Security expert: Trump should throw his unsecured Android phone into an incinerator

  • Trump is still reportedly using an unsecured personal device to reach 22 million people as @realDonaldTrump on Twitter and until Thursday afternoon, his @POTUS account was connected to a Gmail address.
  • It’s not just outrageously hypocritical, it’s also a major security risk — a national “security disaster waiting to happen,” according to BuzzFeed.
  • Android Central investigated what phone Trump is likely using, and determined it’s “more than likely” a Samsung Galaxy S3, from 2012.
  • “Taking over a Galaxy S3 is not just the stuff of intelligence agencies but the sort of project I would assign for homework to advanced security students,” Nicholas Weaver, a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute at UC Berkeley, said in an email. “The question … is not whether his phone is compromised, but by how many different intelligence agencies.”
  • The unsecured device can be hacked and turned into an active live microphone, Weaver mentioned.
  • If anyone is bringing this phone into important government meetings, the consequences could be catastrophic. 
  • Trump is also “absolutely” vulnerable to a phishing scam, said cybersecurity expert Calvin Liu at Ventura ERM.  Read more

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