tweets that don't get sent

wesweetkoalacollectorposts-blog  asked:

"It's midnight on a Friday and a client has emailed you. Do youA) reply, trying to sound sober B) reply anyway C) close your laptop & weep" you're so unprofessional, why do you publish tweets like this? Don't you know that's why you don't get jobs?

Y'know, you sent me two tumblr asks insulting me and assuming you have any idea about my professional life, career and current workload. I find that odd.

You said “everyone knows you’re the bottom of the barrel” and told me to “write my scripts instead of tweeting.” It’s odd to me that you know my workflow without having ever met me. It’s more odd that you think it’s okay to send people messages like this, but I digress.

Last month I finished:
1) A 140 page graphic novel
2) Two 22-page scripts
3) A 20-page script
4) A 10-page script
5) Four comics for web
6) Two comic covers
7) A pitch that’s going to production
8) Two short stories
9) A comic convention I was a special guest of, where I panelled with Annie Wu, Katie Cook, Marjorie Liu, Dylan Meconis, Marguerite Bennet and Becky Cloonan
10) Two episodes of a podcast

I’d say I’m honestly curious to know what you did, other than sending rude messages to strangers on the internet, but I’m not. I have a pretty good idea. We’re all assuming we know each other here, right?

anonymous asked:

I promise I'm not trying to be rude. But I follow you on Twitter and I was wondering why do you praise the flash writers when they continue to treat Iris horribly? I noticed they always answer/acknowledge questions about westallen but never when it's concerning Iris' lack of a storyline. & it's totally fine if you care more about westallen, Iris fans are not all the same.

Because I don’t believe that being rude gets me anywhere with them. If you’ll notice, I always ask about Iris and I keep doing it even when they don’t answer.

If other people want to tell them off, or don’t want to tweet them at all, that’s their business. I’m not gonna say they’re wrong, and I’m gonna ignore them if they say I’m wrong. My praise is also never unadulterated. I always point out how I’d like them to improve, even if I am doing it passively.

It has nothing to do with what I want for Iris: I want her to have a fully-fleshed out arc, friendships outside the main cast, and for her journalism to be woven into the story. It has to do with what I think will get results.

Examples of Iris tweets I have sent the writers this month:
- Commenting during flash crossover that they won’t show her being a reporter.
- Commenting during supergirl that flash won’t show her being a reporter.
- “Iris better get a damn arc before she gets hurts for Barry’s manpain.”
- “Please tell me an Iris West arc is coming soon.”
- Iris West becoming an activist and showing heroism through the press.
- More Iris West at CCPN.
- Give me more Iris questioning witnesses. More Iris/Wally. More Iris POV.
- Use the West family more. Use journalism more.
- “I love Westallen but…” “I hope this develops into a storyline…”
- Let Iris use her skillset. Give her a story if you telegraph her death.

It all boils down to how I love Westallen and don’t wanna lose that aspect, nor do I feel the need to diminish my love for them, but I still wanna know “when will Iris have a story?”