i just thought i’d let you know that this was posted unsourced on twitter, and even worse, Lindsay Jones herself retweeted it:

I submitted the screen shot just to show the “Lindsay Jones retweeted” thing, that was why i saw it on my tweeter feed; i follow her, of course.

I mean i don’t know if you and Diana care because the Future AU is so famous so it may get reposted a lot idk, but i still thought maybe you’d like to know. if they had sourced it i wouldn’t have said anything but since it was unsourced i thought i should tell you.

Thanks for the heads up, Meg. I don’t have twitter, so I would love for the facts to be straight and that the art is both by me AND Diana (I did the lineart, she did the coloring, as well as the design being mine). Please source the artists!

anonymous asked:

Someone needs to tell that girl to leave him alone. He doesn't owe her any clarification.

I agree, and that’s sort of what I tried to tell her - though in a nicer way, since she’s clearly been hurt and she doesn’t need hate right now.

And to markiplier-is-pwetty: It’s okay to have your OCs, headcanons and whatnot, but it’s important to understand that the people you’re projecting your fantasies on are actual, real, living and breathing people. They have their own reality that is completely separate of your dreams. And they owe you nothing.

Mark answered the tweet in a perfectly normal way, probably assuming it was a joke, and didn’t make fun of the tweeter. He made his thoughts clear. “Demanding clarification” and asking people to spam his twitter and tumblr in a situation like this is simply rude.

Mark doesn’t have an obligation to fulfill his fans’ dreams, fantasies or kinks. If he doesn’t fit the image you have created of him in your head, he owes you no explanation. And remembering this is very important if you’re into RPF. Never treat real people like fictional characters.