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Louis rebelled on one side and now we have Harry doing a little act of rebellion as well. Yes, the blue bandanna screams rebellion, just as Louis did in the tweet.

Harry is a smart cookie and he knows what he’s doing. He’s not RBB for nothing, you know?

That said, perhaps it’s not so much rebellion as just a nice signal that RBB is still alive, even when he’s apart from SBB. No matter what superficial people pass through their lives, they keep each other foremost in their hearts.

The quiet gestures are as beautiful as the loud ones. There are going to be many, many days of PR, appearances, & interviews ahead. These quiet gestures– like Harry’s fixed sequence of rings, and the unspoken two-week rule – show how steadfast and committed they are.

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Kerry's tweet haha. Explaining Tony's absence but no one else's. I guess she really didn't want to get 100's of tweets asking her where Tony is/was lol. I'm glad to know she feels safe enough now to explain her boo's absence in a public tweet lol 😂

Hahaha, she is smart. Also, he did miss a lot of their parties and gatherings, and honestly I am not 100% sure he actually did show up