There are very few people you meet in your lifetime where you immediately click. In my experience, I can count on one hand these people I’ve come across in the past twenty-four years of my life.

Monday night, I met one of these people. His name is Tyler. In every which way, I found our conversations fluid and cohesive. I felt that, had I the opportunity, I would talk with him forever and still have things to talk about. My only wish is that I would have met him sooner, as he has just left for a thirty-hour embarkment to Nevada, where he will be working in conservation efforts through Americorps. I was and am truly blessed to have met him here in Columbus before he made his way cross-country. This young man has a firm head on his shoulders, a passionate soul, and an aura of optimism, faith, positivity, and fun that I long to delve into. 

We were able to spend a good part of two evenings together before he parted, dining at local haunts and conversing over some of Columbus’s best coffee. Upon getting together for the second time, we exchanged books and recommendations for music, art, and literature. Before saying our goodbyes, we agreed that I would soon join him in the pursuit of fulfillment out West, and once I got out there, that we would meet once more to hike and backpack together. We’ve also decided to keep each others’ books until we meet again, so as to hold one another to it. 

In all my life, I have met perhaps four people that held the same vigor for life as Tyler does. While it is with bittersweet exhalations that I hugged adieu to my new friend, I have hope for many fun adventures in our future. I am quite keen on picking up vibes and auras of others, and his was by far one of the best I’ve ever spotted. I look forward to becoming friends with this man who met me on his way out of Ohio. We share the same dreams, and I can’t wait to meet again to dive deeper into our altruistic passions and goals.

See you soon, friend.