tweets made of win

In case you’re out of the loop and wondering why nobody wanted a Patriots victory…

[series of tweets from the nazi Richard Spencer.

Upper left: “A Patriots victory is a victory for the #AltRight. #Patriots #SuperBowl”

Upper right: “Brady and Belichick are about to win bigly for Trump, the #AltRight, and White America!”

Lower left: “I was born in Boston, Mass. I’m proud of the NFL’s Whitest team! #superbowl”

Lower right: “For the White race, it’s never over. #SuperBowl”]

Believe it or not, these aren’t even all the tweets Spencer made praising the Patriots for all their white players and “winning for nazis”.

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Lol, it's been exactly 1 year today since Jason last tweeted from his account. We made it even better by winning the Zimbio poll for the second year time in a row.

yep it’s awesome

For the anon who sent a reminder:

I don’t want to talk about that subject on my blog because I think it’s probably over and done with, but I worry that it could pop back up and I don’t want to help the conversation spread if someone tries to use anons to get the fandom talking about it again.  To be clear, yes, I think it’s all set up and not real.

As for the other part of your ask, I don’t have super organized tags, but this has all been within the last 3-4 months I think. Um, I just finished and this got out of hand, so I’m adding a cut.

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I feel like tyler felt like he had to post that thing ab not tweeting love wins. People made him feel guilty and that sucks because he truly does love us idk why anyone would doubt that. He is not obligated to share his every thought with us and people are forcing him to. It's honestly so dumb of people to pressure him like that

I understand that people wanted him to say something bc they were afraid BUT that is not excuse to harass him or Josh about it. It hurts my heart that he even had to type that out. That he and Josh probably talked about what their fans were saying. & somehow someway people are finding something wrong with what he wrote. It’s as if this guy can never win. Also Josh’s tweet felt like he was just exhausted. Like he honestly was feeling attacked & was forced to put his opinion on the line. In a way I’m happy they tweeted about it but I’m upset that it was in such an intrusive way. Us as fans have one job, to support our idols not pressure them to make political statements. I’m disappointed in parts of the clique rn.

Nash Grier imagine

You sat on the cold bathroom floor, in nothing but your bra and underwear. A razor in one hand and a towel in the other. You picked up the razor and cut a mark on your thigh.
“For being ugly.” You said. You picked up the razor, and cut again. Just below the previous one.
“For not being good enough.” You moved to your stomach, cutting three times. Then you moved to your wrists.
The hate was getting worse. Your phone sat next to you, beeping every time someone sent you hate. You looked at the notification, making another cut.
“@YOURTWITTER you are a worthless piece of shit just like your dumb boyfriend.” You read another..
“@YOURTWITTER go fucking kill yourself. Who would miss you? You’re just a worthless piece of nothing.”
“Fine. You win. I’m done.” You tweeted.
You made another cut, but this one was deeper than the others. You didn’t even try to stop the bleeding. This is what they wanted.
“Y/N?” You heard a voice on the other side of the door. Nash.
“Y/N? Are you in there, baby?” He asked. Fuck.
“Y-yeah! I’ll be out in a sec!” You said. Your voice didn’t come out as strong as you hoped.
“Baby, are you okay? Please let me in.” You could hear the worry in his voice.
“Y/N I saw your tweet. Please let me in. I love you.” He said sniffling. You knew he started crying. You reached up, unlocking the door. He stepped in quickly and gasped at what he saw.
You were sitting on the tile, in nothing but your bra and underwear, a bloody razor in front of you, and a bloody towel over your wrist.
“Oh my god. I am so sorry.” Nash said. He sat down and pulled you into his lap. “I am so sorry, Y/N. I should’ve been here to protect you I’m so sorry. How could I let this happen? I love you so much, Y/N.” He said, crying.
You didn’t realize you were crying until Nash wiped the tears from your eyes. That’s when everything started to fade away.
“Y/N, please, NO! Wake up. Please stay awake baby. Don’t close your eyes.” I could hear him. He sounded miles away.
“The ambulance is coming. Please baby stay awake. ” He cried.
You knew this was the last time you were to see Nash. “I-I love you.” You said, then everything went black.
“No. No no. Please. Y/N I love you too baby please.”
You didn’t respond. You lied there, motionless. On the cold tile floor in nothing but your bra and underwear, a razor lying next to you, and a bloody towel over your wrist.

Can't Even See My Haters

Jackson: Bruh Kyungsoo did you see what Krystal been tweeting all night?

Kyungsoo: You talking about her sub tweeting ass? I saw it, collect your thots Jackson please.

Jackson: I ain’t got nothing to do with her. I went out on one date and said hell no, she’s too much of a princess. 

Jimin: Ha! I could have warned you about that.

Jackson: I don’t recall asking you your opinion Ms. Jimin. Why are you over here anyway?

Jimin: Because unlike you people actually invite me to their houses. Anyway maybe if you had asked me you wouldn’t have the White Witch of Narnia sub tweeting about how you’re a hoe who stole her man.

Jackson: She ain’t sub tweet a damn thing about me. You must be talking about her tweets about Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo: The girl is blind and stupid. She thinks I want Joonmyun when I obviously have been happily dating Jongin since Sophomore year. Dumb broad, not my fault her man on my dick. 

Jimin: So what you gonna do about it? Cause you know stuff starting to get around school. People saying you and Joonmyun messing around.

Kyungsoo: Let me locate my fucks for a second, oh wait, I have none. I ain’t concerned about that girl. Her brain is obviously deteriorating from all that blond dye. I told her don’t do it. Now she walking around looking like a knock off European version of the fuckin Grudge.

Jimin: Oohh she just made another tweet. “I didn’t win homecoming queen for hoeish Harry Potter looking wannabes to be trying to take what’s mine.”

Jackson: She obviously talking about you bro, I don’t know anyone else that fits that description.

Kyungsoo: *sighs* Don’t get slapped Jackson. Ugh, looks like I once again have to put irrelevants in their place.

Kyungsoo: *tweets* “@KrystalKLEAR94 Yet here I am still taking your man" 

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”@KrystalKLEAR94 He been here about a week. You can come get him anytime.“*tweet pic*

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Jackson: *tweets* ”@KrystalKLEAR94 You might wanna collect your weave from the pavement after that drag.“

*credit gifs and pic to owners*