Can we talk about the pictures in the Doctor’s desk????? He’s been teaching at that University for 70+ years, and there they are. River and Susan. His wife and his granddaughter. His family. Making him go back in time so that Bill can have pictures of her family too, because that is so important to him. And m otivating him, making he go back to the TARDIS and his adventures. I just… I can’t…

DW Series 10

I just LOVE how Bill walks through the episodes like one of the Cinema Sins guys, constantly pointing out weird things we fans have long accepted!
“Like a penguin with it’s arse on fire”
“Why would you keep it as a phone box though?”
“Do you ever just let something go? Do you always have to fix everything?”

Capaldi is leaving who ...

After this season…. I figured it was coming but let the grief cycle begin. 

I’m calling it now.  

BY all the Old and New Gods, By Grabthar’ hammer, So help me Dumbledore…

If the WHO Christmas Finale when Twelve regenerates doesn’t have that Married Old Man implanting a copy of himself into The Library database … I’ll eat my hat.

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I will only let go of River Song when I know that she gets her man in the end.
Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and the waistcoat
meeting the crew in Skirrid Farm, Wales.

If anyone is still interested ^^^^^^

Didn’t expect to get so busy when back home and my laptop wasn’t keen on helping as well but here it is. I know, shite video but gets special because of the magic hands…

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