What i would give to have a 7-Eleven near me. The closest one is on Fordham Rd. I love the coffee…the fact that you can make it yourself and it comes out the way you want it to. Not like in Starbucks, where there are many choices of coffee..but if they dont make it right, your assed out. Or in Dunkin Donuts where they dont put any sugar. 7-Eleven, you make it your perfection. Coffee….coffee….i think im addicted to coffee. My pic from 7-Eleven

When is "Whoredom" acceptable?

I believe women have the right to dress, act, and think like whores which i like to call “whoredom” But i think the act of it is only acceptable at certain times. For instance, if its friday night at 11pm, your walking the streets trying to get to your destination which might be a club, or some guys crib for a quick fuck. Thats acceptable! You blending in with others, people are partying at that time….its OK! Buuuuuuutt. If it’s Monday morning and people are on their way to work. It’s 8 am and your in short ass dress on the city bus…there’s something wrong there. Not acceptable. Your whoredom isn’t acceptable. 

There’s should be like a time on when whoredom is ok. Like, Friday night after 8pm till Monday morning at 4am. And during the week from 10pm till 4am. That’s when shit like that should be cool. Durning those times, you can think, dress, drink, smoke, look, and even fuck like whores. Nobody wanna see shit like that any other time on the train, at the supermarket…..i mean, to some guys its nice to see. But at the wrong place and wrong time. You see  bitches in IHOP at 5am eating pancackes? Whoredom is ok. What do you think?