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I went on youtube and I watched again the interview when asked for both of them to choose between whiskey and sex and sam said "if you got whiskey then you'll probably end up in sex so.." and yesterday the tweets about they drinking on Oscar's after party and the hangover..... ok bye

And we know that Sam and Cait never drink together. 

Nozaki: Thanks for everyone’s hard work at ETA2017 -RAINBOW- Tour’s Tokyo performance! Thanks to everyone who came!

I couldn’t participate until the end because of some play-related business, but I spent a great time there!

Well, please keep supporting both MeseMoa. and Nozakibento (member color – brown, 31 years old)!


Sam & Cait Answer Fan Questions (x)

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Were people calling louis names when he did the same thing on Twitter with that weigh lost product? Like you can say Its bad without calling names Just like you all did with louis and that worse cuz he has millions of teens following

1) people were also unhappy and angry with that tweet

2) but the context is different

3) the tweet was deleted within minutes

4) nowhere in his tweet did he promote weight loss the way briana did. it was a shout out to the brand

“A rep for the singer explains, “Louis tweeted about the drink as he had one this morning and enjoyed it. However, he did not realize they are associated with weight loss, and would never endorse weight loss products.” 

how truthful is that, we dont know but we can infer louis (if he even tweeted it) didnt intend to promoted weight loss and the fact it was deleted showed that whoever was responsible for it understood the mistake

5) louis’ twitter was a really weird place overall during that time

it was bad when louis did it, its bad when danielle does it, its bad when ANYONE does it. 

The major difference here is Briana emphasized how this product is good for weight loss which it is NOT and also explicitly encouraged her followers to go get it because they had 20% off (which louis didnt do)

This is me this morning:

I’m just… having an existential crisis.

Like, what’s the point? They’re making a Terminator sequel even though it was barely watchable and GoT is going to have eight seasons and then they’re going to give the same bozos a prequel so they can fuck up Dunk too, or make Lyanna “badass” and Ashara “sexually liberated” or something. And there are going to be 20 Star Wars movies in the next ten years and Marvel is a factory that makes bad to okay movies and “bad pussy” gets Emmy nominations and people love Twilight and romantics comedies where you can write a detailed plot summary after watching the thirty seconds trailer…

So what’s the point? Why should I bother to try to produce quality content or write stories with characters that have actual motivations? All that matters is that you make back your budget worldwide, right? As long as each shot in your action sequence lasts less than two seconds people will think it’s awesome and tweet about it and drink Bud Light Lime so why should anyone put effort into giving people actual reasons to get into a action sequence or tell a story that have any meaning whatsoever?

I’m sorry. This too shall pass… I’m just fucking depressed today.