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hey, loved your concert fic :) I think it would be hilarious if you wrote one about tweeting Sam about going to Korea and bringing him fancy c h e e s e, and then him answering and you going. much love <3

Sorry this took so long. I kept changing it and coming up with more ideas. Hope you like it! Next request is coming + kinda sorta announcement with it lol.

“Dude i need me some fancy  c h e e s e”

You chuckle and smile as you read your friend’s tweet. Sam and you are childhood friends and you know each other better than anyone. You graduated high school and was heading to South Korea for college.

A couple days later you arrive at Incheon Airport. You get your things and start to go to the main exit. But right there you see Sam with a sign that says, “Welcome, my cheese!”. You laughed out loud at his enthusiasm for his cheese. You give each other a huge hug. “I haven’t seen you in so long!” he said. “I know right! Look at that hair, all grown out” you laughed, “but yeah it’s awesome to finally be out here.” “There’s tons of places i gotta show you.. But first!” he says as he jumps in your away and points at your luggage, “what about that cheese thooo.” The two of you laugh. “I got plenty, don’t worry. But we should get this in a fridge, dry ice can only do so much with that flight.” you said. “Alright, let’s head out to Seoul~!” he replied.

You met the others, Seunghwan and both the Jinahs. You all decided to hang out on the rooftop that evening. “Hey guess what?” Sam asks. You raise your brow. “I got the wine!!!” The two of you fall over laughing. “Are you serious right now? Amazing.” you exclaimed. “Wine and some fancy cheese is the only way it can be.” he proclaimed. “By the way, why do you want this cheese so bad? It’s just cheese.” you ask. He thinks for a sec, “Honestly, i don’t know. I was just craving it” His eyes widen. “What?!” you ask. “Am i pregnant?” You hit his arm and laugh together, “you stupid!”

It’s about evening time and Sam finds you in the kitchen. He asks, “what you doing?” “Just cutting the cheese up.” “But whyyy?” he whined. “Because fancy cheese needs to be fancy cutted, so we have are a proper fancy experience” you huffed. He laughs, “Alright, okay!” he squeezes your shoulders and peers over, “ugh i can’t wait~” “I don’t know why you need this. Cheese is cheese. Some Cracker Barrel Asiago is fancy enough for me.” you stated. “That’s cause you’re basic!” he laughed. “Say something like that again, and i’m take me and this cheese and leaving” you threatened. “Aigoo, i’m so sorry!” he declares, as he bows 90 degrees comically. He side hugs you and says, “please don’t leave, i’ll miss you.. and the cheese” He has a pout on his face. You roll your eyes, smirk and say, “ok, ok whatever. Go get the wine glasses and stuff!” “Yessir!” he says.

You all are on the rooftop having a great time and chatting away. The sun is in the middle of setting. There’s a light breeze and the simple sounds of Seoul are welcoming. You guys have everything spread out on the wooden rooftop table, with plenty of candle to light for when it gets dark. And of course you can’t be with the Antenna Angles without a little improv song.

  • “Fancy cheese was on my way
  • Was excited each and everyday
  • Couldn’t wait to see your face
  • To spend some time in this great place
  • Such a fun and happy mood
  • Couldn’t think of any better food
  • Yes i got fancy cheese
  • Oh fancy cheese!”

You guys applaud in amusement. Few minutes later chew on some cheese, Sam asks, “Hmm. what should i have you bring next? Fancy chocolate?” You throw a piece of cheese at him but he catches it in his mouth. You all laugh and continue to create special memories that night.