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Here are some incredible dog vertebrae that I found. The skeleton was nature-cleaned and sun-bleached, and I found it dumped by the side of a country highway - I’m assuming/hoping that it was a pet that died naturally. Its collar was still with it! I think the abnormal bone growth, which was also present on other joints, was due to old age. Poor pup.

Having a conversation with a friend:

Her:  All you ever do is read!  Why don’t you go out or something?

Me:  I go out all the time!  What are you talking about?  I was in the city just yesterday!

Her:  …  City of bones doesn’t count…



Me:  *whispers*  …  It was the city of glass…

The Last Word
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Mr. Bones - The Last Word

Mr Bones was a Sega Saturn exclusive and had a very unique soundtrack. The entire soundtrack is nothing but awesome blues guitar by the late great Ronnie Montrose. I don’t think I have heard a game soundtrack like this anywhere else. I mean when was the last time you heard Blues in a video game?