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while voting for BTS in the BBMAs,

we should all do 1 squat per tweet. that’s 100 tweet votes a day, so 100 squats a day (go at your own pace). by the end of the voting, we can all have thighs like jungkook 💪💪💪💪 let’s do it~

This might sound so pretentious but I’ll be 10x times more proud when I’ll watch this special. Because I’ll know that it will be out there because of us. Because we could have easily gave up when Netflix told us so, when the cast told us so, when JMS told us so, when those white guys who are apparently marketing geniuses on twitter told us so. But we didn’t. We all had our bad days and we kept encouraging each other no matter what. It would have been so easy for us to give up after all the things that were told to us, but we didn’t. At all.

There are so many beautiful quotes in this show, “I am we”, “art is love made public”, “to courage”, “you’re either defined by the system or by the way you defy the system” and trust me, i think this fandom represented all of them. Each one. I know we used “we are the global cluster” a lot but we are, we really are. I saw so many people from all over the world, all ethnicities, gender, sexuality come together to tweet, sand mail, flip flops… and I know it doesn’t seem like it but in the Facebook group you could also see how people from all ages were here with us. It’s way more simple to have a “younger” (13-25) audience to tweet and spam and vote, but we were of all ages and we kept fighting. And I’ll never forget that, never. Because this is Sense8. This was the idea behind Sense8. And we are Sense8.

if john lennon was still alive he’d make weekly “so much for the tolerant left” tweets, would be die hard “all lives matter” & probably would’ve voted for trump 

So it seems I missed a lot today…

Louis was papped in London at Sony…

Nobody showed up for the red carpet…

Louis tweeted about the hashtag with possibly shady smilies, and then family and friends all tweeted within minutes of each other instead of throughout the entire voting period…

The boys won!

Liam showed up to accept the award!

Shady things with Liam and Simon…

OT4 tweeted thanks!!

Louis posted a video from Doncaster saying he was spending time with his family, which also then means no Brits after-parties…

So I have just a couple things to say…

Louis was in London and then Doncaster on the same day? And Lottie was in London because she was working / at the Brits, but then she was back in Doncaster too? Because like…I thought those places were ages away and if you were seen in one place for 5 minutes then that was the entire day and it was absolutely not possible to be somewhere else during another part of the day? Like…so…confused…

Also, why isn’t anybody talking about Harry’s solo debut, because that was definitely today…right…??!

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Hello! Can you please remind your followers to tweet, rt and reply #ARIASHARRYSTYLES All the love! Thank you!♥

Please vote for Harry for the Aria awards!



Kiwi radio impact set for 31 October 2017… gird the loins! He’s having your baby!

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Am i a bad fan for not buying the cd? i can't afford it and i feel bad and like i'm not supporting louis enough :(

No! Never think that!!! There are soooo many other different ways to support him without spending money, and you’re definitely not the only one in that position, love. It doesn’t mean you’re supporting him any less if you can’t afford the physical single. You can still stream the song nonstop when it’s out, help request it on radio, RT promotional tweets, vote for the song in all the inevitable polls it’ll show up in on radio accounts, ETC.!!! There will be SOOO many options and ways for you to support him, you’re not a bad fan if you can’t do absolutely everything. There’s no set limit how much you can or can’t support someone. You just do what you can! don’t worry 💙💙💙 he loves and appreciates you no matter what!


Make sure your tweets are different so you don’t get shadow blocked. Use #Karamel and tag Chris and Melissa in all of your tweets so the vote counts. The hashtags for the categories are #ChoiceTVShip #ChoiceLiplock (WARNING! Liplock doesn’t have TV in it!). Also, make sure you use up all of your 10 votes on the teen choice website. Below are 10 different variations of tweets which you can use to vote (just change the hashtag for the category). 

My #ChoiceTVShip is #Karamel (@ChristophrWood and @MelissaBenoist) from @TheCWSupergirl @TeenChoiceFOX

My #ChoiceTVShip is #Karamel, Kara and Mon-El (@ChristophrWood and @MelissaBenoist) from @TheCWSupergirl @TeenChoiceFOX

My #ChoiceTVShip is @ChristophrWood and @MelissaBenoist’s #Karamel from @TheCWSupergirl @TeenChoiceFOX

My #ChoiceTVShip is @ChristophrWood and @MelissaBenoist’s Kara and Mon-El #Karamel from @TheCWSupergirl @TeenChoiceFOX

#Karamel (@MelissaBenoist and @ChristophrWood) from @TheCWSupergirl for #ChoiceTVShip @TeenChoiceFOX

#Karamel (Kara and Mon-El) from @TheCWSupergirl for #ChoiceTVShip @TeenChoiceFOX @MelissaBenoist @ChristophrWood

#Karamel from @TheCWSupergirl for #ChoiceTVShip @TeenChoiceFOX @MelissaBenoist @ChristophrWood

#Karamel for #ChoiceTVShip (@ChristophrWood and @MelissaBenoist) from @TheCWSupergirl @TeenChoiceFOX

#Karamel (Kara and Mon-El) for #ChoiceTVShip (@ChristophrWood and @MelissaBenoist) from @TheCWSupergirl @TeenChoiceFOX

Kara and Mon-El #Karamel from @TheCWSupergirl for #ChoiceTVShip @TeenChoiceFOX @MelissaBenoist @ChristophrWood

2016: Kieron and Emmett [Kimmett]

As it’s New Year’s Eve, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back at all the amazing Kimmett moments we got in 2016. They went wild this year. Maybe they’re missing each other more than ever, because it sure felt like it going by all the tweets and shoutouts that we got. I may have missed a few here (that’s just how much interaction there was), but hopefully this is a mostly full list of all the Kieron/Emmett goodness that 2016 brought us, however “small” it may seem.

8th March: Kieron likes a tweet mentioning the Brendan tache parallels.

20th March: Kieron mentions Emmett on his Gaydio show.

12th April: Kieron confirms that Brendan’s his favourite of Ste’s love interests. 

26th April: Emmett makes a phone call to Kieron in a special backstage video.

26th April: Kieron responds to the video.

29th April: Kieron answers a question about what it was like working with Emmett.

10th May: Kieron talks about how Emmett’s involvement in the backstage video came about.

19th May: Kieron talks about a possible Brendan return.

19th May: Kieron likes a tweet of Emmett’s about The Fall.

25th May: Kieron likes a tweet about a Stendan fan going to Dublin.

28th May: Emmett retweets a fan mentioning Kimmett’s best partnership win at the BSAs.

3rd June: Kieron likes a tweet about Stendan being a supercouple. 

11th July: Emmett likes a picture of a half naked Kieron.

19th July: Kieron mentions the love locks in Dublin.

30th July: Kieron likes a tweet about all the Stendan mentions in Doing The Dishes.

17th August: Kieron calls Brendan the true love of Ste’s life and says he most wants Brendan to come back if he could choose anyone.

12th September: Kieron tweets Emmett telling him that he can smell his aftershave, and Emmett responds.

18th October: Kieron likes a tweet about Stendan being voted one of the greatest couples of all time.

19th October: Kieron likes a tweet referencing how it’s been six years since Stendan’s first kiss.

19th October: Cameron Moore suggests that Kieron constantly mentions Brendan/Emmett at work.

23rd October: Kieron says that “Steven Brady Hay” is his character’s name.

28th October: Emmett likes a tweet with a screenshot of a Kimmett gifset.

12th December: Emmett likes the video of Kieron announcing he’s going to be a dad.

18th December: Kieron likes a tweet about how it’s been four years since Stendan in Dublin.

A happy New Year to the amazing Stendan fandom, and I hope 2017 brings us even more incredible shippy moments. 

FYI: you can tweet / vote for ALL four boys to be nominated for an MTV EMA.

Tweet #MTVEMA plus





Why not vote for all of them? 😃


VOTE NOW! You have 1 week from today.

1. Go on your twitter account.

2. Wrote:
My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceSciFiTVActress is @dpanabaker from @CW_TheFlash @TeenChoiceFOX

My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceSciFiTVActor is @grantgust from @CW_TheFlash @TeenChoiceFOX

3. Tweet it.

That’s all. So simple, right? You can vote all day everyday till 2 June!


Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick have been nominated for the Teen Choice Chemistry award and while we have been ahead we are quickly falling behind! We can’t let this happen, this fandom has been here for nearly 3 years, we’re still goingstrong and I’ll be damned if we don’t rule this for Anna and Brittany. We need all hands on deck right now! If you want to help all you have to do is tweet,
“My #TeenChoice #ChoiceMovieChemistry vote is for #bechloe #AnnaKendrick and #BrittanySnow”

Every vote is important and appreciated! Thankyou awesome nerds! (Also if I’ve missed any fandoms in the tag, please feel free to reblog and include them)



to commemorate our victory.. all the streaming, voting, tweeting, retweeting and everything - time, effort, sacrifice, tears, bills HAHA.. 

it is ALL WORTH IT!!!

ps. SOZ this is the best thing that i can do for now.. super sleep deprived.. reflexes and brain cells are not fully functional anymore.