. The night consisted of you both sharing laughs, both having a good time at a pretty good lesson for Bucky.

You even decided to name this time spent together ‘Piano Talk’ due to the stories you shared while doing so.


My English teacher knows I know a lot and am very interested in fish, and today she asked me to go to another teachers classroom and look at her tank to see if I knew what was wrong. And the teacher explained the situation to me.

She’s had her tank for a little over a year, and she had lots of fish in it until recently. About a week ago, most of them died of ich or something like that. She says that the water has been pink for about a week, which was when she added tetracycline hydrochloride. It was totally clear before, light isn’t pink and the gravel didn’t make the water look pink. As far as I can tell, all fish appear ich free and active.

She only has four fish left of around twelve or so, one she said looked like it physically melted away in the water

She has dwarf gourami, a Siamese algae eater, a Cory, and a giant danio. Lots of fake plants, one Java fern, what I suspect is Cabomba (but I could be wrong). She’s done three water changes since it started, I think around 20%. It’s a 20 gal, first thing I did was a water test (she had a kit)

Temp is just below 80 degrees fahrenheit, maybe 78-79
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5.0
pH: 8.0
Kh: 4

I’d really like to figure this out, I’m absolutely baffled. I thought maybe it could be some kind of microbe but I looked under a microscope and there wasn’t anything that I saw. I thought maybe the rocks? I have a water sample (still discolored) and some gravel. I’m gonna try putting the gravel in water and see if that turns it pink. Anything else you guys can think of that might cause pinkish purple water?