So, i went to the NY Auto Show this past Friday, it turned out to be nice. Lost of cars to get into, some music, and a few games to play too. So while going around, the friends i was with came up to me (they were looking at some other cars), and told me that this couple wanted to take a picture of me. i was a little annoyed at first because times i want to keep to myself at certain places, and have to deal with that. But they were polite, so it didn’t bother much anymore. (i bumped into them later on and started some small talk with them.) After the photo, my friend was like, I saw them sneaking pictures of you, and trying to get a good shot of you when you were by the cars, so approached them and asked them if they wanted a pic with you. Better to just ask politely rather than follow and stalk.

Speaking of that, there was that guy who was on the mic for the Hot 97 van, and politely asked he he could have a photo with me. I had no problem with that at all


What i would give to have a 7-Eleven near me. The closest one is on Fordham Rd. I love the coffee…the fact that you can make it yourself and it comes out the way you want it to. Not like in Starbucks, where there are many choices of coffee..but if they dont make it right, your assed out. Or in Dunkin Donuts where they dont put any sugar. 7-Eleven, you make it your perfection. Coffee….coffee….i think im addicted to coffee. My pic from 7-Eleven