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You Got Me Trippin (Fluffy Woozi/Jihoon Imagine)

Based off of this request:

Summary: Jihoon never imagined falling as hard and as fast as he did. Especially not for someone he’d never met. Especially for not a fan. He always wrote songs about love, because that’s what the label wanted, but when he saw your picture for the first time, he truly understood what they meant. Fluff. 

(AN: I did go a little off the prompt, but I was just using my creative liberties. ;))

Sometimes he really felt stupid like this. Times when he caught himself grinning at his phone like an idiot and he had to flash back to reality and remind himself that he was in the studio or in the dance room taking a quick break or in the middle of a late night writing session and had only meant to check his phone for a quick moment. 

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anonymous asked:

what do you think about trump saying only one thing can stop North Korea?

I think sometime in the next few days, Fox News will obtain video of a black teenager calling his white teacher by her first name, which they will run non-stop as evidence of the coming race war, and Trump will forget about North Korea as that becomes the only thing he tweets about.

Watching cable news coverage of this past week’s North Korea drama, you might think, as one of our colleagues put it, that World War III was imminent.

It’s not. The dangers are real, but they are often overstated or confused with issues much subtler than what’s presented […].

(1) Is nuclear war about to break out between North Korea and the United States?


North Korea has been issuing blustery threats of imminent war since its first nuclear test more than 20 years ago. Unfortunately, cable news routinely presents these threats as real, even though they are not.

Likewise, President Trump’s threat last week to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea also appears to be empty. The United States has made no move toward conflict. Mr. Trump’s apparently unscripted comment does not appear to reflect actual policy, given that it has produced no action and been flatly contradicted by his own cabinet members.

No one’s incentives would be served by conflict – which would devastate both sides and accomplish little – or significant escalation. This is why, beyond all the tough talk, neither side has put any action behind those words.

You sometimes hear people say the risk is heightened because Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, is irrational or crazy. But virtually every serious scholar of the country dismisses this notion. Mr. Kim, far from crazy, gives every indication of being coldly rational.

(2) Is North Korea going to attack Guam?

Almost certainly not, despite Pyongyang’s threats, which were heavily couched and have already been walked back. A direct attack on United States forces there would guarantee a war that North Korea would almost certainly lose.

The country does like to launch small attacks to demonstrate its ability to deter retaliation, but those fall far short of a nuclear assault on Guam. In 2010, for instance, it shelled a South Korean island and sank a South Korean submarine.

There is, however, a small but real chance that it will launch missiles near Guam. This would go far beyond anything North Korea has done before. But it does not appear imminent.

Still, Mr. Trump handed Pyongyang an incentive to launch such an attack when he promised “fire and fury” if the country threatened the United States further. Because his threat appeared empty, it gave North Korea an incentive to call his bluff.

By revealing Mr. Trump’s words as empty, North Korea could drive a wedge between the United States and South Korea, where citizens and officials have expressed alarm at Mr. Trump’s provocations. The more convincing North Korea’s argument to South Koreans that the United States poses a threat to the South, the closer Pyongyang comes to its goal of splitting that alliance for good.

Tempting North Korea into such a strike isn’t just dangerous for American alliances; it also creates a risk that North Korea could miscalculate or overstep, potentially leading to an unintended war.

(3) How much of a threat does North Korea pose to the United States?

In a technical sense, the threat is pretty serious. North Korea has either acquired or is on the verge of acquiring the capability to strike mainland American cities with a nuclear weapon. New York and Washington, if they are not now within reach, probably will be within a year or two.

But China and Russia have both had this capability for decades. If you’re an American, you don’t live in panic that Chinese missiles are going to rain down on your city. Neither should you worry about that happening with North Korea.

Maybe you were more worried during the Cold War. But the Soviets had nuclear parity with the United States, making war far more thinkable than it will ever be with China or North Korea, whose forces are vastly inferior.

North Korea’s weapons exist to deter an American invasion, which means it won’t use them unless it thinks such an attack is imminent or already underway.

That’s generally easy to avoid. But there is a minuscule chance that during a major crisis — one with actual shooting — an accident or miscalculation could lead one or both sides to misperceive the other as starting a war. The logic of nuclear weapons, under such a scenario, would compel both to launch.

That almost happened at least once during the Cold War, in 1983. It’s why President Ronald Reagan, along with many other American officials who worked on nuclear issues, concluded that we’ll never be safe until all the warheads are dismantled.

By expanding the number of nuclear adversaries from two to three, North Korea has increased this risk. But it has not fundamentally altered the threat that Americans have lived with, however uneasily, since Moscow’s first nuclear test in 1949.

(4) Is President Trump going to attack North Korea?

Despite lots of punditry asking if the United States should launch a preemptive strike on North Korea, there is almost no reason to believe that it will.

North Korea’s missile program is now large enough to all but guarantee nuclear retaliation. Its missiles are mobile and easy to hide, making it nearly impossible for the United States to strike them all. In any case, the program could be quickly reconstituted.

Though Trump administration officials tend to lean hawkish, they have all played down the possibility of such a strike. Crucially, the military has made no moves to escalate the situation. And mobilizing the world’s largest military for conflict is a huge undertaking; it cannot be launched by a tweet.

It is true that any president has substantial unilateral authority to launch a nuclear strike. But, in practice, the military has at least the theoretical ability to put the brakes on a president.

(5) What’s going to happen next?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but if the past is any guide, probably nothing. North Korea is quite practiced at walking up to the brink, freaking everybody out, then stepping back. On the American side, the vast institutions of United States foreign policy appear intent on de-escalating.

Just about every analyst we’ve spoken with thinks that North Korea will soon establish, if it hasn’t already, a guaranteed nuclear deterrent against major American cities. This would force the world to tolerate the state’s existence and maybe one day even accept it as a full member of the international community. But it hardly guarantees a war or an American exit from the Korean Peninsula.

Perhaps a greater risk of North Korea’s nuclear program is not an accidental slide into war, which all sides want to avoid, but rather that the North Korean state one day collapses. Should this happen, there is a real risk that the weapons could fall into the wrong hands. This threat already exists with Pakistan’s nuclear program, so it’s not unprecedented but is still concerning.

Continued provocations from the United States do create a very small risk of unintended war. But the likelier risk is that South Korea and Japan will come to see Mr. Trump as unreliable or even a source of danger, leading them to hedge against the United States. This would cause long-term damage to American influence in Asia, which China could displace. It would also give Beijing an excuse to portray the United States as unreasonable and dangerous, reducing international pressure on China to address the North Korea issue.

As is almost always the case with North Korea stories, the surest victims are North Korea’s own citizens. Now that their government has won nuclear leverage over its adversaries, it will have a freer hand to impose what are by far some of the worst human rights abuses on earth. If you want to worry, worry about that.

—  A Reader’s Guide to Sorting Out Truth From Hysteria on North Korea, Max Fisher and Amanda Taub for The New York Times (16/08/2017)

1. Trips together
2. Eating together
3. Watching Movies / Concerts together
4. Birthdays
5. Loving each other
6. Dating
7. Airports and on planes
8. Others


Jeju Island, Thailand, Paris, Germany, Japan, London, US….The meaning of vacation is not where you go, is who you go with!

1. Jeju: Hyukjae told us that they remained in hotel most of the time and played games, and went to the cinema upon Donghae’s wish even though Baby Hae slept during the film and even making sounds during his sleep! 

2. Paris : They were so happy and played around at the airport. Hyukjae even bought a painting of Paris nightview and hang it up on the wall in his room, emphasizing in a TV programme that this was the best part he loved about his room! Hyukjae said Paris had given him a lot of memories as it was the first place he went on vacation. 

3. Germany : Hyukjae always stood behind Donghae and took a lot of photos of his Baby. In Hyukjae’s camera, Donghae always looked so happy and sweet! Hyukjae tweeted after they went back to Korea, saying “Donghae, this is Korea!”, and Donghae replied “Hyukjae, so you are always there behind me1”. Hyukjae said later in the tour that the memory of this trip could support him for the next coming year!

4. Japan : Hyukjae took Donghae to Disneyland. Hyukjae tweeted several times and showing how happy they were! Last year they went to Tokyo Tower together, showed us the Tower and the two in front of the Tower. Not to mention every little moments during their D&E Tour!

5. London : They went together one day earlier before Hyukjae went to Paris to join his parents. They tweeted often when they were apart, seemed like they were giving messages to each other, Hyukjae with his “Donghae, See You” and Donghae saying “I miss you, see you on Thursday!”

6. Swiss : Donghae had to end the trip earlier, Hyukjae looked sad even though he said he could still enjoy the trip with the baby. Donghae looked upset the next day when the leader and Hyukjae had left the apartment already, but still hoped they enjoyed their remaining trip.. 

Last but not least, the first trip in 2015, Eunhae and Donghwa went to US together. Eunhae showed us how happy they were in the big seaside honeymoon suite, singing and dancing together. They went to see JT concert and on the last day they all went to pay a visit to Hyukjae’s cousin, just like introducing each other’s family! 

These are just small bits of them traveling together that we know, and of course there are much more. This is their usual life : Be together and enjoy each other’s company!

2. Eating together

1.Went out in the middle of the night, Hyukjae using his gold card buying food for his baby. 

2.Cold Snowy night, Babyhae wanted to go out for coffee, even Hyukjae was tired, he still accompanied his baby to have Iced Chocolate! 

3.Midnight, they went out together to restaurants for late barbecue meat dinner and Donghae even tweeted about it to let us know about their date!

4.Eunhae went to Taco during New Year, Donghae drove and when Hyukjae saw Donghae’s mom, he called her ‘eomma’, hugged her while Donghae yawned next to them! (so domestic!)

They have a habit of feeding each other, ice-cream, cakes, meals…….., eat the same piece of seeweed, drink the same bottle of water using even the same straw… 

How much love can you see from here?

3. Watching Movies / Concerts together

2013, Hyukjae went to TLJ, after receiving a call, he kept saying it’s late, it’s late, and soon after he was seen by fans going to watch movie together with Donghae ^^

Hyukjae was the MC of Asian Music Festival, Babyhae tweeted “Our lovely Eunhyuk is the MC, ELF will be here to support you, Fighting!”, and Hyukjae replied “Ah, you should be here and sing Oppa Oppa with me, is really lonely being alone here!” The next day after the Festival, they went to watch Justin Bieber’s concert together and had a nice lovely date!

Eunhae went to see teuk’s musical with managers. They were playing with their mobile phones at the same time, and seems obvious they were texting each other instead of talking ^^ Eunhae even shared a Belgian waffle together! (I thought Hyukjae would not share his food…)

Uncountable concerts in Seoul, even went together to see JT in US, and everytime we can all see how happy they are during the concerts, so sweet and nice! 

4. Birthdays

2006, Hyukjae said in KTR, “Donghae, thanks for your birth, thanks for being an SJ member, we are together now, and we will be together forever”

06-08, Hyukjae wished Donghae Happy birthday in KTR

Members promised each other not to give birthday presents to each other, but Donghae gave a gold watch to Hyukjae for birthday!

2013 The day before Hyukjae’s birthday, this is the day no Eunhae stans can forget : TLJ visit! Hyukjae brought along Babyhae with him to TLJ, Donghae stayed all the time next to Hyukjae, both of them smiling happily and lovingly! After TLJ, they went to SM, the smiles on their faces were totally unforgettable! Midnight, the first birthday wish was from Donghae : Happy Birthday, Love Ya Man". They stayed until dawn while everyone else had left the company. The same day Hyukjae had to go to Vietnam for recording. 

The day before Donghae’s birthday, Eunhae went to a film premier together. On stage, they whispered to each other, laughing and smiling to each other. The same night, Hyukjae tweeted 9 times with different Donghae’s pics! (Don’t think anyone can forget this!!)

Hyukjae asked what Donghae wanted for his birthday, and promised would buy ANYTHING Baby wanted! (We all know he finally bought an expensive refrigerator for Baby!)

2014, during Hyukjae’s birthday, he tweeted several times, but the last tweet, Hyukjae and Donghae selca together with their famous couple V-sign and couple watches!


Why the Hate

So, I woke up around 2 a.m.(BTS Trash) to get live updates on BTS for KCON NY 2016, and my reaction to those updates is “WTF”. I see posts like, “it makes me sad to know they don’t like America” or stuff like “different aura” or “don’t want to be here”, that’s where another drama begins for Armys.

Once you read tweets like those, you get reactions from other armys that were not even there, and already judging BTS based on others presumptions that’s not even a fact or been proven. What if they were tweets inteded to bash BTS; hopefully, you think about your reactions carefully.

They’ve always thanked International Armys all over the world because they know they’re more known internationally. Plus, they always try to learn different languages everytime they’re in a different country.

They might just be jet lagged(its 2 am or 3 am in Korea during hitouch), or being cautious of their actions. What if they just want to show respect or value fans?

They’ve always express their gratitude to us ARMYs. They are so open to us, that they trust us so much, compared to other idol groups out there; and some of you just believe other bad tweets about them that you forget all the “thank you’s” they have said to us. Remember that. Think of the positive! 💕

P.S. been a fan of kpop since 2007 because of Super Junior (gone thru the phase of overly dramatic fangirl); and Next to Super Junior when it comes to loving their fans so much is BTS.