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Tweets From The Egos (9/?)

There’s more to Chase “Bro Average” Brody than meets the eye.

Based on this theory and is also related to this theory by character association.

I want to thank the amazing and talented @artist-in-space for creating the art you can see in these tweets. We’ve done a collab over on their blog here, you can find that HERE

Disclaimer: These tweets are 100% fake and created by me

I love how Josh Keaton and Steven Yeun are polar opposites in the Voltron crew.

Josh immediately embraced the show and the fans, loves the #SpaceDad memes and aesthetic, literally makes tweets that say things like “Space Dad wants you to be happy :)”, wears Voltron gear all the time, tweets about it constantly, interacts with fans and is in the know on fandom memes, makes vines and videos related to Voltron, takes group pics with the other cast members at any opportunity, is super into fanart and fan work, and is omnipresent even in times of Discourse.

Steven is the cast Cryptid™ - did not even fucking acknowledge he was a part of the show for over a year, has never tweeted about it or promoted it in anyway, is never at any of the group panels, is never in group photos with the rest of the cast, the only group photos with him included have been photoshopped and that itself has become a meme, and last week for the first time ever he posted a pic on instagram of a chibi keith pin a fan sent him with the caption “dis cute.”

They are both icons on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Friendly reminder that while Shiro is the oldest and most mature Paladin of Voltron, he is way too young to actually be Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge’s father.

The “Space Dad” dynamic is meant to be in good fun. If you don’t ship Shaladin because you think of Shiro as an older brother or father figure to his team and find romantic relationships between them weird, that’s perfectly fine. If you accuse every Shaladin shipper of being a pedophilia apologist because you personally think of Shiro as a father figure, that’s not okay.

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Hey, any interesting facts about spiders?

Ha, you came to the right place!

Meet the star of this story, the jumping spiders. There are more than 5800 known species of jumping spiders to date but they’re mostly the smol, precious cinnamon rolls of the spider world. Just look at how adorbs this fella is!

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Back in June, two astronomers on twitter were nerding out about how their jumping spiders office co-habitants respond to laser pointers, like cats!

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What a rude cat. You’re not supposed to squish the protagonist.

Being scientists, they even tested and found out that jumping spiders seem to be more interested in green lasers than red ones! At this point, the spider-people of twitter have taken notice of the conversation, and jumped in to thicken the plot.

Apparently, our little fuzzy friends’ eyes (they sure have plenty) are built like Gallilean telescope. This arrangement allows them to have the same visual acuity as some animals like dogs, despite being way way tinier!

Some math-crunching tweets later, space-twitter and spider-twitter jointly declared that jumping spiders are anatomically capable of seeing distant objects as far as the moon. They could potentially even see the color differences on the moon’s surface, instead of just as a speck of light in the sky!

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If you’re interested to read more, this The Atlantic article by Ed Yong summarizes the whole exchange better than we ever could.

Bonus facts:
They can think ahead and plan detours, pretend to be ants to deter predators, and steal your dates by dancing better than you.


From one princess to another… thank you for inspiring fans across the universe. (x)

Oikawa: What’s your favorite constellation? 

Iwaizumi: Probably Orion because of Orion’s belt. 

Oikawa: But that one’s such a waist of space!

Iwaizumi: That was a terrible joke. Only three stars. 

Oikawa: Did you just–


ts6 theory thread

so as 99.9% of you know, taylor has blacked out all of her social media accounts, as well as her website. it just so happens that the solar eclipse is monday, and it is going to be a ‘blackout.’ an eclipse can symbolize ‘the end of time’ for some (this could be totally unrelated but i think her comments have to do with a new song). taylor tends to think very in depth with how to be sneaky/extra when announcing new music. my thoughts are that she is going to announce something tomorrow, with a single coming out friday, with the album or single being related to time/space. in her post to haim her caption was:

and haim replied:

a end of time could also symbolize the end of the 1989 era/eras before. maybe she wants to start fresh with the new era/‘time’. on her post to lorde, she said “bop for the ages” which sounds like it has to do with the new era/time theory.

speaking of the eclipse/space/end of time:

last december, taylor sent this to Erik Finman sending 1989 to space. and it just so happened that a day before all of these blackouts occurred, Erik tweeted this article, titling the tweet “We are going to space with some help from Taylor Swift!”:

to add onto this theory, taylor has been using the star emoji quite frequently lately and she has been wearing clothing with stars on them.

shoes with stars on them^

her coachella outfit^

and then for the met gala (which she co-chaired) the theme was Fashion in the Age of Technology, and this was her outfit:

her outfit was very “galactic” and reminded me of something of the future or space…a new time. her outfits from her bleachella phase were very different from anything she had ever worn before. many of them were dark, edgy, and sparkly and many of her outfits worn during this time looked very futuristic or space-like. we saw a “darker” side of her, you could say. like now her accounts are all dark/gone.

Super Saturday Night was very star themed according to what I have seen. (This could be totally unrelated but it ties into the space theme in a way)

(stars on guitar – I don’t know if that guitar has always been that way but I just noticed it).

sorry for how long this was but if anyone has anything to add – add to this! this post may be a total reach and 100% wrong but i just listed my observations/thoughts. GIVE US TS6!!! @taylorswift 

also im not saying that its going to be called space or stars or something like that. i just think a theme of it could be that and that she’s planning on announcing something monday.