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Opinion on Neelam Gill? Not just as an inej fc but like asa person?

i!! love!! neelam!! so much!!!!!!! she’s beautiful inside and out and i’m just floored everytime bc she’s so humble and down to earth but she always keeps it real and says it like it is and you’ll never see her starting any unnecessary drama or sugarcoating things. she’s a boss ass hard-working lady who’s never looked down her nose on anyone and tbh i don’t think she’d ever let the fame get to her head like.. she’s just not that type of person imo!! overall i respect the EFF out of her and also not to point out the obvious but um… she’s just Out Of This World gorgeous idk how else to put it but she’s welcome to step on me anyday hmu

How about ya’ll don’t erase or support erasing Oswald’s romantic/sexual orientation or his feelings for Ed.

You have 203003490293830 versions of Oswald who are straight/heterosexual. The Gotham version is not.

This is called homophobia / queerphobia and its not ‘fun’ or ‘creative’ or ‘harmless’. You don’t use “creative liberty” as medium for homo/queerphobic behaviour or as a shield for it & literally all this does is open the doors for & fosters homo/queerphobic views. None of you are cute or progressive. Go educate yourself. 

If you agree with any posts to the opposite of this don’t follow me or touch any of mine. THANKS.