A post on the Gumball movie

In April Ben did promise a Gumball movie in a tweet to a fan

Though in May he said he doesn’t have much of a say in it yet

In his latest tweet in June he said if they do the movie. Meaning it hasn’t been made yet.

But if we do look a year back, some articles (I fully trust Regular Capital for all info) it’s been said that the Gumball movies script was being written. Which means it’s likely already written but no one knows if they’ve started anything else on it

In this other tweet he talked about trying when asked about the movie. And some people were saying he’s been working on the movie for about a year. So I believe the Gumball movies already been written, but probably not animated yet and it’s up to the network to greenlight it. I was told about some new comic cons happening where it could possibly be mentioned.