zelink fic recs

this is another update on an old fic rec post– which you can find here– and i’m pruning it based on what i prefer now and what other people have recommended me. i’m posting this on this blog because i’m locked out of my original one on the computer and i really don’t want to do so much html coding on mobile.

the ones that i really recommend will have a star symbol next to them. i’ve also chosen to categorize this by games again. anything that is nsfw is marked as such. additionally, some fics contain zelda as tetra, sheik, and hylia. i’ve also named the authors of each piece in case you want to look into more of their work, because they all have other fics they’ve written!

if you’d like to rec me fics you guys really like, send me them via asks or IM so this can become a zelink fic masterpost or something.

alright here we go !!

skyward sword

☆ blood and spirit by minijen (post-game, complete)

finally by kibasgirltsumi (post-game, complete)

wind by lyxie (ss au, oneshot)

midnight glow by kumasaurus (pre-game, oneshot)

☆ crying in the night (alt: hero after hours.) by fortheloveofskyloft (post-game, oneshot)

protection by lake of rage (pre-game, oneshot)

return to the sky by storiesfromhyrule (post-game, oneshot)

ss fluff by phillozophy (pre-game, oneshot)

☆ fifteen percent by crownedcrusader (in-game, oneshot)

ocarina of time / majora’s mask

loz: the return by rose zemlya (post-game, malink at the beginning, first person, complete)

loz: the reconciliation by rose zemlya (post-game, first person, on-hiatus???)

☆ wisdom and courage by minijen (post-game, complete)

☆ fortitude by ingie (post-game, first person, complete)

forgotten by ingie (post-game, on-going)

clandestine by darcie11 (post-game, on-going)

☆ stars by storiesfromhyrule (post-game, oneshot)

☆ shadow of the hero by bookwrm389 (zelda-as-sheik, oneshot collection)

a conspirator’s punishment by queeniez (nsfw, post-game, oneshot)

the princess’ fancy by queeniez (nsfw, post-game)

☆ raining again by ryttu3k (post-game, oneshot)

☆ white noise by ryttu3k (post-game, oneshot, welcome to angst town)

close return by crazygurlmadness (post-game, oneshot, sexual innuendos)

rise by dodongodislike (oot au, oneshot, hints of marink)

knightfall by heteroceric-heart (post-game, oneshot)

prompt by queakenstein (nsfw, oot au, oneshot)

☆ prompt by queakenstein (post-game, oneshot)

prompt by crownedcrusader (post-game, oneshot)

prompt by alyssawritesalot (oot au, hints of malink, if u like the idea of link and zelda marrying other ppl and being Sad Forever, this is for you)

prompt by lotus-of-hyrule (post-game, oneshot, this is before he goes to termina)

star-crossed, but not lovers (oot au, oneshit, this is kind of problematic)

unquenchable rage by infinitasvirtus (post-game, oneshot)

☆ letters by alyssawritesalot (oot au, hints of malink, i hope ya’ll cry reading this)

warmth by lakeofrage (a mix of pre-game and post-game, one shot, tear jerker)

comfort by lakeofrage (post-game, oneshot, link having ptsd)

legends of time by chinarai (oneshot collection, pretty sure this is abandoned)

scars by heroinefics (post-game, oneshot)

scars by aegon-targaryen (post-game, oneshot)

☆ scars by tfloosh (post-game, oneshot)

memories by tfloosh (post-game, oneshot)

twilight princess

prompt by queakensteain (post-game, oneshot)

☆ rest now, hero by storiesfromhyrule (post-game, oneshot)

☆ shenanigans by emopit (post-game, oneshot, THIS IS !! GOOD !!)

☆ light and shadow by minijen (post-game, on-going)

tales of twilight by chinarai (oneshot collection, some are nsfw)

the epilogue by yelowdancer (post-game, oneshot)

☆ villainous by darcie11 (nsfw, post-game, this is like 100% lighthearted. perhaps a bit problematic)

the change by lyxie (post-game, oneshot)

windflowers by lyxie (post-game, oneshot)

instinct by heteroceric-heart (post-game, oneshot, suffer)

☆ in all things, courage. in all things, wisdom. by captainconfused (post-game, oneshot)

goat herder by itaweasel-hime (post-game, oneshot)

where to start when you’ve lost your place by coldpockets (post-game, oneshot)

☆ a new world by aegon-targaryen (post-game, oneshot)

hyrule warriors

☆ hyrule warriors by minijen (novelization of hw, on-going, some cialink)

☆ heartbreaker by queeniez (post-game, complete)

mighty alone, mighty lonely by crownedcrusader (in-game, twoshot, incomplete)

libraries worth of words by espressostories (nsfw, in-game or post-game, oneshot)

☆ prompt by queakenstein (nsfw, post-game, oneshot, slight bondage)

prompt by queakenstein (nsfw, post-game, oneshot)

☆ prompt by queakensteain (post-game, oneshot)

protection by tfloosh (in-game, oneshot)

prompt by tfloosh (post-game, oneshot)

prompt by tfloosh (post-game, oneshot)

wind waker / phantom hourglass

☆ protection by aegon-targaryen (post-game, oneshot)

complement by btm707 (collection of oneshots)

alternate universe / unspecified game

☆ cloak and dagger by crownedcrusader (on-going, zelda-as-sheik)

☆ heart-tweet by crusadercreates (oneshot, modern au)

the circle of destiny by keripeardon (complete)

privateer by crazygurlmadness (complete, pirate au)

what we saw from outside by wavebreeze (complete, first person, modern au)

old legends die hard by falls-44 (complete, modern au)

legend by falls-44 (complete)

prompt by queakenstein (oneshot)

better men by queakenstein (oneshot)

☆ waterline by queakenstein (@thelynxiedoodles created this, queaky writes it)

the princess’ new mystery beau by tfloosh (oneshot of an on-going modern au)

the king’s bride by tiger7210 (complete, hints of malink, problematic kind of)

dead inside by darcie11 (on-going, au connected to multiple loz games)

☆ loz: the legacy of myriad by giegie (nsfw, complete)

fighting fate by allendra (complete)

☆ once upon a time by metal_chocobo (complete, link trying to put his kids to sleep w/ bedtime stories)

a royal rendezvous by prejudiced for pasta (nsfw, oneshot)

warm and warmth by miss leanne (nsfw, oneshot)

listen by heterocetric-heart (modern au, oneshot, first person, happiness killer)

i’ll update this post with more fics later but this is what i have to offer for now! if you guys want fics centered around specific topics, let me know!


((A modern SS Zelink AU. They met on hyrule’s version of twitter and fell in love. Also they’re both gigantic dorks who bonded over anime and games so make of that what you will. Made alongside @veriea))

“Remember, you won’t see me ‘til you get out to the reception,” Zelda’s voice said, slightly robotic from the other side of the phone. It was the only way he’d known it for the past two years—well, that and though skype calls. Link couldn’t help but wonder what it sounded like when it wasn’t through an electronic filter. Even as he wondered, though, he knew he wouldn’t have to wait very long for an answer. “I’m the one with the sailor moon buns and the pink skirt,” she continued. “Got all that?”

“You say that like I won’t recognize you from all of your selfies,” he said, trying to keep the giddiness out of his voice. Even as he tried, though, he failed, and he heard her laugh on the other line. “Hey, c’mon, I know you’re just as excited as I am.”

“But I don’t sound so cute about it,” she teased. More seriously, though, she added, “What if you don’t recognize me, though? Selfies and digital media really do distort perception, so… I—I mean, it’s possible…”

“I’ve seen you with makeup and in your cutest outfit, and I’ve also seen you makeup-less and in pajamas crying through the first season of SNK.” Link grinned, though she couldn’t see it. “If I can recognize you both ways, I think I’ll know you when I see you.”

“You say that like you didn’t cry the entire time, too, you big baby.”

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No biggie, just modern Sherlock in the background…in a jail cell… WE SAW BUT WE DID NOT OBSERVE.

UPDATE: Mark Gatiss just tweeted that it’s not modern Sherlock after all…Sorry guys!

(Here’s Mark’s explanation for the man there)

The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 2

Author’s Note: This chapter is kind of bleh but it lays the groundwork for a lot of what’s going to happen throughout the story. Again, let me know if it’s any good! PS I’ve never written present tense before so if it jumps from present to past tense, that’s my bad. I’m still trying to get used to this style.

Rating: PG (some sexual comments, language)

Part One

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a note on AB/AP…

i remember hearing this daft punk “human after all” remix and later a rage against the machine one (killing in the name of, you should check this if you can- so good)…. i knew nothing of the creator at the time- sebastiAn- a french dj/producer on ed banger records… his music made me think and feel different like the way punk rock did when i first heard it. we began a correspondence through email…. my friend brian hiatt tweeted “the problem with modern rock is it isnt modern”- something i and we had been feeling in general. rock should not be relegated to a quaint little corner of guitar center for dads to find. in reaching out to sebastiAn we wanted to make something that was a throwback instead futuristic. angry. primal. as the producer i think sebastiAn nailed this in a way we hadnt expected. patrick and i were floored when i heard his idea and the track…. we knew immediately that this would be the title track of the record…. his art moved me too much not to share it with you…

here is one of sebastiAn’s tracks that i really dig called “embody”, check out more if you dig it too….

… i wish i dreamt in the shape of your mouth, but its the thread count i really care about.

contrived ‘wacky’ tumblr comedy blogs like the sandsvendor and fruitsoftheape ones vs those banal twitter joke accounts shared by your aunt like the tweet of god or modern seinfeld, and the winner is banned from making jokes for the rest of their life