tweets and chirps

hey about Zebede

I get why people characterize him as the soft sweet bee boy BUT

Two of his facts are about how he sub(tweets)chirps people if they don’t visit him because he “lives too far away”

he’s petty as shit

“Those who matter will take the time out of their day to show you matter to them smh”

He’s the one who starts shit in the most PASSIVE AGRESSIVE way possible

He stirs the tea and KEEPS RECIPTS

I’m just sayin

There’s a lot of salt in that mindhoney 😒🤔

Future | Dick Grayson x Reader

Description: Everyone thinks about the future. Dick Grayson’s looks pretty bright.

Words: 2193

Notes: Part 1 of fics I recovered from my old blog.

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“And what do you think your future wife’s gonna be like, Grayson?” You tease, your palm cupping your cheek and your head cocked to the side like a loaded gun. It’s fired right into Dick’s chest when you smile at him, and he actually feels the emotion clouding his thoughts get thicker. He feels the pink lens replace the dark one, letting the world be seen the way you make everything seem; beautiful. Dick drowns in love and lets himself sink. He sinks, he falls, he tumbles and trips right at your feet. Where you pick him up, dust him off and tell him it’s okay.

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Since Gotham Got A Season 4

I’m wondering if Cam will be a regular there and only be available to do a 3 episode guest stint on Shameless…I’d love to see it go something like this.

First nine episodes: Ian is never mentioned or referred to-but luckily there’s also zero Mickey bashing.  Sheila deletes her Twitter because all anyone ever asks her is if any part of Gallavich will be back.

Episode 10: Boring af run of the mill shenanigans for the first 48 minutes and then suddenly we’re transported from cold gray Chicago to a sweeping overhead shot of a nearly deserted beach with late afternoon sun and blue water.  Waves are gently rolling in. Zoom in on two people making out in the shallow surf, the water just hitting their toes and calves as the camera slowly pans up their entangled naked bodies till finally we see Ian and Mickey kissing passionately. 

“We are not banging on the beach again, Gallagher.  It takes forever to get the sand out of my ass,” Mickey sort of grumbles as Ian’s hips start rolling more insistently.

“Okay, how ‘bout I blow you here and we bang at the hacienda?” Ian says, and, since there’s no poster to pan to, we finally get to see his red hair between Mickey’s glorious thick thighs.  End of episode.

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New Alex Interview with the Los Angeles Times!

Q&A What can bring TV frenemies together? In ‘Big Little Lies,’ all it took was Alexander Skarsgård’s villain

By Yvonne Villarreal

The befuddled tweets came chirping in: “Alexander Skarsgård in ‘Big Little Lies’ is simultaneously gorgeous and completely repulsive” and “I have very complicated feelings about Alexander Skarsgård now, thanks ‘Big Little Lies.’”

In the days and weeks after the premiere of HBO’s limited series about a group of women living in a wealthy Northern California community, Skarsgård’s role as Perry, the abusive husband to Nicole Kidman’s character, had viewers curbing their swoons. It was a reality Skarsgård expected but didn’t fully contend with until about three months after the series premiered in February.

“I wasn’t in the country when it aired,” the 40-year-old actor said during a recent visit to The Times’ video studio. “I was very much in a bubble, working…. It wasn’t until I got back to the States about a week ago, and I landed and everyone at the airport was like, ‘Ooh, yeah, no, we don’t like you.… People look at me differently now.

“And I’ll probably never get another job,” he jokingly continued, “but that’s OK, we had a good time on it.”

How did you initially see Perry, and how did that evolve as you were making the episodes?

Alex:  I thought it was just a fascinating piece. And that dynamic, between Celeste [Kidman] and Perry, was very disturbing, and very rich and interesting. And I felt like there’s a way of playing an abusive husband … to try to avoid the stereotypical abusive husband, and to kind of find someone who’s conflicted and tormented, and who’s really struggling with this. As opposed to just playing a two-dimensional bad guy.

How did you approach the role — getting to a comfortable space with Nicole and the children?

Alex:  We spent time together, and also with the boys, our kids, just play dates. We would just hang out and get to know each other better and have fun. It was very important that the boys were comfortable and relaxed around us. I wanted Perry to have a great relationship with his kids. I wanted him to be a good dad. Again, just to make it a bit more interesting, and more difficult for Celeste, in a way — where she’s like, we have this strong connection, we love each other, he’s an amazing dad. But then there’s this darkness, and you know, it’s almost like a switch when he goes black.

How was it to do that first scene where we see this dark side?

Alex: He’s in control, and when he’s not, it’s kind of … he snaps. And it’s just that one split-second of grabbing her too hard, holding on to her. And it was important to get that, to feel that shift, and that it was shocking to the audience. It was important that it be kind of an explosion, even though he doesn’t hit her there. But it’s definitely way too physical, and too aggressive.

Would you say shooting these types of scenes is more intimate than doing a sex scene — in terms of vulnerability?

Alex:  It’s an interesting way of working. Because stuff goes wrong. And that’s kind of interesting, because you discover things that you might not have, had it been too planned or too structured. We didn’t rehearse much. We just kind of got there and we jumped in. And it’s an interesting feeling, because after the first take you’re always like, ‘Oh, that was interesting. I didn’t expect that, or the scene to go in that direction.’ It didn’t necessarily work every time. Sometimes we felt like something happened, and we went somewhere, and then we were like, all right, well, maybe we should try it again and go in a different direction.

What was it like to be part of a project where women’s stories were at the forefront, and you’re the villain in this whole thing?

Alex:  It was very refreshing to read it because it’s so well-written and it’s so female-driven, obviously. It’s about these very strong, very independent, very — some of them are crazy, but, like, it’s a great group — all those roles are so rich and so interesting, and it’s real. There’s definitely not enough material like that here in Hollywood.

Can we talk about the final episode with the school party — isn’t it supposed to be a trivia night? Where’s the trivia?

Alex:  I think that was the plan, but then someone got murdered, so that kind of killed the vibe.

What was it like to film that moment where all the women come together to take you down?

Alex:  It was brilliant and it was like animals, when one predator is being attacked by a smaller predator, but they gang up on him from everywhere. You see those nature documentaries where they’re everywhere, and one on one he can take them, but it’s just overwhelming. We wanted to be so primal and violent, and to kind of re-create that. [Perry’s] attacking someone, but then there’s someone on his back. Reese was literally hanging on my back, you know, like, pulling my hair, and someone else was punching my ribs. It was intense.

Sources:  Article: (x), Photos:  Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

German Bird vocab

HERE you can find my amphibians list.

NOTES: Verbs with (!) are strong/irregular, (s) means seperatable. This list doesn’t contain bird names but if you want to I can make a list of those if there isn’t one already. Some words may be scientific.

der Vogel (Vögel) – bird
der Ornithologe/Ornithologin (Ornithologen/Ornithologinnen) – ornithologist
die Ornithologie / die Vogelkunde – ornithology, study of birds

das Wirbeltier (-tiere) – vertebrate (lit. vertebra animal)
die Feder (Federn) – feather
das Gefieder/Federkleid – feathering, coat (of feathers)
der Schnabel (Schnäbel) – beak
der Flügel (Flügel) – wing
die Kralle (Krallen) – claw
hohle Knochen (sing. der Knochen) – hollow bones
die Kloake (Kloaken) – cloaca
die Bürzeldrüse – uropygial gland (a fat producing gland)
die Drüse (Drüsen) – gland
das Ei (Eier) – egg
das/der (Ei)dotter – egg yolk
das Eiweiß – white of egg, protein

die Brutzeit – breeding season
die Balz – courtship display
das Balzverhalten – behaviour of courtship display (dancing, singing, etc.)
die Mauser – moulting (change of feathers, fur, etc.)

der Singvogel (Singvögel) – songbird
der Laufvogel (Laufvögel) – flightless bird (lit. running bird)
der Zugvogel (Zugvögel) – migratory bird
der Vogelzug – bird migration
der heimische Vogel – local/regional bird
das Nest (Nester) – nest
das Küken (Küken) – chick
der Nesthocker – altricial animal (lit. nest croucher)
der Nestflüchter – precocial animal (lit. nest escaper)
der Flug (Flüge) – flight
der Sturzflug – nosedive

ein Ei legen – to lay an egg
flügge (sein, werden) – to fledge (to develop wing feathers so the bird can finally fly)
aus dem Nest fallen – to fall down from the nest
fliegen (!) – to fly
etwas im Flug fangen (!) – to catch sth. on the fly, in flight
mit den Flügeln schlagen (!) – to flap one’s wings
flattern – to flap
landen – to land
abstürzen (s) - to fall (down, from the sky)
(aus)brüten (s) – to breed, (to breed until the egg hatches)
(aus dem Ei) schlüpfen – to hatch (from an egg)
singen (!) – to sing
krähen – to crow
zwitschern – to tweet, to chirp

flugunfähig – flightless, unable to fly (lit. flight-unable)

Sol - prologue

A/N:  Hello homies! As you may know, we are on the straight way to end “Chronicles”. I would like to present you something new - a prologue of my new author’s story “SOL”. I am very curious about your opinions, my dears. Please, feel free to leave a comment of your opinion beneath, I’ll highly appreciate it.

The forest was one of those places which had no palpable reason to exist. It was a creaking shack created by nature to serve as a reminder that things could always be much, much worse. The unnatural, choking mist that swirled and sprawled on the forest floor was the first thing that spoke of a strange sort of wrongness. The smoke made no sound however and only parted to swallow up her feet as she marched upon the giant dead, festering eyeball of the forest floor. The sound of mushy and dead leaves whispered from under the skin of the mist.

It was an early autumn morning and a frosty chill hung in the air. The sweet surrendering scent of the morning dew filled the forest with a scent that did not belong on earth. Autumn leaves from the tall trees lay scattered on the forest floor; each of them turning brittle brown; there was a sound like dried cereal being crunched underfoot, pushing their papery remains deep into the soft soil. The dark shadows of the voluminous trees and the surrounding bushes had become the backbone of the forest, standing as passive protectors of a peaceful place. The autumn sun rose in a hurry as if trying to make up for setting too early the evening before, blooming into the pale sky with a warm mellow glow, sending what was left of the moon packing until its next shift guarding the night. By mid morning sky was a brilliant baby blue. As the morning developed the sound of young birds filled the air: chirping, tweeting and warbling incessantly.

The lake had been hardened by the sharp cold unforgivingness of an icy frost, the translucent water bound as a smooth solid. The wildlife were bold yet cautious of figuring out their new visitor, daring to get closer to have a look at the foreign creature disturbing their peace. As the day went on the forest came to life. The trees dance in the wind, the sound of running water in the stream had the same hypnotic quality as music luring animals in to have drink, to taste the warm sweet sensation of fresh water. The drone of insects humming and buzzing filled the air, little frogs croaked while searching for food hoping to catch an easy snack.

On the edge of the lake some figure occured.
It was a human, namely, a woman.

She had a shapely figure and was wasp-waisted.

Her hair was mercury-red and curly and it tumbled over her shoulders.
She had glossy pale skin with freckles on her cheeks.
Her eyes were big and blue like two aquamarine jewels melted onto snow.
She had slender eyebrows. Her eyelashes were velvety.
She had a dainty nose.
Her lips were pouting. They were blossom soft.

There wouldn’t be anything unusual, but the woman had one more attribute along with her beauty.

It was a long tail, ended with a reddish tassel at the tip.

She was just standing there, dressed in a long old dress in shades of olive and green, enjoying the silence.

“◘Jeg ønsker at jeg var sterkere, jeg ville skille bølgene. Ikke bare la vannet ta meg bort.” she whispered to herself, embracing her waist with her arms.

Her naked feet slowly touched a water surface, one by one as she gently stepped into the lake.

She didn’t pay an attention to her dress and fact it was getting soaked by a cold water.

With the first sunray which has penetrated through the curtains of a spinney, woman disappeared beneath the water surface, as suddenly as she appeared earlier on the edge of lake.

I wish I’d be stronger.
I would separate the waves.
Not to let the water to take me away.

K so you know from the tweets that Jack chirps Bitty about barely passing French? (I can’t find them right now or I’d include a screenshot) At the time, I’d been a little uncomfortable, bc wow, that trumps even pre-season levels of bitchiness, Jack, especially since I think Bitty’s already got deeply-buried feelings of inadequacy stemming from his ADHD-fueled poor grades ((what, me projecting? NOOO))

But!! I just remembered that he also tweeted that Québécois vocab wasn’t allowed on his quizzes. And Jack would 110% be troll enough to be smugly satisfied that Bits is actually fairly fluent in Québécois, not French. Just, I want to see Bitty succeed, okay? And I want to see Bitty and Bob have weekly skype calls where they bake healthy snacks together and chatter away in the decidedly not French that would make Parisienne pastry chefs have kittens.

LA Q&A What can bring TV frenemies together? In ‘Big Little Lies,’ all it took was Alexander Skarsgard’s villain

June 22, 2017 6:00 a.m. Yvonne Villarreal

The befuddled tweets came chirping in: “Alexander Skarsgard in ‘Big Little Lies’ is simultaneously gorgeous and completely repulsive” and “I have very complicated feelings about Alexander Skarsgard now, thanks ‘Big Little Lies.’”

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Bitty Adopts Tater Like He Did Chowder

Stay with me here.

Aside from them having food names, Chowder and Tater are like adorable rays of sunshine who will fuck you up on the rink. Both of them really like Jack. More importantly, both are a long way from home.

Of course, Bitty would mother the fuck out of Tater. What the hell kind of question was that? He and Jack are the least subtle boyfriends ever in the history of secret relationships.

So say Jack talks about how Tater seems a bit down and maybe he’s feeling homesick? Bitty doesn’t even think twice about it. Because that sweet Russian ray of sunshine. He researches Russian dishes that could survive the trip to Providence and he sends Jack a care package for Tater (along with things for Jack himself).

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hekapolis  asked:

I was thinking about the heartbeat 'plot hole' and maybe vampires are not actively searching for heartbeats until their hunting instinct is activated by scent? Edward talks about how they hunting frenzy and they are not totally rational. That will explain why they were worried about Bella's scent in the field and couldn't rely on Reneesme heartbeat to convince the Volturi or why Bella only detected the hunters when she smell them. The heartbeat is not always detected by vampires instinctively.

Oh that’s an interesting idea–that hearing is secondary to scent and they’re not listening for it/aware of it unless they are actively looking for it. Maybe it just blends in to background noise–birds tweeting, crickets chirping, whatever–and they don’t really notice unless they stop and listen specifically for it or they are actively hunting.  But scent is more pronounced and always noticed. I think SM has said that vampires rely on scent so much more than humans do, which is why they still breathe even though they don’t need the oxygen–they’re still taking in scent that way. 

Certainly a plausible theory.