tweets and chirps

okay okay i gotta say ep 10 has had me looking back at the omgcp/yoi stuff i’ve already written and seeing that bitty is coMPLETELY FUCKING UNDERSTATING JUST HOW MUCH #GOALS YUURI KATSUKI IS TO HIM

i am completely of the opinion that after news gets out about the Big Damn Engagement just before the GPF, bitty fires off like at least 20 tweets about how yuuri katsuki, who is now on par with like johnny weir in his hall of #gayicons, got completely shit ass bitchfaced at the GPF banquet last year (like, EpiKegster levels of drunk), danced with his crush viktor nikiforov, and now they’re fuckin engaged??? and how like, at that same time last year he could barely breathe in his own crush’s general direction let alone challenge him to a dance-off or whatever?

anyway jack finds that tweet somehow and chirps bitty about how cute he was when drunk off his ass at their last spring c together 

bitty immediately dies of mortification

Chirping at its finest, courtesy of Ransom and Holster. (Read tweets bottom to top)

H: oh oh oh bro if you’re gonna take pics of us playing COD get my good side
H: that is, both sides
H: make sure you get how lame Rans is
R: make sure you get how abnormally large Holster’s head is
R: how do you even put shirts on?

Read the comic here:

I can just picture bitty w such a smug smile while tweeting this, he probably chirped shitty about it after they came out to them like “so what about jacks girlfriend huh shitty??? what happened to her?” and shittys just like “I HAVE RE-READ MY GENDER STUDIES BOOK 3 TIMES BITTY, I WROTE A 4000 WORD ESSAY OF ME EXPLAINING HETERONORMATIVITY. LET ME LIVE”

Amid the rustling leaves,
a sliver of autumn came to me;
and there was warbling,
and cooing,
and tweeting,
and twittering,
and chirping,
and singing,
and trilling;
and some…the fast flutter of their wings…
for many are the spirits of birds,
and would I be but one from them…


A bunch of (but nowhere near all) times Bitty made fun of Jack on Twitter. He looks like such a jerk when you read these out of context lol.
Some of my favourites?
- “Why are you allowed to have a phone?”
- “Of course Jack is already awake and listening to something awful in his room.”
- “what is wrong with this boy?”

I need to post a combo of every time he makes fun of Jack’s photography. “DEAR GOD!!!!!!!” Lol

On a somewhat related note: I haven’t written a fanfic in probably a solid 12 years at least… I am currently in the process of two. I am “Check, Please!” fandom trash. The one I’m almost finished involves a French nickname for Bitty and is a pretty big fluffball lol. (Side note, it’s actually a term my dad used to call my mom all the time when they were young… She didn’t appreciate the translation lol)

shoot! Forgot to add this earlier. read the comic here:

Gosh I am SO ALIVE for the moment that jack realizes his feelings for bitty like even from the beginning he’s been looking out for him, like ok granted he was doing it for the best interests of the team but still whatever bc it gradually becomes more genuine, like we go from “bittle, eat more protein” to texts saying “how are you” after bitty gets that concussion, and then they start taking that class together and do homework together, jack is constantly chirping him and passing him fucking notes in french and at one point bitty tweets “chirping and flirting are basically the same thing,” and then there’s that other tweet where he was like “apparently it’s jack procrastinates by bothering bittle time” and that’s just so hilarious to me bc jack is genuinely interested in what bitty is doing and I just??? and he jumps over fucking snowbanks to go out to coffee with bitty and buys bitty froyo and gives bitty his jacket and lets bitty fall asleep on him!!! Jack listening to pop music and taking selfies??? AND GOD THE WAY THAT JACK LOOKS AT HIM FROM THOSE FUCKING GLARES AND “IT WAS A LUCKY SHOT” TO THESE LOOKS OF PURE ADORATION WHENEVER BITTY IS IN THE SAME FUCKING ROOM LIKE GOD, I’M HONESTLY SURPRISED THAT THE OTHERS HAVEN’T MENTIONED ANYTHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT’S SO OBVIOUS???? AND AT GRADUATION WHEN BITTY WALKS AWAY IN TEARS AND JACK’S STANDING THERE FIDDLING WITH HIS TIE AND BAD BOB IS LIKE “WELL YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR UNCLE WAYNE ALWAYS SAYS” AND JACK IS LIKE “oh.” THAT SIMPLE TWO LETTER, SINGLE SYLLABLE WORD MEANS SO MUCH TO ME LIKE CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IS GOING ON IN JACK’S HEAD BC IT WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE HIM FUCKING RUN ACROSS CAMPUS AND WHEN HE FINDS BITTY HE CAN’T EVEN ARTICULATE WHAT HE WANTS TO SAY BECAUSE HE IS FEELING *SO MUCH* FOR THIS BOY SO THE ONLY THING HE CAN DO IS GRAB HIS FACE AND KISS HIM AHHHH