Phil’s Livestream // 8.2.15

Took him ages to log in, wanted to know if we got to know each other.

“All marriage proposals are a yes today”

He has jet lag thinks it is his punishment for going to LA but didn’t want to be a jet lag tweeter

Ate a lot of pancakes and waffles in America and on the way home

VidCon was great and organized 

Met Cat’s dogs, and mimicked their barks

Worried he would lose the leash and his nonexistent Sheba Inu run into volcano

Destroyed his phone screen by sneezing while taking a picture thought it was funny more than devastating 

Forgot to tweet the link (again)

Watched Insurgent on the way to VidCon but didn’t think it was as good as the Hunger Games

Likes Insurgent more than Divergent because Dauntless were annoying

Fell asleep during American Sniper on the way back to England

Did a panel on the power of words it was more how to say nice things

Met Felicia Day and internally fangirled 

Met Anahita and Dan fanboyed

Chat is flowing like a smooth river

Hung out in LA to do Youtubers React, thinks he will be in 4 episodes 

Hung out with Anthony from Smosh and played Scribbilish 

He straightened his hair before bed, checked text and burned his elbow on the straightener

“All my skin is gone there” 

He has a similar scar from a hot glue gun

He is really clumsy and he thinks it is getting worse

“I’m a walking bruise”

Got finger stuck in a toaster yesterday

Didn’t know he couldn’t put forks in toaster

Roommates used to put light bulbs, forks,glow sticks,cds in the microwave (for science?)

There used to be a YouTube channel “is it a good idea to microwave this?” 

Ironed his shirt for us even though he is terrible at it

Fake ironed himself 

Went to Brighton for Oscar’s Hotel and did a voice-over for a character 

Hung out with PJ and Pewdiepie and watched Unfriended, the character didn’t use “cntrl-c” and it bothered him

Should he get snapchat? He isn’t sure 

Random Phil Facts: 

#1 He would have been called Fiona if he was a girl 

#2 He has a lot of freckles and wants to join the dots and see if it is a secret Illuminati message 

Animals speaking like humans are his YouTube pleasure 

Stalkery questions about where he stayed in LA

Thin walls, floors, and ceilings heard more than he wanted to hear 

 Wants a cat vaccine so he can have a cat one day

“Lorelei. He didn’t use it. He just got out of bed.”

He abandoned Animal Crossing because there is no end game.

Did a Shia Labeouf impression 

Wants to know why everyone keeps telling him to get a dog


Watched Married at First Sight and thinks it is crazy and a little awkward 

Can he still say Eskimo or is it racist? 

Loved HGTV. Favorite tv channel in America.

Talked about Property Brothers and loved it though he referred to them as “the twins”

Kinda wants to flip houses but thinks he would be terrible

Wants to do experiments on twins in separate rooms

Can’t tell the difference between Niki and Sammy but can tell the difference between Jack and Finn

Wanted GloZell to dance on him just a little 

Janice got thrown in the bin 

Mosquito bigger than a bird in his house, attacked him named him DemonLol

Phil is Not on Fire 7 will be in October or November 

Favorite Fall Out Boy song is maybe thnks fr th mmrs 

Yesterday he did a colab with a mysterious YouTuber but can’t tell us who yet. It is a secret but should be out in about 3 weeks.

He is behind on his anime but thinks he needs a new show 

Going on the radio tomorrow, may play FOB 

Will never get bored of playing NCR

Unsure about the Walking Dead spin off, will there be too many zombies in his life?

Went to a Kanye West art show in LA with Dan

Best Pokemon shop in London is Forbidden Planet 

Needs a new bookshelf because it is way too full and they are now staking games around it

Got a glimpse of his back

Has broken hoverboard game he tried to play with. It didn’t work.

His brother is trekking through the wilderness in California and saw a baby bear

Wants to do a tour in Australia. 

“I left a lot of skin flakes (in America) so I’m technically still there on a genetic level.”

Favorite thing about living in London is the vibe, it is his home now, the people are friendly, and he feels safe.

“Big Ben is cool but it is just a giant clock.”

Sleepy. Brighton. Elbow. Are the three words to describe his week.

Had to go to deal with the demon mosquito situation.

Mentions of Dan: IIIII III

*If today’s recap looked a little different to you, you’re right, it is different. This isn’t Gabby. She is doing fun things in California and I am a fantastic big sister.*

anonymous asked:

I have pretty good intuition and I have always gotten a sense Terry doesn't like Sam. You know what clinched it for me? When a fan told her Sam said jokingly he will dress as Ron and be on the floor of Comic Con next year. Her response "over my dead body!" No smiley emoji. From what I can tell from a written reply on tweeter she seemed that seriou about her answer. Did anyone catch that?

Really?  Jeez, that is weird.  I don’t know why she wouldn’t like him, though.  I think she comes across as very harsh sometimes, but even recently I saw a tweet from her saying how much she likes him.  Who doesn’t like Sam??  Seems weird even thinking about that since he has a reputation as the nicest guy in the world.

anonymous asked:

In response to your twitter YESS please watch kekkai sensen!! Its very cool-feeling and the animation is so slick you'll like it!!

OOOOOOH okay then I will!!!

I’ve been seeing it floating around but I just saw the partial mv of the ending theme on the tweeters and gOSH DARN IT’S BY UNISON SQUARE GARDEN and it was so cute so I looked up the actual ending sequence of the anime and it’s so nice!!

Happy 50th Birthday J.K. Rowling, never change!

To celebrate, here are some of our favorite badass tweets from her.

1. The time she straightened out this rumour in the most British way possible.

2. This response to a Mail story about her.

3. Her curt response to this tweeter, who didn’t like the way she was voting in the Scottish referendum.

4. The time she stuck up for Madonna…

5. This burn.

6. And this Slytherin-themed burn.

7. …and the time she shut down Rupert Murdoch.

8. The time she absolutely nailed her use of hashtags.

9. Her no-nonsense reply to the fan who tweeted, “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is gay because I can’t see him in that way.”

10. The time she took on the Westboro Baptist Church.