The Doctor Knew What Missy Did In The Doctor Falls: A Theory

Honestly I can’t watch *that* scene in The Doctor Falls without crying no matter how many times I watch it I just can’t get through it without tears.

I’d hoped that I’d get some peace when Twice Upon A Time arrived but, alas I got nothing and was even more upset that it seemed that they’d just completely forgotten Missy’s existence entirely.

However, due to mental health reasons I decided to theorise how the Doctor could have actually know what Missy had done and knew she was going to stand with him at the end because unless they’re going to explain the whole thing with a future incarnation of The Master, or even if Michelle does what John Simm shouldn’t have done in season 10 and Missy actually gets to explain what she did in the far future. It depresses the hell out of me that, that is how they are going to leave Missy’s storyline.

The only way I think the Doctor could have known the truth is in this point.

Missy grabs his hand, yet the way she grabbed it with that hand and how it’s almost as if he grabs her wrist before she takes his hand makes me believe that he knew she had the knife there and subsequently knew exactly what she was planning to do.

This could have been Missy’s way of showing him her plans and also saying goodbye in case she didn’t make it back.

The Doctor than looks at her in such a manner that just makes me wonder if he knew exactly what she was planning and by the look on his face it to me seems like he wants to tell her not to do it. That she doesn’t have to that she could just stay and fight with him.

The way Missy looks back at him is almost like she is telling him ‘this is what I’m going to do you are not going to change my mind, he needs to be stopped now, don’t say anything’

Then the way The Doctor watches her go is like he is realising that this may be the last time he ever sees her as Missy because they both know that she might not come back from what she’s planning to do. I think he knew that she wanted to stand with him.

To conclude the hand Missy has the knife in is the same one she grabbed the Doctor’s hand with.

I believe that The Doctor knew Missy was going to stand with him and that she was going to kill SimmMaster and when she didn’t return he knew that she had died.

Which is why Missy was never mentioned in Twice Upon A Time because The Doctor knew that he had lost her and if he so much as mentioned her all that pain would have been so overwhelming.

That’s my theory.

- I’m gonna miss Twelve & Missy

- There’s never going to be a better NewWho Master than Michelle Gomez

- Long Live Twissy


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