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derpydoodlez and I talked about how Ohm should be on game grumps, so i drew his intro to the show. I did not draw the last two panels, they are screen captures.

screen captures © game grumps


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,136

A/N: @mrsnickclark requested a secret relationship vanilla inspired by Shawn’s (not so recent anymore) tweet about falling in love and that whole debacle. I hope this is okay, love xx


There are many reasons why Shawn and I are keeping our relationship completely hidden from the rest of the world. One of them being that his management team don’t think it’s a good time to start any drama in his fanbase because it’s in the middle of his Illuminate World Tour promotions. That leads to another reason, which I am most fearful for, which is the response from both Shawn’s fans and the rest of the media that we will surely receive - I don’t know if I can handle that yet. The last reason being that Shawn keeps saying that he doesn’t want me to get hurt but if I’m being honest, it almost hurts more having to hide it. I’d want to yell it from the top of a mountain, that I belong to Shawn and he belongs to me. I hate having to meet him places or having to go somewhere far enough away from any possible crowds. I want to act normal with him in public. I know it’s not that easy, I just wish it was.

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Dating Josh Dun would include

- cute ig post

- cute snapchats on his story

- cute snaps between each other

- tweeting each other

- spamming you with snaps, pics and messages while on tour

- facetiming all the time

- matching shirts

- stealing his clothes

- tyler approving of you

- being close with his family

- being close to tyler and jenna 

- cuddles

- movie nights

- taco bell dates

- stargazing 

- standing side stage at shows

- him teaching you to play drums

- josh being protective of you 

- sex after concerts 

- loving each other unconditionally

- supporting each other 

- very little pda

Bless Sarah Schechter (one of Riverdale’s producers, who is at every panel, so she gets a pretty big say in what goes on in the show) for liking this tweet! She’s definitely a Bughead shipper - she’s liked heaps of pro Bughead tweets, and she even posted that they’re excited to bring the fans more Bughead in season 2!
RAS better not let those 10 B*arfchie shippers that always spam his tweets make him think they’re in demand by a large number of people!

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Our instructions from Billy are to REPLY to everything George tweets tomorrow with the video and a comment about LGBT representation. Do you know how many replies he already gets on his tweets? We won't be spamming him, just speaking up with one voice loud enough to be heard amid the din. (Also, I'd bet dollars to donuts Mark has already told George about at least this part of the plan, and how much of his own account does he actually manage anyway?) This is a good plan. Listen to the Skull.

ah yes and here we can see the charlie being tugged into another direction again

I want a plot that starts out with a long term couple taking a break after a year and a half together. The media calls it the cold war because they are constantly trying to out date each other and make each other jealous, but refuse to admit they still love each other. There are shady tweets and Instagram pic spams with other people. Then angry voicemails left on each other’s phone. Give me the angst and eventual fluff when they get back together. There’s so many different places we can take this!! :))

I was sweeping Shukashuu’s Twitter for kaomoji this morning when I ended up finding this really cute exchange between her and Anchan from 2015:

@anju_inami: Waaaaa!! Shukashuu Shukashuu Shukashuu Shukashuu shukashukashukashukashukashukaaaa ♡♡♡

@Saito_Shuka: Gyaaaa!!  Anju Anju ANJU! Anju ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶♡♡  Anju An(etc)… Lol

(October 6th, 2015 is actually the day Shukashuu joined Twitter — this is their first conversation on Twitter!)

Preference #42: Tweet Spam When Their Baby Is Born

Ik I post too much sorry but ily guys!